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Chicago Tribune on Cleveland, let’s get Columbus on the List!

Posted by CMH Gourmand on January 17, 2008

Linked below is a recent article on Cleveland from the Chicago Tribune. This is worth a read for anyone, especially Mike Symon and Michael Ruhlman fans. Cleveland is getting recognition as a culinary city….hmm, recall my earlier post on Columbus vs. Cleveland.

I invited the Chicago Tribune writer to Columbus – hopefully your posts endorsing Columbus as a restaurant town will convince the Tribune to bankroll her trip here. If you were selling our city as a culinary hot spot – where would you take someone if you only had 48 hours……

Here is the article.

Chicago Tribune article – Cleveland?!?

Thanks to Saucisson (saw-SEE-sohn) ((is French for sausage)) Mac for passing this on.

Where would I take someone? – Graeters, Denise’s and Jeni’s – I am still pushing Columbus as Ice Cream Capital of the World (as cool as Indie Art Capital, right?). Pistachia Vera for some cookies. Breakfast at Starliner Diner and Banana Bean, lunch at Thurman’s or the North Market or Betty’s or Northstar, dinner at Alana’s, CBC, Rosendales or so many other choices. And a late night pizza at the Rossi. Hmm – I guess a visiting writer would need more time or at least an openness to doing some hobbit style second lunches.

4 Responses to “Chicago Tribune on Cleveland, let’s get Columbus on the List!”

  1. Dave said

    I think your choices for dining spots are fantastic – except Thurman’s. It’s an interesting place, but can push even the meatiest of eaters over the edge. I love meat but have never come so close to becoming a vegetarian since their burger. Just wouldn’t want to scare someone away.

    I think Northstar would be a nice stop.

  2. mac said

    Dear Gourmie:
    I knew that article would get you going. The last time I went to dinner in CMH was Figlio on Riverside drive. Not really a young hip crowd but solid food and service. You recomended Betty’s once, I liked that place for late plates and cocktails. We need to get together and do Schmidt’s Sausage Haus, so if it is still worth its salt. What I really love about CMH is the food shopping: North Market, Carfagna’s, Crestview Market. I also really like Michoacana, they have a few stores, I have been to the one on 161, very cool, they have a lunch counter there, and the owner is very friendly. Columbus is a nice place to be. Geeze, I’m a regular James Joyce, huh?


  3. Zach said

    Mozart’s Cafe has pretty good breakfasts, but I may be biased just because I used to live within walking distance. Don’t forget Hound Dog for late night pizza. Maybe a lunch at Little Dragon?

  4. Di said

    Tutt’s Cafe. Worthington. Authentic Italian and Greek cuisine- all made by hand. It’s small and cozy and never fails to fill the stomach. And the owner is great! Definitely cap the meal with a piece of Baklava! it is OMG-melt-in-your-mouth-better-than-an-end-of-the-date-kiss kind of good! No alcohol served. However, he has told me that if I bring in a bottle of Greek wine for dinner some evening, he will join me for a toast! Just like family.

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