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Jeni’s Fresh Ice Cream – Lick it Up!

Posted by CMH Gourmand on October 19, 2006

Jeni’s Link

North Market
59 Spruce Street
614 228 9960

1281 Grandview Ave.
Grandview Hts
614 488 3224

Jeni’s Fresh Ice Cream is gourmet ice cream for gourmands. And it is plain old great ice cream for the rest. Jeni Britton scoops out creative flavors made with the finest ingredients that can be found – and about 50% of the time these are obtained locally in central Ohio. Jeni is an ice cream artisan and craftsperson. The mix of ingredients that combine in her Carpigiani Gelato machine are her medium for artistic expression. Fortunately, this “art” is greatly appreciated and led her on the path of a successful businesswoman. Her dedication stirred her to take the respected Penn State Ice Cream short course as well as to study with an Italian gelato maker. Jeni knows ice cream. It is nice to see a sweet person and product achieve sweet success as well.

Flavors vary by season and inspiration. The quality of Jeni’s ice creams earned accolades from the national press including Gourmet, Food and Wine, various web sites, some TV programs, every local media outlet, and at least two books. Jeni’s has melted the hearts of culinary critics on both coasts and put Columbus on the culinary map for ice cream. There is strong buzz that Columbus is the ice cream capital of the country – (an argument that this writer can support with scoops of objective facts and subjective tastes). Putting Columbus on the gourmet radar is due in part to the raves that Jeni’s ice cream continues to receive, which in turn is supported by a growing online ordering business to supply the demand for this treat.

OK, so maybe I sold you on the possibility that this ice cream is fantastic and worth taking a lick at. Lucky for us – we just need to drive to get our fix. For people afraid of things like candied beets, Kentucky bourbon, lavender and other exotic extracts infused in their dairy products, Jeni’s also dishes out more mundane tastes for the Midwestern palette.

One customer favorite flavor is Salty Caramel – other flavors come and go based on the season and Ms. Britton’s creativity. These are a few of the signature flavors you can expect to see each time you peek in the ice cream cooler.

Dark Cocoa Gelato
Pistachio & Ashland County Honey
Black Coffee
Thai Chili
Queen City Cayenne

Depending on the season or sometimes, the day – you can expect up to 30 flavors to choose from – hard choices. However, another advantage we have here in ‘Cowlumbus” is that we can get free tastes of these ice creams before deciding on a scoop. Jeni’s also does combined half scoops to cater to those wanting to sample with abandon.

An added bonus, at least at the Grandview parlor, is the ability to order an ice cream sundae – consider this little treat as a preview of sundae attractions.

One Night in Bangkok
Thai chili ice cream
caramel sauce
sliced bananas
a bit of white chocolate
(billed as the ultimate phad thai )


Jeni’s is served at several fine restaurants in Columbus but is best experienced in an ice cream cone while strolling around the North Market or in a sundae dish in Grandview.

Ice Cream for Icy days and coughing nights –

Some think only hardcore ice cream hounds eat ice cream in the winter – if that is how you feel – it is time to review that life choice – Jeni’s serves up – Influenza Sorbet (fresh lemon juice, whiskey, and honey) as a preemptive strike for the common cold. (Note – I have not seen this flavor around for a while and not yet this season – so keep call ahead if you are hoping for this flavor – it may have just been a flavor fling of the past.)

Jeni's Fresh Ice Creams on Urbanspoon

One Response to “Jeni’s Fresh Ice Cream – Lick it Up!”

  1. Salty Caramel Ice Cream sounds wonderful. I like Japanese Sea Salt ice cream so this looks like I would like it. Japanese Ice Cream

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