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The Day After a Night of 1001 Tacos and the Revenge of Cupcake Camp Columbus

Posted by cmh gourmand on October 10, 2009

Eating tacos al fresco under a tent

Eating tacos al fresco under a tent

Neither rain, nor cold nor dark of night could stop a Night of 1001 Tacos. We had an interesting assortment of taco tourists from all age ranges that became aware of the event by a motley mix of media: Columbus Underground, Taco Trucks Columbus, an e-mail zipping around the workplace and Fox 28. The show did go on with $450 raised for the Mid Ohio Food Bank. We converted some more people to la vida taco while making new friends. The generosity of the Taco Truck owners as well as their hard work never ceases to impress me. As for the story, in a case of the student becoming the master, I defer to Taco Drew a co-conspirator on Taco Trucks Columbus.

End of the (wet) trail, Studio 35 11:06 pm

End of the (wet) trail, Studio 35 11:06 pm

And for the afternoon after a Night (and early morning) of 1001 Tacos. 1001 Cupcakes!!!!

I missed out on the first Cupcake Camp due to a wedding. This time I had the honor of being a judge which means eating a lot of cupcakes but more importantly, I was ensured to get in since the event sold out. Some cupcake craving citizens showed up hoping for a ticket had to hear – “No cupcakes for you today”. As for me, my challenge was to stop eating cupcakes after sampling eleven for the harvest category.

I am sure others will write about Revenge of Cupcake Camp Columbus and I know you will hear more since the wheels are already in motion for a third cupcake camp next year. These are the things that stuck a cord with me today. One hundred people showed up for the event and at least that many wanted to go (even though the event conflicted with Buckeye football..sarcasm ). After a long month of activities including Local Foods Week, Restaurant Week, North Market events, Experience Columbus Days and Taco Truck Nights people were ready to cook, judge and eat. I was surrounded by people that all came out for another call including: Mary Martineau (North Market), Jill Moorhead (Hills Market), Liz Lessner, Colleen from Slow Food, The Restaurant Widow, Amy from Amy D (I would buy lint from her), Jenni from Pattycake Bakery (I pretty much buy everything from her…except lint), Carmen Owens from Surly Girl Saloon, Jeni from Jeni’s Ice Cream, a host of volunteers and more. When it is time to step up to get things done, make things happen and clean up the results at the end of the show, these people do so time and time again.

Queens of Clintonville:  Olivera (Wholly Craft), Amy (Amy D) and Jenni (Pattycake)

Queens of Clintonville: Olivera (Wholly Craft), Amy (Amy D) and Jenni (Pattycake)

Carmen Owens, the not so surly owner of Surly Girl Saloon

Carmen Owens, the not so surly owner of Surly Girl Saloon

and the winners are....

and the winners are....


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