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Haiku Help Fund – Help Rachel Widomski

Posted by CMH Gourmand on May 26, 2008

On the evening of Thursday, May 15, a man left Haiku Restaurant in the Short North without paying his bill. Julie Liu, co-owner, and Rachel Widomski, a bartender, followed the man outside to his vehicle

According to police, the man started his vehicle and purposely struck Rachel and Julie as he backed out of his parking spot. A restaurant guest was also injured. The patron was treated and released.

Rachel and Julie were hospitalized with serious injuries. Rachel is expected to be paralysed.

Please make a donation to the Haiku Help Fund. Donations will go to help pay medical and recovery expenses. Several events are planned by Columbus area restaurants, CORA (Central Ohio Restaurant Association) as well as Short North restaurants and associations.

More updates from CORA below:

One Response to “Haiku Help Fund – Help Rachel Widomski”

  1. Bear said

    Rachel’s injuries were apparently really breathtaking — like nothing the surgeon had ever seen. Spine severed in two places, crushed in others…. The poor girl’s in real trouble. We can make a difference at HaikuHelp; also note Hope Weekend, where servers in the Short North will be donating their tips to the fund. Pretty amazingly selfless gesture, given that many of them make around $4/hour without tips. So, June 6-8 — word is, dine in the Short North. Eat early and eat often.

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