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Pattycake Vegan Bakery-no eggs, no butter, no worries (High Street Bakery Hop, Stop #2)

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 29, 2008

Pattycake Vegan Bakery

3009 N. High St



Mon-Fri: 8-6
Sat: 9-5
Sun: 11-4
Pattycake website

Jennie Scheinbach’s vegan treats can be found at Clintonville Community Market, Bexley Natural Market, Cup O Joe, Staufs, Weilands Market, Yeah Me Too and other local hot spots. As the popularity of her baked goodies blossomed she decided to open her own location in Clintonville.

Vegan baking means no milk, no eggs, and no butter. To the typical baker this could seem to be a challenge or curse. How do you take these ingredients out and still make something that tastes good and looks appealing? Jenny figured out how to create good vegan baked goods and she does it well (with some trial and error along the way).

She switches cows milk with soy milk, eggs with tofu, non hydrogenated margarine replaces butter, whole wheat flour is used when possible and so on.

There are many Pattycake selections to choose from. My favorite is the Tollhouse Cookie – I can not tell the difference between vegan and non vegan baking on this one. By telling myself that the cookie is healthy – I get to eat more.

Pattycake Bakery on Urbanspoon

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