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Blue Frost Cupcake: A Cupcake Rundown

Posted by CMH Gourmand on December 18, 2010

Blue Frost Cupcake opened on December 16th. I popped in the next day to find the new business was receiving a continuous turnout from the community to support this new cupcakery. I had thought the cupcake craze had crept away, it appears I was mistaken based on the excitement about this new venture.

The two owners – Melissa Worthington and Briana Irby are transitioning careers from cardiac nursing to cupcake creating. Their approach to cupcake crafting is artisan. Their cupcakes have an artistic flair and use high quality ingredients such as Madagascar bourbon vanilla. I spoke with Melissa for quite a bit. The business has a lot on its plate for 2011. They are looking to expand their product line and are already looking to add locations. They have done a good amount of catering and events with bookings for many more. For now, the store features regular ($2.50) and mini ($1.50) cupcakes in ten flavors everyday with a rotating lineup of some specialty flavors. I sampled the egg nog and Mexican Chocolate at the store in mini form. The egg nog was exceptionally decadent, I was able to taste the rum in the rich frosting. The Mexican Chocolate has a bit of kick but not enough to upset young children or the elderly. I took a box of ten cupcakes with me for sampling by the Clintonville Cupcake Tasting Society and the results were favorable. The buttercream frosting is a perfect balance of sweet and creamy without being too sugary. I looking forward to some additional sampling through the wintertime as this new business grows and refines the product line.

If you are interested in a free cupcake, friend them on Facebook, the first 50 people who come in for the cupcake of the day get one for free. If you are a FourSquare fan, check in while you are in the store for 10% off.

Blue Frost on Facebook

Blue Frost Cupcake
657 High Street
Old Worthington (just south of SR 161)

Blue Frost Cupcake on Urbanspoon

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