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Pizza Grand Prix IV: Sunday October 18th, 6 – 8 PM. Admission is FREE!

Posted by CMH Gourmand on October 11, 2009

2491 Summit Street *** Wild Goose Creative *** 6 to 8 PM *** October 18th

2491 Summit Street *** Wild Goose Creative *** 6 to 8 PM *** October 18th

Think of Pizza Grand Prix as a giant pizza potluck. Your price of admission is a medium pizza from your favorite pizza shop or your own hand crafted pizza pie. Drop off a pizza then spend the rest of the night trying pizzas from all over Columbus. As a bonus, Dave from Webercam, will be crafting pizzas from scratch in his modified Weber kettle grill. All are welcome to bring an ingredient to Dave for an Iron Chef style challenge to craft new pizza permutations.

Here is the link to what we ate last time – Pizza Grand Prix III the day after

A few suggestions:

1) Bring a tupperware container, at the end of the night we have a lot of pizza left over and no one wants to waste it.

2) Bring your own beverage, feel free to bring one for me if you like.

3) Limit your calorie consumption prior to 6 PM to 100 calories, you will need the stomach space.

4) Ask for your pizza to be tavern or party cut (translation = squares) when you order. As much as non- wedge/triangle sliced pizza riles people, small squares are essential for large scale pizza consumption.

Follow all of the developments on Pizza Grand Prix on Columbus Underground this week.

To limit overlap we ask people to post on CU (if possible) where they are bringing a pizza from and what the topping are.

Also, when you come through the door at Wild Goose Creative, we will ask you to sign in your pizza. Then write the name of the pie and the toppings on the inside box lid so everyone knows what they are eating and from where. If you care to bring a few extra menus along, even better.

You bring a pizza and a beverage. We will have plates, napkins, red pepper flakes, cheese for sprinkling, pizza cutters and 30 or more other pizzas for you to try.

Columbus has hundreds of pizza parlors to choose from so PGP IV allows you to save time, gas and money by trying the best of the best in one place and one night at a price that is dynamite! Come eat, drink and add to the pizza tradition of Columbus.

2 Responses to “Pizza Grand Prix IV: Sunday October 18th, 6 – 8 PM. Admission is FREE!”

  1. dave said

    I am currently in the middle of a validation run using Stubbs lump charcoal (and I’m conditioning an extra stone in preparation). I’m getting a good consistent 700F in on the clay surface and am prepared to be cooking about 20 or so Margheritas.

    Toppings will only be used if they’re precooked (ootherwise they’ll sog out the crust). I cannot wait! My wife and daughter are even coming for a while.

  2. Looking forward to this! Always a great time! 😀

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