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The Deepwood Dagwood for Dine Originals Week

Posted by CMH Gourmand on March 8, 2012

Here is the thing. A good number of people like Deepwood. Unfortunately it seems they never show up at the same time. Well… with the exception of my lunch this past Wednesday. I arrived during what may have been a (Columbus) Alive and Crave afternoon pow-wow / retreat. Other than us, Deepwood was Deadwood. Crickets. Tumbleweeds. Spagetti western music was faintly playing in my subconscious.

I would describe Deepwood as subdued. Unlike Cheers, where everyone knows your name when you walk in the door, at Deepwood, you will receive a pleasant, faint smile and nice service. Subdued. I like it. It aids the digestion. It is relaxing.

The is Dine Originals Restaurant Week, a time for many of our local independent restaurants to shine and show off the best they can do to lure in new customers and shake things up for loyal regulars. Looking for a deal of deals, the various $10 menus are what I target. My old standby was the Pistacia Vera sampler but that has been off the rotation for the last two cycles (Anne and Spencer….think about the children, they need more than Shirred eggs).

I have always sought out the value of the Deepwood lunch but unless you work downtown and actually know where Deepwood is (that was the quiz part of the post) this special experience is limited to a few. If you are reading this early Friday morning, you still have some time to call in sick and give this menu a shot. For the rest of you who can never have this experience, allow me to share.

Here is the menu for $10.

Your choice of any of our sodas

The Deepwood-Our version of the Classic & Colossal Dagwood

Meats, Cheeses and Condiments Layered between House-Made Pepper Jack Bread, House-Made Corned Beef, Tasso Ham and Mortadella Schmear, Roasted Turkey. House-Made Mozzarella, Smoked Gouda. Roasted Tomato, Pickled Peppers, Chef’s Garden Leaf Arugula, Mustard Aioli, Red Onion Jam, Fried Olive Skewer. House-Made Potato Chips


Tasting of Signature Petite Sandwiches

New England Lobster Roll with Hand Cut-Fries, House-Made Pastrami with Potato Chips, Lentil Patty with Deepwood Tavern Pickled Vegetables


Lemon Meringue Pie

At this point regular readers of CMH Gourmand know what happened. Fearing the Sophie’s Choice of having to decide between choices for this rare lunchtime visit, I played it safe and got both.

The Verdict? Reread the menu above. The size of the description matches the quality and satifisfaction of the Deepwood Dagwood. What a good sandwich! It was easily the winner of the two choices. Exceptional cuts of meat, good flavor. The chips were incredibly good with some house made ketchup I reallocated from the French Fries. Hard to see in the photograph but the mini battered and fried olives of the skewer were really well executed. I am sure they elicit a faint, subdued smile in the backroom. If you have to choose go with the Dagwood.

The Petite Sandwiches are worth the price. Chef Brian definitely had a fun time creating both offerings but I was not as emotionally satisfied after the signature sandwiches. I will state a case for the lentil burger patty sample as better than the hallowed Northstar Veggie burger patty. Really. Serious. The fries are pretty close to perfect. Keep frying Deepwood, you do it well.

As for the pie, if by pie, one means a mini biscuit sized puff of homemade goodness on a stick….OK, but let’s call this a pie pop on the next online menu.

If you feel a little cheated after reading this, knowing that you will not have such an experience for this Dine Originals Week, then I give you this task. Go to Deepwood this month and tell the staff you would like them to serve lunch on a Saturday for the next Dine Originals Week.

If you have missed out on Deepwood, give them a shot. The beer selection, house crafted cocktails and entrees are all well executed. Maybe those that are inclined, could give up not going to Deepwood for Lent.

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Dine Originals Week: Deepwood & Pistacia Vera $10 + $10 = Full

Posted by CMH Gourmand on November 11, 2010

Since this is a post on menus of economy, there will be an economy of words as well. Dine Originals Week comes along twice per year with fifty plus tempting menus. When I am able to participate, I always opt for the pleasure of a Pistacia Vera sampler box. When I can, I also look for a bargain lunch. This time around, I was able enjoy a leisurely lunch a Deepwood. I even left my credit card behind for the bartender as a tip. See the Deepwood Dine Originals special lunch menu below. At the time of this post, you have Friday only to sup on the lunch or wait another six months or so for another shot. If your Friday plans are locked in don’t fret, Deepwood has great sandwiches at lunch in the $10 range all year and an excellent bar menu.

Not on the lunch special menu but always on my mind at Deepwood is a serving of their house made breads. I was happy to see the bread basket arrive to keep me company while I waited on my meal. The thin, crackery bread in the photo went perfectly with my soup. The remainder headed home for later.

Sans sandwich and soup, I moved on to the box of homemade cookies. The photo does not do the mini cookies justice but they were fresh, chewy, dense, and delicious. The box made me feel like I was carting my lunch pail home and the promise of a good cookie later made for a much better day for me.

A quick five minute drive to German Village found me at Pistacia Vera for dessert stockpile number two. Pistacia Vera is always a sure thing offering something for everyone (or everything for me in this foray). The sampler always includes one or two signature macarons as well as pate de fruit. In addition to the Pistacia Vera standards, this version included (most of these are fun to say in an exotic way): a pear ginger frangipan, mocha praline jaconde, cashew caramel (among the best ever) and a florentine.

