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Random Roadtrip Idea – Jungle Jim’s

Posted by CMH Gourmand on December 9, 2006

Jungle Jim’s International Market is the best food store I have ever been to. It is located in Hamilton, OH, just outside of Cincinnati.

It has entire aisles devoted to specific countries, a small movie theater that continuously shows the Jungle Jim’s story, free samples, the best cheese department anywhere, etc. If a food item exists – Jungle Jim’s probably has it. The Asian section has multiple rows. There are exotic fruits and vegetables you have only read about. So if you have a foodie to buy for or just need to mix it up – then is is a good road trip. Do an add on of a visit to the Montgomery Inn, a Cinncinnati Chili parlor, or some other Cincinnati attraction and you have a great day trip. Very much worth the trip from CMH!

Jungle Jim’s Market

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