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Ann and Tony’s, West Jefferson Italian

Posted by cmh gourmand on November 30, 2009

Ann and Tony’s

211 East Main Street
West Jefferson
Closed on Mondays

Two discussions on Columbus Underground (Great Italian Restaurants and cheap but good Italian food) reminded me I had one restaurant on my to do list for ten years – Ann and Tony’s. Why did I wait?

West Jefferson is not too far away. From the west side of Columbus (where 270 and 70 meet), it is just 10 minutes to “West Jeff” or one could take the long road on West Broad / Route 40 along the old National Road.

The term old school Italian definitely applies here. Ann and Tony’s permeates the feel of a traditional Italian family style restaurant. I knew I would love this place when I walked through the door and there were no reasons to feel otherwise during my meal. I do not get smitten easily, but when I do, I go down hard for the long count.

Many of the items are house made including small things that few choose to do any longer such as salad dressing and croutons. The pasta is made in house and tastes fresh. The sauce is made daily and simmered for a minimum of 6 hours before serving. Ann and Tony have passed on but their son Tom and his wife Judy have preserved the family traditions and recipes which make this a timeless dining destination.

The main menu is on the smaller side but there is an additional side menu of daily and seasonal specials. Even with a limited number of choices, it is still hard to decide so I suggest trying one of the combination samplers. You will have leftovers for the next day and I can attest that the lasagna is good hot or cold.

Spaghetti with meatball, lasagna and penna pasta

Fettucine alfredo, lasagna and Chicken Parmigiana

Ann & Tony's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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7 Responses to “Ann and Tony’s, West Jefferson Italian”

  1. Dave said

    This looks good. I love driving Broad too. Sounds like a short, but nice road trip for dinner. Thanks.

  2. Alana said

    They also do some really good seafood. Yes, I know it seems strange to say that but I absolutely love their fried shrimp. This has been a stand by italian for me and my husband since we lived on the Darby Dan farm. And they do great take out.

  3. Jane said

    Sounds good! Let me know if you want some company for a follow-up visit :) And have you ever tried Smith’s Deli in Clintonville? Had a good sub there, but wondered how’s the pizza & pasta?

    CMH G Comments: I have tried Smith’s – mostly in my youth. Pizza is so so, subs are good.

    Always happy to have the esteemed Jane as a dinner guest….

  4. Chefdruck said

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve been looking for a good Italian place. That red sauce looks delicious.

  5. Jill said

    I’m pretty sure that this is where I went for my senior prom “dinner”. They were very patient with a bunch of teenagers a million years ago.

  6. Haven’t been in a while, need to get back! I thin the last time we went was 12/31/1999, right before the uneventful end-of-the-world, Y2K thing. I even got a ticket in New Rome afterward…

    You must go back and have the chicken parm – absolutely old school and the best anywhere. Thanls for the reminder, Jim!

  7. Danielle said

    I work for a before and after school program that hosts a summer camp each year, and this is usually the last or near last field trip we take each summer. The kids and staff who have been there for consecutive summers always look forward to this trip. The spaghetti is always so delicious, and I personally can not get enough of the vinaigrette dressing they put on their salads. The staff is always kind and patient with us, even when we have a rowdy child or two in our group. Looking forward to our next trip this summer!

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