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Back to the Chili Bowl

Posted by CMH Gourmand on January 19, 2009

chili bowl

Maple Grove UMC

The Clintonville Chili Bowl is back and I am looking for redemption, not with the Methodists but for my chili making. I made a pretty good chili last year. It was a little exotic for the crowd but it received some spicy comments. I also think I may have been robbed. My chili was called Italian Chili Number 9 (like love potion number nine – though not as effective). However my entry number was 6. Throughout the event, helpful chili eaters kept turning my entry number around so it was number 9. My memory is a little hazy, but I think number 9 won. This year I am toning down the spice and turning up the meat with buffalo and steak. I am going for a big win!

The Maple Grove United Methodist Church is hosting the Clintonville Chili Bowl on January 31st from 5 – 7 PM. The judges will be a congregation of local preachers. Contestants will be competing for a trophy and chili champion bragging rights for one year and/or the People’s Choice Award. Admission is $5 for a belly full of various chili concoctions. Proceeds from the event go to the the Clintonville Community Resource Center. A couple of words about CRC – it is a great non profit organization that helps individuals in need in our community – with a focus on the elderly and the homeless. This is a very worthy cause.

Maple Grove is at the corner of High Street and Henderson Road. To enter your chili, contact Miriam at

5 Responses to “Back to the Chili Bowl”

  1. Amanda said

    I have to be there!!

    1. I love Chili
    2. I can walk there from my house (super easy!)

    Thanks for the heads up!


  2. Dave said

    Jim, Like a Sunday NYTimes, I have your last 8 posts in front of me and I’m starting through. I save them for last in my reader.

    Now, thank goodness I didn’t wait too long to read. This sounds like a blast. I will so be there. One thing, I’m likely going to hell, should I go to confession or something before I go?

    CMHG Comment – Dave is in luck, I am taking confessions and selling indulgences after the Chili Bowl. Confessions will not be in an enclosed area for safety sake.

  3. Bear said

    Hmmmmmm. The Columbus fiery food gods hate me. Two years in a row, I’ve had to miss the Fiery Food cookoff. This is right up my alley, but the 31st is my birthday and I’ve been told that I’m not to plan anything for that date… so I’ll have to see whether I can work this in. Thanks for the heads-up in any case!

    CMHG Comment: The Fiery Foods Festival is February 21st at the North Market.

  4. miriam said

    At the risk of writing a huge thank you twice (because my network seems to have devoured the last one I typed in the comment box):


    Oh good night, it feels REALLY big time to get the Clintonville Chili Bowl on your site (I know you mentioned it last year, I was starstruck then too). It should be a pretty good group . . . some recruited by mentioning the competitive presence of YOU.

    Anyway: what competition number would you like? You’re #1 in my book (and it reads the same upside-down), but the official CMH-Gourmand perk is the license to be Competitor #ANYTHING.

    CMHG Comment: I requested and received number 13 (A and B).

  5. Miranda said

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    I am sure no luck is needed, but will try to make it as part of a cheering section/ chili devour-er

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