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Bell’s Fest in the Worthington Quarter: Weekend Wrapup II

Posted by cmh gourmand on June 14, 2009

I popped onto a COTA bus back home, let out my fence jumping dog, then walked 2 miles up High Street to House Wine for the first Bell’s Fest.

Donnie Austin from House Wine teamed up with Wild Goose Creative to bring some fine crafted brews from Kalamazoo, Michigan to downtown Worthington.

Donnie worked with his fellow Worthington Quarter merchants to square away some space. Wild Goose Creative supplied the volunteers. Bell’s Brewery supplied the beers, including a few that we can not get in Ohio in bar or bottle.

For some more background on this event, listen to: Columbus Foodcast Episode 42

My hats off to Donnie, he has worked very hard to create some great events to grow community and things to do in Olde Worthington. This event was a continuation of that ongoing mission with the bonus of having some of the proceeds go to Wild Goose Creative. This is a good pairing – Donnie will be heading to WGC to do a Wine Basics Workshop on July 3rd as his quid pro quo for the beer show.

Here is what Bell’s Fest had:



No photo could capture the musical magic

Corn Hole (unavoidable in Ohio)

Push Ups

Push Up champ on the right, orange shirt

Push Up champ on the right, orange shirt

Um, yeah, push ups. I do not know the full story, but at the end of the fest the woman in the orange shirt seemed to be challenging people to do more push ups than her. She beat all comers. As for me, after 4 hours of beer consumption – I am not doing any push ups. Maybe the push up tradition will continue next year, but I would advise against it.

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