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Contest Alert: History Boys and Latitude 41 Enter by January 15th

Posted by CMH Gourmand on January 8, 2013

Several loose ends will connect here so bear with me – this is more than just a post about a contest….and it is not even my contest.

Let us begin with the link to said contest so you can enter and leave if that is your modus operadi.

Win Tickets to the History Boys (Available Light Theatre) with dinner at Latitude 41

OK – for those of you still reading, here are the loose ends. First several people who are usually dead on about such things say this play is damn good. Second, Available Light Theatre is one of those many little nuggets in the city that make this a great place to live. Third, Matt Slaybaugh one of the folks behind this theater company has been a mover and a shaker behind the scenes for a long time and this is one of his projects which deserves some attention. Fourth, regular listeners of WCBE Foodcast (which would be Dave Scarpetti, my Mom, Bethia’s Mom and who knows who else), know about our ongoing joke in 2011 about mentioning Latitude 41 in “every episode” but then we stopped. There were some reasons for that – our pal Chef Dave Maclennan left the restaurant, there was a major change in restaurant management and while I did not experience service problems at the restaurant, a fair number of people did. The most vocal of those with poor experiences had no credibility in my book since they were well-known by me to be overdramatic, pretentious, elitist food boors but enough people had similar issues on a lower scale to note some concern so I stepped back and watched to see if the ship would right itself. It has and I will write about Latitude 41 sometime soon. So to make a long story short – Latitude 41 is very much worth dining at – especially for free, if you win the contest. And last and very much not least, I think that the citizens of our fair city need to go to this play for one very important reason.

What is that you ask? To show this is not a city of homophobic hate. A recent incident in the short north earned international attention. The employees of Late Night Slice refused to serve a potential customer who was loud and obnoxious about his disdain for a gay couple in line with him. In addition to the business refusing to serve this person – the rest of the people in the line told this person to take his hate elsewhere. Good for them and good for our city. The subject matter of The History Boys might make that hater cringe but it is a good story and I would love to see a packed house to show that the response of Late Night Slice and the patrons nearby was not a fluke.

If you don’t think you will win the contest or if you can’t wait until the 16th to see it, try to get a ticket for this Thursday (January 10th) and grab dinner with OH! Burgers before the show or at intermission.

One Response to “Contest Alert: History Boys and Latitude 41 Enter by January 15th”

  1. Hi Jim. Thanks for your kind words about Available Light and The HIstory Boys. So glad you enjoyed the show. We were very proud of it.

    And keep mentioning Lat 41. It’s one of my favorite places now, and we need to make sure it sticks around.

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