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Si Senor: Yes Sir, it is good

Posted by CMH Gourmand on July 18, 2010

With a name like Si Senor, I was wary. Well, very wary of what might lie inside. I envisioned low end, Mexican fast food. I was pleasantly surprised. Si Senior is not your typical Mexican restaurant, because the owners are from Peru. It is not a Mexican restaurant at all. The restaurant has only been open a few months but has quickly become a downtown lunchtime standby. Things have been going well enough for the family business to move into a larger space just next door to their original location. Now that they have elbow room and can fit more than one employee behind the counter, Si Senor is looking forward to making some expansions in the menu as well.

The cooks behind the counter have taken the friendly format of a sandwich and with a bit of slight of spatula, slipped in a phenomenal palate pleasing fusion of Latin flavors. A lot of work goes into the ingredients before serving. The cooks smoke and roast all of their meats. They make nearly everything from scratch in house such as avocado mayonnaise, jalapeno relish, and Chimichurri dressing. They also make refreshing smoothies with fresh mango, pineapple and papaya.

The owner is joined by his wife and brother as well as a few others. All have extensive restaurant experience and were ready to make the jump into the business as owners instead of manager and cooks. They enjoy the direct connection they have with customers since the small space allows the cooks to see diners eating Si Senor creations from their vantage point at the grill. As with any new business they are looking to add items to the menu and work out the best way to serve their customers – which may mean a change to table service in the future.

Meatloaf Sandwich with pasta salad

For now, the focus is on making under a dozen sandwiches and a few salads. I tried the Chicharron Peruano a sandwich with Peruvian style fried pork shoulder served with pickled onions and sweet potato mayonnaise on a ciabatta bread. I also sampled the Meatloaf Sandwich – a mix of chorizo and ground beef with poblanos, onions, tomato jam (chutneyesque) and manchego cheese. I liked this very much.

I wish I had room for the the Latin style turkey breast club (roasted turkey, Applewood bacon, avocado mayonnaise and more) and the Peruvian style chicken salad (pulled chicken, pineapple, celery, walnuts, and potato sticks).

Tres Leches

I did have room for an absolutely divine Tres Leches cake made in house. The cake was rich, dense and creamy with all the milky goodness that good tres leches can deliver. It also has a nice layer of vanilla icing which added to the flavor of the cake.

I enjoyed chatting and talking shop talk with the owners during the downtime. It turns out they are cousins of the other Peruvian family I know in Columbus – the Garcias of Jack and Benny’s fame. Due to customer feedback and demand, Si Senor is now open Saturdays from Noon to 4 PM. They are offering one traditional Peruvian entree/meal of Saturdays to show off their family favorites and share their culture with the community.

While the set up is for quick service, the atmosphere is a bit more upscale with a lot of thought and effort invested in making the dining area comfortable and relaxed.

Si Senor
20 East Long Street
614.227.0071 (fax orders)

3 Responses to “Si Senor: Yes Sir, it is good”

  1. Joe Peffer said

    Anything we’ve gotten from here has been good and I must agree with the Tres Leches cake—something I almost never find very appealing. Si Senor has the best Tres Leches I’ve ever had.

  2. Rebecca Z said

    It’s shameful how infrequently I eat here, based on how close to my office Si Senor is. Time for another “turkey breast with jalapenos”! Note: that Tres Leches cake rivals my own. Thx for the timely reminder, CMH. 🙂

  3. Nicole said

    I dream of their Tres Leches cake. I have never been able to create one quite as good as theirs!

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