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My 15 Minutes of Fame are Up.

Posted by CMH Gourmand on January 11, 2009

I was in Columbus Alive. Thanks John Ross.

CMH Gourmand in Columbus Alive

Here is the backstory. There is an unwritten code among Columbus Food bloggers and many of the food writers (I do both), we avoid being photographed to maintain our covert status. In my case the anti-photography stance goes deeper, I have had a smile impairment since I was a child. A camera appears and my ability to smile disappears, sometimes I can pull off a smirk, but no more. This has been the bane of my ex-girlfriends and my mom.

When John contacted me about the story, I explained that like rock stars requesting only green M&M’s, I needed to obscure my face. The result may have been the longest photography shoot in Alive history. Thanks to Jodi Miller for an exceptional job with the shot, I am sure she took at least 50 photos.

The photo with the margarita was taken at Aztecas.

I was also on a panel for the first Columbus Underground Podcast. Thanks Walker Evans.

Columbus Underground Podcast 1

The ultra cool Kelly Stevelt-Kaser and uber urban savvy Dawon Hawkins teamed with me and Walker to talk urban development, transportation, the local arts scene, new restaurants, festivals, fashion and such. You hear some cross-podination in Columbus Foodcast; Walker appears in Episode 30 (Another 48 Hours in Columbus).

This is what happens when the camera comes out.


me again

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