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The Burrito Buggy at Byrne’s Pub on March 19th!

Posted by CMH Gourmand on March 9, 2011

Fact: There is a young woman living in Baja Clintonville whose life was saved or at least made bearable by a Burrito Buggy Burrito.

Fact: There are many OU Alumni in Columbus and when you say Burrito Buggy they go a little crazy.

Fact: I love the Burrito Buggy and when I think about it, I go a little crazy.

During some wintery evening in 2010, I was discussing culinary missions and tasks for Columbus in 2011. At some point I said, “I want the Burrito Buggy here in Columbus”. “Where should it go other than my driveway?” The answer. “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”. And then, “Byrne’s Pub, all the OU people hang out there”.

OK. My mission at hand, I researched, plotted and sent out e-mails. I asked every Burrito Buggy fan I knew if they were interested and how many burritos they wanted. Everyone was enthused. Everyone wanted at least two burritos. This seemed to bode well for everyone.

I contacted Pat Byrne at Byrne’s Pub, his response was:

“That sounds absolutely awesome, the 19th would be perfect.”

The 19th looks to be a big day at Byrne’s. It will be the third day of celebration of St. Patrick’s Day at an Irish bar. The John Smoltz Project will be playing in honor of St. Smoltz Day. A tent will still be set up in the parking lot and the Burrito Buggy will be here. It is a Saturday. It is almost spring. You will eat burritios, you will probably love them.

Byrne’s is paying travel expenses for the Buggy to come to town (I offered to cover these but Pat said Byrne’s would pay the fee for the sake of the burrito loving masses). If you see Pat say thanks, tip his staff, drink a beer and buy a bunch of burritos so that everyone involved considers doing this again. For the sake of everyone in line for food – bring small bills to pay for your burritos. Please be considerate of where and how you park in the surrounding neighborhood streets….it is going to be busy.

The Buggy will open around 2 pm (Athens time) and will stay until they run out of food, maybe as late as 2:30 am (Columbus time). I will tell you right now, I am getting six burritos, I know others will do the same. If you have been on the fence about street food or mobile kitchens – this is your gateway meal to understanding why this works.

Byrne’s Pub
1248 West 3rd Avenue
Columbus (really close to Grandview)

Burrito Buggy

More Burrito Buggy info from me.

12 Responses to “The Burrito Buggy at Byrne’s Pub on March 19th!”

  1. scott mc said

    Makes me wonder how well burritos freeze. Makes me wonder
    how crazy it will be and if the wife will let me drag a toddler to
    a bar to get burritos.

    • Chad A said

      Well I can tell you this. I’m taking my wife who is thrilled my 9 year old and my 1 year old to get a burrito and a beer. No beer for the kids just for old dad here…

  2. nicodumas said

    AWESOME! Looks like I know where I am going to be on the

  3. Jane said

    Way to go, Jim!

  4. Anne said

    Those of you who are fans of the Burrito Buggy may want to
    know – The Crunch (band that was at OU ’86-’90ish) is playing in
    Columbus over the weekend as well! Friday March 18th: Ohio
    University band, The Crunch will be playing at Fado Irish Pub on
    Friday, March 18th from 5pm – 8pm. Fado is located at 4022
    Townsfair Way Columbus, Ohio 43219. Saturday March 19th: The Crunch
    takes the stage at Mulligan’s Sports Pub on Saturday, March 19th.
    Showtime is 9pm – till we get kicked off the stage! Mulligan’s is
    located at 8743 Smokey Row Rd. Powell, Ohio 43065. 614-798-0700.
    The Crunch Vocals – Brian Wolbers Guitar – Bill Dutcher Bass – Matt
    Aurigema Drums – John Wallace More information at

  5. Jennifer said

    Will the Burrito Buggy be there all day? I would love to get it for lunch!

    CMH G Reply: The plan is about 2 pm to 2:30 am or when they run out of food, whatever happens first.

  6. Mr. Merchant said

    Burrito Buggy and St. Smoltz Day? Seems like a perfect

  7. Sally said

    I love you Jim!!!!

  8. […] dear friend CMH Gourmand has somehow convinced the
    Burrito Buggy to come to Columbus. This weekend. So. If you are a
    fan of […]

  9. TB said

    Please, please, please come again! I’ll be out of town this
    weekend. 😦

  10. Anne said

    I’m excited about this. In my OU days (1997-2001) I was a
    big fan of the red cart that made hot sandwiches. For the life of
    me, I can’t remember the name of it, but anyway, I have been crazy
    for street food since my days at OU, continued my love affair in
    Portland (Oregon) in my post-college years, and now take every
    chance I can to try new ones in Columbus. I still don’t understand
    why food carts haven’t found a permanent residence on Ohio State’s
    campus. I do like that Da Levee has set up across from campus (on
    High St.) from time to time, but frankly, there just aren’t enough
    (or enough on a regular basis) to satisfy my lunch time needs!
    Looking forward to a burrito tomorrow.

  11. cindy lafollett said

    This is when I wish I still lived in Columbus. If someone
    could please have a green beer and a burrito for this OU Alumni (85
    & 87), I would appreciate it! 🙂 Happy (belated) St.
    Paddy’s Day to all.

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