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Explorer’s Club: Sunday Suppers & New Voyages of Discovery

Posted by CMH Gourmand on March 12, 2012

(Sorry kids – this was cancelled after about 5 weeks….it did not quite catch on)

To the best of my recollection, Lost Planet Pizza and Pasta passed away in 2000 and was repurposed as Rickys Galaxy until August of 2001. In many ways Lost Planet never fully eclipsed. The eclectic fusion pastas were the kissing cousins of the Galaxy Cafe and Starliner Diner. Starliner never went away and recipes from Lost Planet found their way into the kitchen of Betty’s with a few strands of culinary DNA remaining in a dish or two. Lost Planet had a great pizza and pasta buffet for lunch time which I would enjoy on a day off as often as possible. Several buffet runs preserved the memory of these meals for a lifetime.

When the Explorer’s Club came back into my universe this past October, I had only hoped to see a few of the Galaxy Cafe recipes return, not wanting to be greedy and hope for everything I wanted.
During a radio interview with the dynamic duo of Barnes and Studer they mentioned starting a Sunday Supper series of pizza and pastas. Pitter. Patter. Pitter. YES!

I was in Savannah during opening night. The pipes decided to burst for the second Sunday of the Series. So after waiting twelve years, nothing was going to stop me from the third edition of Sunday Supper at The Explorer’s Club.

Was it everything I hoped for and dreamed of for a dozen years. The pastas, yes and the pizzas no. However, the pizzas are still good, they just seem to be lacking something from days of yore – maybe a bit of crispness or a more madcap array of toppings. It was good. So go, I forgot to take any photos of my meal until the end.

Forgive the artistic laziness but do appreciate the art of the soft sell as I proceed to post the menu for your review.

The Explorer’s Club is holding it’s own in Merion Village and is working to be an anchor in the community. If you have a community group in the area, give them a call, they might be able to provide some meeting space in the party room. A patio is due to debut in a few weeks. A series of beer and wine dinners are in store for the third Thursday of each month.

On March 15th, there will be a Great Lakes Beer tasting with six beers, lots of appetizers and a pint glass for the cost of $15. Expect some more events and special dinners as the summer progresses.

I think the food and commitment to the community are enough to warrant an expedition to the Explorer’s Club but if you need an extra incentive – how about supporting the producers they do by eating local outside of your locality. See some of the vendors The Explorer’s Club supports listed below.

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