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CLOSED: The Original Leonardos

Posted by CMH Gourmand on September 1, 2013


Leonardo’s Pizza has a history dating back to the early 1950’s. It was one of the pioneers in a new wave of food in Columbus. If you read the comments on my older post on Columbus Pizza History, you will find many comments about memories of the several Leonardo’s locations over the years. The last shop closed their shutters in the late 1980’s.

Patrick and Anna Rose Orecchio started their first shop on Northwest Blvd. back in 1953 and grew a large family business with all of the kids working in front and back of the house. The empire grew to several locations by the early 1980s in various parts of town. Pizza gets in the blood and can often not be removed. This past month, Drew Orecchio (son of the founder) and his wife Laurie reopened Leonardo’s in a recently vacated Sparanos Pizza location on Hague Ave. Having read about the excitement of the grand opening in my blog comments I had to check the place out. The spot on Hague Ave. has a lot of history as well….but that is for some other time.

I suppose I was in a bit of a rush to try out this new version of a Columbus pizza legend. I left my wallet at home. No problem, after chatting with Drew and Laurie for a while, they were fine with me calling a friend to get a credit card number over the phone to pay for my order. By the time we were done, they would have gladly given it to me for free or taught me how to make my own – but I was insistent about not being a mooch. Drew spoke about his family’s history in the pizza business for a long time. He shared that his dad Pat worked 13 years without a vacation as he grew the business to other locations and mentored others in the business. Drew is clearly proud of Orecchio family history in the local pizza trade and has been overjoyed by the many former fans who have traveled to the west side for a taste of their past.

I did not have a chance to sample Leonardo’s when the original locations were open, but I did try the 21st century version of the pie. It won on all marks for me. Ample amounts of rich, slow cooked and herbed sauce, a crunchy and crackery crust edge but not thin wimpy dough crest in the in the middle of the pie. The cheese was dense with a few scorch marks in the right places. The version I tried, featured pepperoni which had just the right amount of curl and crisp. Some might call in a Columbus style pie, I say it is far better than the average for that genre of pizza.

I enjoyed the pizza and would gladly go back again. What I enjoyed even more was the conversation with Drew. He so passionate about his pizza, his business and his family he would have easily spoken with me for an hour at the end of a long day of a long week. Both Drew and Laurie have a lot of restaurant and food service experience which they plan to showcase soon when they add a bakery to the pizza shop. Laurie is a baker so I sampled one of her cream puffs and I am happy to report it is the best I have had in Ohio. The cream puff was enormous with fresh tasty and flakey pastry shell packed solid with plenty of vanilla cream. I consumed the second half the next day and it was still as wonderful. The desserts are currently from the Little Pink Pastry Shoppe and I can see their line expanding with Leonardo’s. These are good people making good food they care about. That is rewarding see and consume.

So based on one Pizza and one cream puff, I can say Leonardo’s is worth the trip. Other items include: calzones buffalo chicken cupcakes, pretzel sticks with beer cheese, sandwiches, house made soup in the cold months, pastas and salads. Head out to try any of those items with a pizza and hear a bit of pizza lore if it is slow. And make sure to take your wallet or they might think you are me.

The Original Leonardo’s
1783 N Hague Ave.
Columbus, OH 43204
614 487 0555

Closed Sundays
Monday to Thursday 10 am to 11 pm
Friday to Saturday 10 am to 11 pm

The Original Leonardo's on Urbanspoon

8 Responses to “CLOSED: The Original Leonardos”

  1. Mike G said

    Above average salad selection. No iceberg lettuce

  2. Linda said

    My son and I stopped in at the Original Leonardo’s Wednesday evening – I wanted to find out for myself if it really tasted like it did when I worked there back in the 70’s at the Morse Rd. location…and I wanted my son to know what a really great pizza was/is! It was great to see Drew and meet his wife Laurie. The pizza brought back so many good memories – and my son now has a new favorite pizza place. We made the 20 minute trip to get there – and it was so worth it! We had a large cheese pizza and it was FABULOUS! Thank you to Drew and Laurie for bringing a classic pizza back to Columbus! We will see you soon! If you haven’t tried it yet – you definitely have to soon. The best pizza in Columbus!

  3. The Original Leonardo’s is now closed – as of February 21, 2014. Phone disconnected. Facebook page deleted. Bummer.

  4. MikeG said

    Yes, I stopped by today to find that out. Brutal winter I guess

    • Linda said

      Hoping to hear from Drew and Laurie to see what their plans are for the future…maybe a reopening! One can only hope!

  5. Ken Crawford said

    Was this related to the leonardo’s that was in Worthington?

    • Linda said

      Yes…and I worked there as well as a couple other locations! It was the best pizza in town…and very sorry things didn’t work out on the west side for Drew and Laurie…my family and I made several trips to get our favorite pizza

      Did you get pizza at the Worthington location back in the day? Lol


  6. Stephen Hornung said

    I grew up in Grandview Heights, where the original location was at. At that time there were not a lot of pizza places, plus the fact it was close to where I lived, so we got our pizzas from Leonardo’s. However, it was it’s quality pizzas that kept us going back. After graduating from high school, and moving to the Lincoln Village area, I was delighted when Pat and Anna Rose Orecchio opened a Leonardo’s in Lincoln Village. Having done so, Leonardo’s was my go to place for pizza. Although Drew and his wife Laurie made a good pie, it lacked in comparison to that of their parents. To this day, Leonardo’s is the standard by which I gage all pizzas.

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