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The Nerd Night Clintonville Pizza Challenge Begins

Posted by CMH Gourmand on March 16, 2012

No score and three years ago a small band of intellectuals who met via Columbus Underground started to gather on Monday evenings to discuss very important things, test out new ideas and concepts and debate critical issues of the day. The other 97% of the evening was spent watching three episodes of Battlestar Galactica and eating Adriaticos pizza. The assortment of characters called the gathering Nerd Night. The main cast has remained the same over the past three years with the number of missed Mondays no more than six. New shows have come along and there is an occasional affair with Creole Kitchen, but for the most part, Adriaticos has been consumed every Monday night for the past three years. Dedication – absolutely.

Due to forces beyond reason, also termed as “hey guys, we are going to have another kid”, the hosts decided to quickly flee Victorian Village for larger digs in Clintonville.

We are all a bit disoriented by this change but dealing with it. We will resume Adriaticos in the future? Or maybe not. In honor of March madness and to welcome my new neighbors to Clintonville I have launched the following project to start on March 19th. Please see my copied e-mail below:

OK – here is the plan.
The NERDS will explore the world of Clintonville Pizza using the methods and style of March Madness.

Here is the line up.

Week 1 The Battle of Graceland – Z Pizza vs. Belleria Pizza

Week 2 The Battle of Sinclair – Pizza House vs. Pizza Mart

Week 3 North vs. South – Villa Nova vs. Hounddogs

Week 4 Rumble on Indianola – Dantes vs. Clintonville Pizza

Week 5 Baja Clintonville Battle – Gattos vs. Romeos

Week 6 Wholesome War – Whole World Bakery vs. Northstar

Menus are being gathered. We will need volunteers for pick up at some locations. We will also need to slightly increase the weekly donation to the pizza fund to adequately evaluate the quality of the pies.

To which I received the following replies:

Jim, you’re my hero!

Jim, you’re on my celebrity ‘bone’ list.

This is amazing. I can’t wait! So many new pizzas to try. I did always look forward to Adriatico’s. The current heavyweight gas-producing champion of the world!

So many delivery guys to terrify!!!

This challenge will get us through the rest of season two of The Walking Dead and the last episodes of Big Bang Theory.

I will report on our progress weekly. Stay tuned for the finale. The best pizza in Clintonville will then go up against Adriaticos – the winner being our choice for pizza consumption for the next three years.

5 Responses to “The Nerd Night Clintonville Pizza Challenge Begins”

  1. SKM said

    What about Mikey’s Late Night Slice, or has that been disqualified for some reason?

    CMH G. Response: I know Mikey and I like Late Night slice. There are loose criteria for the Pizza Challenge. The pizza should be in Clintonville. Hounddogs is right on the border. Even using the Clintonville Area Commission boundries – Pizza House and Pizza Mart are just outside that boundry. We skipped Papa John’s and Domino’s because they are chains and there is nothing unique to having a pizza you could have anywhere. But we did go with Bellerina and Romeo’s. Why. Bellerina is a small franchise and somewhat unique to Clintonville. Romeo’s is new to Clintonville – just a few months. As for Late Night Slice – each of us have had it. And – they aren’t open when we order pizza for Nerd Night. As an ambassador for Clintonville to my friends – I want them to experience what they would not outside of the Ville.

  2. Yum. Sounds delicious. Looking forward to the results 🙂

  3. Dave said

    Oh man, this sounds fun! I may crash for a guest appearance once in a while (but I’m not an intellectual).

    (Looks like Dave is getting caught up on his Google Reader).

  4. Annie said

    Might I suggest sauerkraut pizza from Hounddogs? I miss it now that I no longer live in the ‘Ville.

  5. Regina said

    Better words were never spoken! I live 5 minutes away from Pizza House & Pizza Mart and will not get pizza from either. Hounddogs RULES!

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