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Chef-O-Nette (and a serving of Tasty Tremont Center Tips)

Posted by CMH Gourmand on August 13, 2008

Chef O Nette
Chef O Nette
2090 Tremont Center
Upper Arlington

I found myself in a (good) dining rut, I was mainly hitting downtown and Short North eateries. It was time to get back to a baseline and venture away from High Street. You can’t get more basic than Chef O Nette. Walking in, you don’t feel like you are in Arlington, you feel like you are in a small town somewhere, maybe even Mayberry. You also feel like you have walked back in time to the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s. The prices are right here with the most expensive item being $10.95.

A cheeseburger plate with crinkle cut fries and cole slaw will knock you back $5.45. The burgers are thin patties, grilled just right and are served on sesame seed buns. You can also get a Chef-O-Burger – a double, for $2.65. There are some diner classics here: The Hangover – Hamburger, ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce and onion as well as the Sta-Slim Special – Lean ground round patty, cottage cheese, cheese slice, tomatoes, pickle chips, and rye bread.

Burger and Fries

The milkshakes, although on the small side are served in an old school Coke glass and are a standard order for regulars. My favorite thing here is the Cole Slaw. I am constantly on the search for perfect cole slaw, I rarely find this except old diners. Chef-O-Nette does it right here – everything is finely chopped and diced with just the right mix of sauce. This is popular enough that they sell it in pints for $3.25.

Cole Slaw

Chef-O-Nette is a blast from the past. Drop in some time, sit at the counter on one of the red, chair backed stools and enjoy a simple meal. There is also a carry out window here if you are in a rush.

The Tremont Center has a some other good culinary selections as well. There is an Old Bag of Nails here as well as one of the two Moretti’s locations in town. (I can’t quite place why, but the Tremont location of Moretti’s is the better of the two.) Huffman’s Market is here as well, one of the last of the family owned, independent super markets in town. Huffman’s carries some hard to find items that make stepping in worthwhile – Johnson’s Ice Cream, Esther Price Chocolates and Der Dutchman donuts.

4 Responses to “Chef-O-Nette (and a serving of Tasty Tremont Center Tips)”

  1. Jule said

    I am so glad to see someone blog about Chef-O-Nette! I started going there a couple years ago. When I am in the mood for a perfect, cheap diner cheeseburger, it’s always where I go. I also agree about their coleslaw, it’s wonderful! I hope some more people read our post and decide to check it out.

  2. Kelsey said

    I live in Arlington, and I am a Jones Middle Schooler. The Chef-O-Nette is a wonderful place to eat!!! Their milkshakes are awesome, and so are their hamburgers. I’ve been there so many times, and other people should too.

  3. 1992 UA Grad said

    I have been going to Chef-O-Nette most of my life. I love that place. My grandpa used to eat there every day for breakfast and lunch. I would see him there when my friends and I ate lunch. My sister and I had lunch there today, as a matter of fact. She now lives out of state, but wanted to go to the Chef-O while in town. Best french fries EVER!

  4. Jessica said

    Love the post, love the Chef-O! Would love it if you could contribute pics to our new FaceBook fan page:

    See you there, and invite your friends!


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