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The Dine Originals Week Dare: (For November 12th to 18th)

Posted by CMH Gourmand on November 11, 2012

It is Dine Originals Week again. As you might know I have a tradition of going to Pistacia Vera to wrap up my Dine Originals Week. Unfortunately the sampler is not the feature this time but the Quiche and Coffee choices are still a great deal for $10. Another tradition for me (when possible) is the Deepwood Lunch menu if I can sneak downtown for an afternoon meal. Here is the menu for all of the Dine Originals Restaurants and what they have to offer for the week. Take a long look first before reading on.

Many of you have heard of Taco Bell’s 4th Meal, which is what the company terms late night eating. I might call this the duder dinner or Jill’s Meal Deal (Chili Dooog!!!!). Many of my more literate or nerdy readers may be familiar with the eating habit of Hobbits, which I have adopted. The concept of second breakfast is well-known to Lord of the Rings fans. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know from my recent adventure in Athens that I am an advocate of 4th Dinner (O’Betty’s, Casa Nueva, O’Betty’s Number Two, and then the wild card of Jackie O’s, Burrito Buggy, or Miller’s Chicken). Tolkein scholars will say that Hobbits eat six to seven meals per day. This is what I have found to be the Hobbit meal structure:

1st Breakfast
2nd Breakfast

Okay, so having reviewed all of this information, tell (in the comments section) me how you would play out your seven meals in one day using the Dine Originals menu. The best answer wins a Dine Originals Gift Certificate. If they are all incredible answers (which is my expectation of my fans) then I will draw a winner at random. The challenge will run until November 18th. Good Luck. I can say that I did do three Dine Originals meals in a day during the premiere year and was a better person for it.

Update: The entries were drawn at random (although I did disqualify Chairman L for not following the Hobbit Model). The winner is J. Novak who will receive a Dine Originals Certificate.

Thank you to all to all that entered you really did a great job at picking out places.

6 Responses to “The Dine Originals Week Dare: (For November 12th to 18th)”

  1. chairmanl said

    Seems difficult to beat the $20 dinner menu at Deepwood.

    CMH G. G reply: You need to add 6 more meals…..Are you saying you are going to Deepwood seven times in a day?

    You could go to Deepwood for Lunch then the $20 Menu followed by the $30 Menu then repeat and add in a Pistacia Vera….is that what you meant to write?

  2. John Novak said

    Well, I’d have to start with bacon (Samwise would approve), so the Quiche and Coffee at Pistacia Vera for 1st breakfast.
    There aren’t too many breakfast options in the DO list, but a hobbit has to make do on a long journey. So I’d scarf down a torte from Mozart for 2nd Breakfast.
    A grilled hamsteak at Wildflower Cafe would be just the ticket for elevenses.
    Some tots and dogs at Dirty Franks would make a fine luncheon (I think Merry and Pippin would agree).
    Tea at Vienna Ice Cafe (with ice cream, naturally!).
    The Crispy Beef Tongue Tartine at Skillet sounds good for dinner.
    Supper in the rolling hills of Hocking at Inn at Cedar Falls: the (Mordor) blackened steak.
    Done and done.

    CMH G. Reply: Genius!

  3. @Rock_Cod said

    I agree with Mr. Novak – starting the day off with two breakfasts is difficult with these options, but…

    1st Breakfast = Motzart’s Bakery’s Marzipan Pumpkin (and a cup of coffee) to get my day off to a sweet start
    2nd Breakfast = Pistacia Vera’s Quiche Lorraine, to get my savory on

    Brunch/lunch is much easier, because 1) there’s a lot of choices, 2) I’m not totally stuffed yet, 3) I have two meals to fill-out:
    Elevenses = Granville Inn’s three-course lunch; soup du jour (my favorite), 1/2 smoked turkey club and cookies (which I will take in a doggie bag for a midnight snack… can’t fill up on sweets just yet, there’s lots of eating to do today)
    Luncheon = The luncheon feature at Katalina’s Cafe Corner, a vegetarian fall salad; mainly because there was no salad at elevenses

    No brainer for tea-time:
    Tea = Vienna Ice Cafe & TEA House’s poppyseed and rum raisin ice cream

    Now the really hard part, choosing from all these great dinner options… and still saving some room for supper:
    Dinner = Deepwood; vegetable charcuterie, beef steakhouse classics (steak au poivre, etc.), carmle and apple (apple jack cereal mild ice cream, little else needs said)
    Supper = A late-night beef chimichanga after several beers at The Old Mohawk

    Midnight snack = Those cookies I saved from Elevenses

    CMH G. Reply: Great call on the cookies.

  4. wordysawo said

    John’s right. There are too few places for breakfast/tea.

    Here’s my plan:

    1st breakfast at Pistacia Vera: Quiche Lorraine with coffee
    2nd breakfast at Pistacia Vera: Mushroom quiche with coffee
    Elevenses at Mozart’s: Ginnbruck Torte with tea
    Luncheon at Spinelli’s: Grilled Italian Piadina with Pumpkin/Roasted Apple/Bacon Soup, and Pumpkin Cannoli (plus if you dine here for DOW, you get a $5 gift certificate towards your next purchase)
    Tea at Vienna ice café with Apple Pie Gelato
    Dinner at Deepwood: Beef BBQ Brisket Steam Bun at the 1st course, Chicken, Veal, Lamb Meatball Tasting for the 2nd course, and vanilla bundt cake with tangerine glaze for dessert
    Supper at Alana’s: ending the night with a surprise.

    Now I’m hungry.

  5. […] Our colleague in the effort to celebrate local dining, Jim Ellison, has a very clever, very useful blog called CMH Gourmand. Check out the fun he is inviting his followers to have with Dine Originals Week. […]

  6. Kate B said

    I had to poke about a bit to find vegetarian offerings, but I’m pleased by how many restaurants are starting to offer choices for non-carnivores during Restaurant Week! All hail the mighty vegetable!

    1st Breakfast – We’ll have to start at Pistacia Vera, as I’m assuming they’re the only one serving early enough for first breakfast. I LOVE quiche, so I’ll take the mushroom, please, with tea.
    2nd Breakfast – Whew, second breakfast was hard. I’m just going to bend the time-space continuum and consider G Michaels to be open for second breakfast. (I tend not to favor sweet breakfast-y things anyway, if a brunch place is serving full on lunch dishes, my companions will opt for eggs and I will usually go for a sandwich.) From G Michaels, I’ll choose beets and squash, followed by a lemon tart. Oh, potato-leek soup, you had me until bacon…
    Elevenses – The vegetarian fall salad at Katalina’s seems like a nice, light dish to help me cruise past the late-morning. (How have I never eaten figs outside of Newton form?)
    Luncheon – Barcelona, my friend. Vegetarian tortilla soup and a portobello mushroom. As a nod to my honeymoon in Spain, when my husband and I ate potatoes DAILY, the side of twice-fried potato wedges sounds awesome.
    Tea – Mozart’s marzipan pumpkin seems like a good sweet treat for early afternoon.
    Dinner – Surly Girl! Trust Liz Lessner to keep it cool for vegetarians. Green tomatoes, a pumpkin lasagna that sounds AMAZING, another salad, plus a cupcake? Yes, I am all in for that.
    Supper – Okay, full on decadent at Z Cucina. Third salad of the day and a ricotta, followed by a second lasagna dish. That…is dangerous.

    Man, this day is brought to you by winter squash, mushrooms, and apparently lettuce. Actually, that is exactly how I roll in the fall.

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