All in all, a great value at $20 total for two places in one afternoon. You have three days left for this Dine Originals Week – go out and get some goodies.

511 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-2009

Pistacia Vera
541 South Third St
Columbus, OH 43215

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Dinner at Deepwood

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 14, 2009

511 North High St
Short North

Deepwood Restaurant

Deepwood Road (Blog)

Tuesday – Friday 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Monday – Thursday 5:00 pm – Close
Friday & Saturday 5:00 pm – Close

Happy Hour (Deepwood – An American Tavern):
Monday to Friday 3:00 pm to 7:00 PM

Deepwood has been ranked as one of the ten best restaurants in Columbus. In spite of the accolades and after one year of operation, the restaurant continues to stay just a bit beneath the radar. Deepwood’s sign is muted although the site is in a high profile location in the Short North, surrounded by many recognizable signs and well known names one could not miss. I think a bit of restraint suits Deepwood just fine. As fate would have it, I deleted my Deepwood photos in a devastating error so this “words alone” review will be a bit restrained as well. Not having photos is a shame. My recollection of my photos is they were really good and I went to great lengths to get them just right. My words will not do justice to my meal – the photos might have come close.

Deepwood is divided into two sections – Restaurant and Tavern, the menu is divided that way as well. The tavern menu is small but value priced while the restaurant menu is larger and leans toward high moderate pricing. The decor is deeply devoted to wood – lots of wood everywhere. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasantly quiet. The approach to service is thorough yet comfortable applying a tag team approach to each course and in between settings to ensure a smooth transition from plate to plate.

I will begin with a shout out to my server, Amanda, she was excellent and she will be the benchmark for my best server of 2009 (In 2008 it was Christina at Tony’s). Amanda knows the menu. She also has significant industry experience, she was previously at L’Antibes for years. She gets points for not dropping her jaw when I ordered a second set of donuts (I was kidding, she was not). Now on to the meal.

The evening began with the soup selection – Beer and Cheese. Looking at the rest of the menu (even the Tavern Menu), the soup seemed a slip-up in contrast to the rest of the supper fare. However, Amanda’s eyes lighted up when she listed it and her enthusiasm for the soup after she mentioned she tasted it sealed the deal. It was a perfect start for a frosty night.

The house-made breads included a cranberry walnut bread, black bread and with a crispy, crunchy, crusty cracker – served with homemade butter and a dash of sea salt. The breads were all very good. I have become a bread snob in the last year and I do not want to be bothered with bread from a freezer bag – this was all fresh. The cranberry bread made a great base for breakfast the next day. The remaining crusts from the bread basket came in handy for the next dish.

The Mussels were served with a wonderful large slice of toasted bread already soaking away in the broth. This was a good dish, but it was overshadowed by the other operner a Warm Spinach Salad. The salad was an assortment of baby spinach leaves in warm bacon vinaigrette, roasted mushrooms with a sunnyside quail egg on a circle of brioche toast in the center. The egg was perfectly prepared as were the mushrooms.

The piece de la resistance was split for two. Slow Poached Maine Lobster served out of the shell on a bed of spring pea risotto with pea shoots and a trail of Bellini sauce. This is the finest entree I have had in 2009. Lucky for me it just debuted on the Spring menu. Unlucky for me it is $42. When I ordered, I thought it was the price of at the another entree (and I was thinking wow – a bit pricey at $26) on the menu. My designated diner saw the actual retail price but was in too much shock to tell me. (Shock that frugal gourmand was going all out on the meal). I am glad she did not say a word. I would not have ordered the dish for $42, but now that I have had it, I will gladly order it any time. The spring peas popped in my mouth, the risotto was riveting and the Bellini Sauce (peaches, lemon and champagne/prosecco) begat just the right amount of muted sweetness. The lobster was cooked to pure perfection, slow poached is the way to go – the claw even tasted good.

Some drinking was going on while all of this eating was going down. My new drink of choice (tied with the Amaro Mio at Details) is the Ginger Bulleit (Bulleit Bourbon, Ginger Syrup and house made Ginger Ale). Bulleit is pronounced Bullet in case you wondered. The drink is smooth and refreshing and potent all at once.

Now to dessert.

Chocolate is the name given of their chocolate cake. This is where my lack of photos is a disservice to my readers. Here are the ingredients: Chocolate-glazed cake filled with malt-chocolate mousse with Blackberry port compote and a drizzle of mint syrup on the plate. The glaze was thick and rich and all of the flavors blended together nicely.

Easier to imagine, but harder to forget were two house-made doughnuts with house-made Coffee ice cream. The donuts were hot out of the oven with a balanced amount of sugar glaze coating the outside. The ice cream was served at the right level of coldness but not so cold that the flavor of the coffee did not perk out or that I had to use much force on my spoon to slide the ice cream from cup to mouth. I fancy myself an ice cream expert so I can say Deepwood delivers an excellent ice cream which ranks with the best scooped out here in the ice cream capital of the world.

So that was dinner, sans photos. I can’t believe I deleted them. I can believe I will be heading back for lobster, donuts, a bulleit or two and a taste of the tavern menu. Amanda mentioned some special beer tasting menus are on the horizon so I will keep an eye out and an ear open.

DeepWood on Urbanspoon

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