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Rocky’s Italian Ice

Posted by CMH Gourmand on August 17, 2009

Rocky’s Italian Ice
120 West William Street

The dog days of August have finally struck with a vengeance! While I am always up for an excuse for ice cream, there is one thing I crave to cool down with when it is super hot: Italian Ice. Unfortunately, it is a 6 hour drive to Johnnie’s in Chicago to get the best Italian ice on the planet. Fortunately, I can cut 5 1/2 hours off the road trip and get something that is really good and maybe a bit “cooler” up in Delaware.

Rocky’s opened in Delaware in 2003 and has maintained an element of cool since the doors opened. Tie Die T-shirts and funky signage preserves the summer vibes when the weather cools. The staff knows how to have fun while scooping away. This is a small building just southeast of the main drag in downtown Delaware. Most traffic is of the foot and bike variety so getting a close spot is not too much of an ordeal.

Rocky’s does have fun with deals and promotions. On Mothers Day they gave out free ices to moms and there is typically a Tuesday special of some sort.

The shop crafts over 30 flavors with about a dozen available on any given day. You can look up at the ceiling to see the wide assortment of cool creations past and present. For immediate gratification, it is easier to look at the flavors of the day on the wall. A special treat is a custard style gelato encased in Italian ice.

Tis the season for a road trip, so turn up your AC or crank down the windows and cruise 315 north for some Italian ice. If you opt keep heading north to Chicago, keep in mind the best….and only flavor at Johnnies, is Lemon.

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