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Firehouse Subs

Posted by CMH Gourmand on July 3, 2013


Last month I was invited to an event at Firehouse Subs. I get invitations like this all of the time. I rarely accept them. Most offers are generally generic invitations (with an “insert blogger name” here tone) to try a new location of a large chain or a new menu item. Typically there is a quid pro quo implied – we will give you a meal and you will write glowingly about us.

The Firehouse offer was worded much better than the typical pitch. The person that sent it to me seemed to have read at least a couple of my posts before contacting me. The offer also presented something I do not get often, a chance to meet the owner and a lot of one on one question and answer time.

I had only been to Firehouse Subs once. I liked the sub I had and loved the Coke Freestyle Machine so since the time of the event was convenient to me and I would have the chance sample six subs while speaking with the owner, I took the offer.

I have to say, I was impressed with Robin Sorensen. His presentation was ad lib and unscripted. His care for his brand and employees was authentic and genuine. He has grown a company to over 600 locations quickly but also intelligently by screening of franchisees and providing lot of help as they start out. The company focus on quality was impressive. They source their brisket from a purveyor in Texas that I think has some of the best product in the country. Their pickles, which are a small thing to most people, but a big deal for me, are sourced from the same company that supplies Carnegie Deli in New York….and the pickles are fresh with a snap….that is hard to find. I enjoyed my time with Robin and felt I learned something in the process. I also learned much about their community giving programs and commitment to helping local fire departments and first responders.

(Contest was closed July 6th) Now, to my giveaway. I want to get my readership up during the summer slump. Here is what you can do to win a $10 gift card for you and for a friend.

Send one of your favorite CMH Gourmand Blog posts to a friend that has not read my blog. Ask them to read it. Then have them comment on this post and mention you (It can just be your first name) and which post they read. The first comment I receive gets two gift cards. The subsequent comments will be entered in a drawing to get one gift card. Your odds are pretty good. The highest number of comments I have had for similar contests was 15….so if you want a very good chance to get a free lunch, forward one of my links to one of your friends.

3 Responses to “Firehouse Subs”

  1. Stephen said

    Jeff J suggested I take a look. I read the post about Tristano’s in Grove City. Will be going there too!

  2. Alyssa said

    I Alyssa really enjoyed your article on the history of pizza in Columbus. Recommended to me by Brian(a very frequent reader and eater).

  3. John said

    Stacy had me read this post: Slice of CMH: The Best Pizza in the Capital City.


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