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A Sugardaddy you might want to hook up with…..

Posted by CMH Gourmand on October 13, 2006

Sugardaddy’s (Sumptuous Sweeties)

Factory Store
1347 Cameron Ave (Polaris Parkway)
Lewis Center, OH 43085
614 888 4491


Sugardaddies Brownies


TBDBITL – OSU fanatics know what this stands for but people outside of Columbus know TBDBITL as “The Best Damn Brownies in the Land“. Sugardaddy’s gourmet brownies got a lot of media buzz (check out the press info in their web site) in the last year and are the featured treat for guests on the Ellen show (um – swell…) among other celebrities.

These really are great brownies and we here in the capital city have some extra perks. The factory store sells “pocket change“. The brownies are cut in circles so the left overs – the corners and extra pieces are pocket change – bagged up and sold for $4 per bag – if there is a big run of brownies that day – then you might get buy one, get one free for these bags of goodies. These pieces are a little difficult to serve as is – but with some forks or dumped on a sundae – really tasty. Also – if you show up between 5 and 6 PM – everything left for the day is 1/2 price.

I sampled as many brownies are possible from the 12 + varieties on display. All were good – some were exceptional. I liked the uniqueness of the Tahiti – Blonde Sweetie Brownie (a blonde brownie with pineapple, semi sweet chocolate chunks, white chocolate chips, cashews, shredded coconut, and a hint of vanilla. My favorite was the Nutty – with cashews, almonds and pecans with a strong dash of salt for a salty / sweet flavor.

Any brownies that are not sold for the day are donated to the foodbank – good for you Sugardaddy’s.

A little pocket change for ya….

Pocket Change


One Response to “A Sugardaddy you might want to hook up with…..”

  1. Jeffrey said

    Reading the above post, I wanted to share that I took an alternate path, ordering directly from the website. It took little more than a day for our brownies to arrive, and they were everything I had hoped for and more. Tender, moist and delicious, and the best brownies I’ve ever had in my 50 some odd years of life on this planet.

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