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Donut World: Third Best Donuts in Ohio

Posted by CMH Gourmand on November 23, 2010

subtitle: Along the Ohio Donut Trail with guest star CMH Tobias

The best donuts in Ohio are at Donald’s Donuts in Zanesville. The second best donuts are from DK Diner in Grandview. Exception: if someone brings you DK Diner Donuts…those are the best donuts you will ever have. In Lancaster, a local legend has the third best donuts in Ohio. In respect to their pumpkin donuts, some of their “fancy donuts” and 24 hour access to donuts on demand, Donut World may take the cake and place first in some critical categories. As I wait for typed indignant outcry, let me share what I know about Donut World.

My first encounter was a classic case of it’s not what you know but who you know and what they can be talked into. My friend Amanda Anderson used the power of twitter to have Harold LaRue-Lessner (of Dirty Franks fame) deliver a box of Donut World donuts to his restaurant for holding. Amanda picked up the loot and then I looted her box for a few samples. Based on this experience of second hand donuts I noted I should get more soon. So I did.

My first visit was thwarted by a parade, traffic barriers and about fifty people in line for the newest batch of pumpkin donuts. I aborted my mission to go drinking. About five hours later I returned to the scene of donut fail.

Donut World has an impressive line up of thirty plus donuts, fritters, Bismarks and donut holes. Categories are broken down into Fancy and Regular donuts with iced, powdered, cream-filled and other variants. Drool. Since pumpkin donuts were in season and made minutes before my arrival I stuffed two of those in my mouth and selected a mixed box of ten more to go. I proclaim the donuts to be very good. The remainder of the box ended up at Bono Pizza later in the day with no survivors when I left the premise. Five out of five donut eaters say Donut World is awesome. I rest my case.

Also of note, there is a dentist office on the other side of the parking lot. Did I mention Donut World is open 24 hours? So unless there is a parade, you have full, unencumbered access to donuts.

Donut World
601 North Broad St
Drive Thru Open 24 hours except Christmas day
Shop open 6 am to 10 pm daily

5 Responses to “Donut World: Third Best Donuts in Ohio”

  1. Twixlen said

    I need to know where Resch’s falls on this chart-o-donuts. It’s important.

    Very important that you give them a thorough donutting. I am particularly fond of their sour cream sticks & classic glazed yeast.

    CG Comment: Resch’s is on deck. (I hope).

  2. Tobias is a beautiful dog. What was his opinion? Have you done a full doggie taste test among the top contenders? I think he’s trying to tell you that such a test is essential to any numerical ranking.

    CG Reply: CMH Tobias has only eaten Donald’s Donuts – everything else he turns his nose away. #fact

  3. Melissa said

    I just love these donuts! They sell them at the coffee shop in Fairfield Medical Center, and make hospital visits bearable. So glad you got to enjoy them…not fun that you were stuck in the Lancaster Christmas parade traffic.

  4. Caroline said

    I’ve never had Donut World donuts … but growing up I LOVED Bill’s Donuts in Dayton. I’m betting they could give DW a run for their money!

    CG Comment: On the list. Bill’s in Dayton (I think I had these long ago), Spudnuts, Crispie Creme in Chillicothe, Resch’s, a few others. Again, strangely, I am not a big donut fan – unless it is really, really good.

  5. Kelly said

    +1 for Bill’s Donuts. I was spoiled with these donuts growing up, and I have yet to find any donuts that compare.

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