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QuickByte: Vincenzo’s Pepperoni Bread

Posted by CMH Gourmand on January 10, 2013

My pepperoni roll research continues. The presence of pepperoni rolls is limited and I believe the first one I found at Omega Bakery is the best in the capital city and most likely the state, with the possible exception of the ones made by Kevin Cordi‘s West Virginia raised mother in his home city of Akron. During a Twitter discussion, Matt “Pork Slayer” Swint of Per Zoot suggested Vincenzo’s as a possible pepperoni roll purveyor.

pep roll

I should briefly mention what Vincenzo’s has to offer. It might be described as a gourmet Italian convenience store or a deli on steroids. The place carries a selection of Italian wines and beverages, a larger variety of homemade pastas, sauces and breads as well as a selection of ready to eat meatballs, sausages and other dishes. It is a place to stock up for dinner or drop in for a snack.

I did find what looked liked a giant pepperoni roll and what I might describe as a pepperoni loaf but what Vincenzo’s would call pepperoni bread. A few of the bites had a pepperoni roll balanced flavor but most did not. The core ingredients of each (bread, pepperoni and cheese) are the same but the proportions are significantly different. With a little bit of modification by the creator in the kitchen or the purchaser at home this bread could transform into a very respectable pepperoni roll. In its current form, it would still place on the upper part of the pepperoni bell curve. I will continue to look for this culinary icon of central West Virginia in the capital city but I will not be looking too hard, because I already found the best at Omega.

6393 Sawmill Road
Closed Sunday

Vincenzo's Convenient Elegance on Urbanspoon

7 Responses to “QuickByte: Vincenzo’s Pepperoni Bread”

  1. While I too was disappointed by the pepperoni roll at Vincenzo’s, I cannot get enough of their subs. The Italian is one of the finest in town and comes big enough for two people.

  2. twubs165 said

    Great Harvest Bread at Reed an Henderson does a respectable pepperoni roll. Not too much cheese, made from scratch that morning and no sauce to dip in (pros and cons to that).

    I worry though when you say you’ve found the best ________ and are no longing really looking for better. If you followed that logic, you may never have ventured across the street from Casa, never paid attention to Jeni’s cause of Graeters, never experienced the glory that is Cleveland’s Tommy’s, etc. Somewhere out there is a pep roll that potentially puts your fave to shame and may you never lack the hunger for that discovery.

    CMH G. Reply: You called me on that webs….I was being a bit facetious – maybe even coy….but finding a better pepperoni roll in town will not be unlike tracking down a Bigfoot.

  3. Ohio Pasture Proud said

    Spent my high school years working for Louie (Louis). I used to make those pepperoni rolls, stromboli and many an italian and meatball sub. Lydia, an Italian woman was the cheese bread maker. She was 4 foot nothing, stood on a stool so she could reach the table, dough, etc.., singing, talking, laughing, making these outrageously delicious cheese breads – is she still there?
    It was a great place to work. Everything was made from scratch and Louie was/is a stickler for quality. I was too young for the vino at the time but I remember he had a loyal following of lovable winos. Need to get back there… Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Lisa said

    I also commented on your last post about pepperoni rolls and suggested that Vincenzo’s had a good one. The item you tasted and photographed is not what I was referring to. On Saturday mornings, Louie makes something that is like a giant roll filled with baked cheese and pepperoni. It is then sliced off and served -to eat in or to go- and you can get a one inch slice or a six inch slice or whatever. It also comes in other “flavors” like mushroom, artichoke, etc. It is amazing. I don’t think he makes it during the week but I could be wrong. Havent been there in a long time. It used to be on the back counter on top and you’d ask them to cut you a slice. The item you have photographed here was called pepperoni bread and was over on the bread counter.

  5. Anna said

    Just saw this on the NPR website:

  6. M.A.G said

    Vincenzo’s rocks! Plain and Simple. Louis really cares for his customers and quality of this product.

  7. Cliff Sawicki said

    This is a new place in Hilliard. I have not had the Pepperoni Roll. Pizza is good. Chicken Parm Sub and Meatball subs are of good quality. A nice trip might be take Bethel/Hayden Run into Hilliard…stopping at Flying Pizza for a slice, then taking Avery into Old Hilliard and stopping for a slice at Di Carlo’s, then taking the roundabout down to Scioto Darby to Dal Forno for a Pepperoni Roll sampling.

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