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Beer and Cheese – The New Peanut Butter and Chocolate!

Posted by cmh gourmand on March 26, 2008

Pace Hi Carry Out in Clintonville closed in February. The signs of demise were there for a long time – they just never seemed to be able to keep things in I stopped going long ago. Having the wine displayed in the window made me wary as well – you could not do anything worse to a bottle of vino.

UPDATE: Pace Hi reopened August 2008 with new ownership and a lot of work invested in new coolers, stock, etc. This is a great rebound for this part of Clintinville.

I often wonder if a new business concept called Hops and Curd – a high end beer and cheese store might work in Clintonville.

OK – the concept of wine and cheese is well sold.

But beer and cheese…. not so much. I believe beer and cheese is the undiscovered peanut butter and chocolate of the 21st century. So that is why I am posting this post…to build a groundswelling of support for this advanced idea.

And as it just happens – Constance and Kent at Hills Market will be offering a Beer and Cheese Tasting on April 17th – check out the Hills Market web site and get on the mailing list for more details. I have attended two Hills Market wine and cheese tastings – both were wonderful so I expect the beer and cheese pairing to be just as good. The format for the wine tastings has been 6 pairing of wine and cheese with a appetizer for each. The Beer and Cheese tasting will probably have the same format. The cost would be no more than $35. As a bonus, you typically get 10% off anything you buy at that store following the tasting. It a great deal. See my post about the December tasting for more information.

To further sell pairing beer with cheese check out the site below:

A link with all you need to know about beer and cheese

So what do you think – is it time to open Hops and Curd during a recession?


6 Responses to “Beer and Cheese – The New Peanut Butter and Chocolate!”

  1. Jared R said

    Katzinger’s is battling wine and cheese vs. beer and cheese at a tasting tomorrow. Maybe they’ll sort out the best combo then (or maybe not).

  2. The Columbus Beer Wench said

    MMMM I love beer and cheese.

    I anticipate being very overweight in the next few years!

  3. Bear said

    Beer pairings in general are just underexplored, by my lights. I actually discovered, to my considerable surprise, that a Scotch egg — which is normally so heart-attack-inducing that it’s almost inedible (I mean, an egg wrapped in sausage and deep fried? Good God) — but with a good Pilsner to cut the grease and add some tang, it becomes an amazing combination. Unfortunately.

  4. I’m a cheesemaker who happens to love beer, so I decided to up the ante with beer and cheese pairings and make a line of our semi-firm cheeses soaked in Sierra Nevada Stout. It’s called Stout Cow (my mom used to make a wine-soaked cheese called Tipsy Cow). It’s killer melted on sandwiches or with a crusty bread and some apples. Bear, you might like it with your Scotch egg! 🙂

  5. Bear said

    Oh, man that sounds good right now… and the pic on your website makes my mouth water! What kind of cheese is it, to begin with? And as a Bay Area boy born and raised, I should also say, give my best to the Golden State. 🙂

  6. The cheese is kind of a cross between a gouda and a cheddar…it has an edible outer rind that turns golden brown because of the beer, and is really creamy inside, so it melts REALLY well. 🙂 The great part is the finish…it tastes just like stout and cheese…really smooth and not bitter at all.
    The Golden State wishes you well. 🙂

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