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New at Northstar Cafe – Beechwold

Posted by CMH Gourmand on October 20, 2008

Northstar Cafe has been mixing things up a little bit. Change can cause consternation, especially at a restaurant with a cult-like following. One change is pricing. Many prices were raised about $1.00. This caused angst for some. I have struggled with the pricing on a few of the items myself – specifically – the guacamole with chips – it is good, but not nine dollars good. The end of any monetary analysis with my food think tank cronies usually resolves with these points: the quality of the food is good, many of the ingredients are sourced locally, there is no tipping needed so that saves most of us 20%, the portions are ample enough for two for many of the entrees and the employees are paid reasonable wages. The pricing seems to balance out. Another aspect involving change and something I have always liked about Northstar is the lack of .99 pricing – there are many “maverick” prices on the menu: $3.28, $2.11, $1.87, and $9.70

Speaking of menus, both Northstars have made minor changes to their small menus. The Short North and Beechwold menus now feature a few signature items unique to their locations. The Northstar menu is on the small side so over time one can get tired of eating the same thing. Both restaurants are offering daily specials and testing out some new items.

So here is a peek at changes at the Northstar in Beechwold (Clintonville – just south of Henderson Road). I have eaten each of the new menu changes and change is good.

There is a new sign outside so the place is easier to find. Clintonville residents are dabbling with being less commuter oriented so I have noticed more people walking or biking to the restaurant. One of the first things I observed was that the number / order cards have changed. When you place an order you are given a card with a number so your food can be brought to you when ready. The cards had an artistic flair added to them by one of the employees and they look great.

There are usually a one or two daily specials at each meal time. Recently, I have noticed a flatbread / pizza of the day. I sampled one which was pepperoni and cheddar cheese – it was wonderful.

Potato chips have popped on the menu as well. This are thin cut chips served with an aioli for dipping.

Breakfast has become more diverse. The Sweet Potato Hash is still on the menu to my delight. Poached Green Field Farm Eggs are a good addition to the morning fare.

Three poached eggs are served on Rosemary Foccia with Shaved Proscuiutto di parma and Grana Padano (cheese) for $9.70.

If you are looking to economize, a combination of side orders may be a good choice for you.

Applewood smoked bacon $3
house made sausage patties $3
roasted sweet potatoes and onions $3
two local organic eggs, any style $4

Next on my list to try will be scrambled eggs with cheese – (choice of Maytag, chevre cheddar, or provolone) for $5.50.

The new offering on the lunch and dinner menu is Tim and JB’s meatloaf sandwich: Grass fed beef, local pork, BBQ sauce, spicy mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, and roasted peanut slaw for $12. Diners now have a larger choice of sides for lunch and dinner, these include: simple salad (one of my favorites, a mix of greens drizzled with a light dressing and herbs), tortilla chips, steamed broccoli, roasted peanut slaw or fork over an extra $2 for a cup of the soup of the day.

All of menu additions are worth a try and most of the customer favorites have remained. Another change of note is the upgraded website – it now has hours, maps, and menus.

Northstar – Beechwold
4241 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43214 / 614.784.2233

Northstar – Short North
951 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43201 / 614.298.9999

5 Responses to “New at Northstar Cafe – Beechwold”

  1. Usually I pick nits the other way (Calling Beechwold north of Cooke/Henderson Clintonville), but the Clintonville Northstar is really in in Clintonville!

    They also put the lie to the “Clintonville is Dry” thing by serving beer.

    …And we love it! Thanks for the review.

  2. Kate said

    Oh you make me miss Columbus! I would sell my soul for a breakfast burrito and tomato and cheese flatbread!

  3. Philville Phil said

    Just went to NSC-B for lunch today. Had the Northstar Burger. Dude at the counter couldn’t BELIEVE that I would order it “plain” (no onion, tomato, lettuce, etc.) but wanted it topped with bacon & cheese. Shook him up so much that it arrived at my table perfectly plain, but sans bacon.

    J-Hova ordered her standard Tai wrap, which was wonderfully prepared as usual.

    After the Gourmand’s report of the price increase (to the already-increased prices), I just handed over my credit card, closed my eyes and signed on the dotted line.

    I will say, the NSC finally got around to publishing their website, complete with a menu! And it only took 18 months.

    Bottom line, NSC is expensive, just a touch pretentious, but it scores enough points in the fourth quarter (or third period) to pull out the win and bring me back again (the next time I get paid).

  4. Amanda said

    I LOVE the new addition of the Poached Eggs! I had them Saturday morning and I love the crunchy, salty, gooey quality of the whole dish!

    It was nice to meet you last night! And fun to all sit together! A delicious fun dinner was had by all!


  5. Carolyn T-W said

    The onion soup is fantastic – had it today. For the quality of food, clean good vibe and real ginger ale – it can’t be beat. You can spend the same amount for dinner at max and erma’s or bw3’s and get way worse food.

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