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CMH in SYD and MEL; Support your local Food Blogs in the meantime

Posted by cmh gourmand on March 30, 2008

I am going on a long overdue holiday to my happy place – Australia. I look forward to a couple weeks of wine (Hunter and Yarra Valleys), beer (Carlton and Cascade), dining, pumpkin soup slurping, great cheeses, train riding and most importantly friends. I should be back online by the end of April.

In the meantime – if you do not already do so – check out the Columbus Food Blogs I have listed on this site (to the left) and listen to Columbus Foodcast (episode 7 goes live on April 4th) to tide you over. The Columbus Beer Wench is the special guest star for our 7th installment. We should have some award winning bloopers as a trailer for episode 7.

There will be two entries in a day or two about my run to Circleville as my parting Bon Voyage posts.

Thanks to everyone for supporting CMH Gourmand. I have had great feedback on the blog over the last six months. I look forward to crafting more of the same when I get back.

One Response to “CMH in SYD and MEL; Support your local Food Blogs in the meantime”

  1. Have a great trip, Jim – stay safe. Enjoy the warm weather. 🙂

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