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Wittich’s – America’s Oldest Confectioner? – Circleville Roadtrip Part 2

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 1, 2008


117 West High Street

Circleville, OH

740 474 3313

After my run to the Original Hamburger Inn, I drove a block or so to the northwest for a visit to what may be the nations oldest confectionary – Wittich’s. This chocolate and candy shop has been operated by the same family since 1840. It is currently run by Fred Wittich the great grandson of the founder. I did some quick research on confectionaries in the country. I am not sure it is the oldest – but it probably is the oldest run by the same family (I am still researching this).

My party sampled the candy selections with a venegence and found all to be very good. I really enjoyed the dark chocolate covered peanut brittle. Wittich’s is overflowing with character, charm and history – I felt good walking through the door and those feelings just continued to get better.

What really caught my eye was the 1930’s era soda fountain/counter. Some people know that I am an ice cream lover. One or two people know my first job was at Knight’s Ice Cream in Columbus and because of that I am a big fan of ice cream lore. There are just a handful operating of soda fountains in the country and I had accidently stumbled upon one.


As I sat there on one of the twirling counter seats, I was thinking of memories of a soda fountain in the the part of Columbus I grew up in. At about that moment, a small sign caught my eye. It explained the soda fountain I was sitting at was purchased from the former Beechwold Pharmacy in 1997. Guess where I used to go as a child….. yep!

7 Responses to “Wittich’s – America’s Oldest Confectioner? – Circleville Roadtrip Part 2”

  1. Kate said

    Oh my gosh!! Knight’s and the Pharmacy in one post!! I’m in Portland, OR now, but I grew up in Clintonville and loved both Knight’s (root beer floats!) and the Pharmacy (cherry phosphate!) I was so sad when they both closed. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!!

  2. Andrew said

    Who knew there were these options in Circleville! I’m thinking I might need to take a bicycle ride down there, enjoy too much food and then make a much slower paced ride back. Thanks for the tip!

  3. mac said

    I’ve always had a soft spot for round town. We always come home through c-ville when returning from the Hocking Hills. In Columbus we either went to Knight’s or Gordon’s. Next time you’re in CHI, I’ll take you to Margie’s Candies.


  4. Jane said

    Raised in Circleville, but now living in Philadelphia PA. When visiting Roundtown I always grab assorted chocolates to take back and share with friends. Since I’m new to Philly My husband and I have been exploring the area. We came across a candy store called Shane’s with a slogan “America’s oldest candy store” They sell hand dipped chocolates and chewy candy just like Wittichs. However Wittich was est. in 1840 and this place in philly was est. in 1876. Now I’m no genius but which store has really been around the longest and has the better chocolate???
    Check it out Wittichs
    -Genius in Philly

  5. Wittich said

    My last name is Wittich and I have heard about this candy shop. Is there anyway anyone knows of the email address they can be contacted by? I would love to order some of their candies to try!

    CMH G Comment: I would suggest giving them a call.

  6. Lisa Siegwald-Baird said

    Three in a row for me ! My father was born and raised in Circleville and i grew up down the road from Knights Ice Cream (Indianola Ave) AND Beechwold Pharmacy !I remember my grandfather taking me to the Wittich Candy Shop when i was young. I also remember Knights wonderful ice cream and confections..ahh..i can taste it now !

  7. nanci said

    Positively worth a visit. Little old ladies sit at a card table in the back hand twirling the chocolate cremes. The prices on floats and sodas at the fountain are as old-fashioned as the store. They also have an interesting assortment of John Deere themed lunch boxes to pack treats into.

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