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Mission to Athens: Farmers Market and more

Posted by CMH Gourmand on July 16, 2009

A while back, I wrote that I was working on an Athens food tour and needed to get my rear in gear. It happened. Thanks to hard work and great leads from Kate Lainhart at Greener Grocer, some very patient and helpful folks in the greater Athens area, some fast footwork by Bear and Colleen at Slow Food and divine intervention in the weather arena. Here is the story from Bethia (Hungry Woolf) on the Slow Food Columbus blog – Slow Food Athens Weekend Tour June 2009

As part of my reconnaissance to put the tour together, I made my first trip to the Athens Farmers Market. The Market is open all year on Saturdays and Wednesdays from April to December. Hours are 10 AM to 1 PM.

Athens Farmers Market Link

We have a great selection of farmers markets in the Columbus Metropolitan area. There are some up and coming markets in Granville and Lancaster. However, the Athens Farmer’s Market has a history, depth of vendors and an energy that makes it unique and worth the road trip to Athens. Here the commentary ends and the photos begin. This also marks the premiere of the Athens page for this blog. Athens has become my second Ohio home and the world of food there is so amazing it deserves a page to itself.

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Surf Local for the Holidays

Posted by CMH Gourmand on December 20, 2008

Well since we are in a recession – if you are looking to cut down on your food costs (makes me shudder), then live vicariously via virtual victuals. Many of my posts have encouraged readers to go local with their food dollars. I support going local with blogs as well.

Here are some New(er) Blogs Worth R(ss)eading

Hungry Woolf

OK, Bethia is a good friend of mine. Her mom reads my blog and is a loyal Columbus Foodcast listener – (thanks Mum!) so I am biased. Bethia can combine cooking, provisioning and dining better than a mere gourmand or anyone else. As a fellow Slow Fooder, Columbus Undergrounder and Highland Estates Bon Vivant Club member, many of her culinary adventurers are mine too. She just gets to the keyboard faster, even though I typically go home sooner. This is one of the best blogs around if you can get past an occasional White Castle crack and an abnormal loathing of Essex.

Salty Carmel

If you live in Columbus or if you have visited once, you have heard of Jeni’s Ice Cream. Jeni Britton Bauer is the creative culinary genius behind the artisan flavors her shops scoop out. The Jeni’s blog is named after her marquee flavor – Salty Carmel. This is worth a click.

2 Silos Farm

Ever wondered what it would be like to go live on a farm and make a run at raising chickens and such to support Community Supported Agriculture. Read about the fun and misadventures at 2 Silos Farm. You can see what is available for seasonal CSA’s, look at some recipes, and observe how lard is related to elections. The farm also offers some killer events – literally – you can go there and kill your own chicken. I chickened out of that one.

The Vino Files

Chris Dillman knows wine. He knows food. He knows how to pair wine with food. Chris is the guy you want to have at any table you are eating at. Chris is sommelier (pronounced or suh-mal-‘yAy) or wine steward (to the pronunciation challenged like myself) at Rosendales. Dillman’s Vino Files explores the world of wine with a fresh perspective. He provides a level of knowledge that can be ultra-detailed and fun at the same time. I could tell you who his “Scully” is but I am bound by the bloggers oath not to.

If you know of any other Columbus food blogs that are worth looking at comment away and add a link.

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