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North Market Apron Gala May 18th

Posted by CMH Gourmand on May 11, 2013

Welcome to the Midwest. If it is a party, there will be food. That is what we do. Even more so if the event is a fundraiser for a good cause – your donation of money will be rewarded with a selection food and drink. Columbus is often cited as one of the most giving cities in the country, considering how frequently we are offered food for our benevolence it is no wonder our city is so giving or so fat. Our city is rife with food based fund-raisers. Almost every week features a major charity event featuring “food from Columbus’ best restaurants” with a selection of beverages. The events are for fine causes and well run. I have been to most of them as a complimentary guest or paying out-of-pocket. After a few rounds, most start to blend together…different cause, some format and same food. There is one clear exception, The North Market Apron Gala.


If you are interested in going, you can find information -> here. Tickets are $75 and I opine they are a good value for the price. The price for your ticket goes to support what the North Market does which includes but is not limited to: maintaining a nationally known destination that draws visitors from afar and many glowing articles by travel writers, cooking classes at the School of Cooking, countless events including: the Microbrew Festival, Fiery Foods Festival and the Coffee Festival, a farmers market, an artisan market and the market itself serves as an incubator for new food businesses. Have you heard of a place called Jeni’s Ice Cream?

The food is provided by the North Market vendors with the offerings changing throughout the course of the evening. Unlike other events which feature the same restaurants offering the same 2-3 tastes every year, this event mixes things up yearly and hourly. There are a few exceptions. Curds and Whey presents a gigantic table of cheeses which I hit early and often. A few other aspects make the evening special. The feel of the place is relaxed more like a block party of friends than an anonymous gala spectacle. It is an Apron Gala by the way so people wear aprons and can win prizes for having the best apron of the evening. An Apron fairy roams the aisles looking for the best aprons and tapping potential winners with her wand to let them know. The music and the beverages are local and liberally distributed. After one or two trips to other events in town I usually feel that I have “been there, done that” but the Apron Gala feels fresh to me every time.

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Gourmand Garners Good Karma Getting Gala Grabbag Goodies

Posted by CMH Gourmand on May 2, 2009

What a great day. The sun is out, the weather is good and all is right in my world. I had the honor to judge tacos and salsas at the North Market Cinco D’Ohio Festival (Thanks Mary and David). I’ll write more about that later. And now I am getting ready to go to the Slow Food Goes Cuban – Cubano Pig Roast in Granville. I’ll write about that later for the Slow Food Blog (as a pinch writer for the Hungry Woolf).

So what could make that day better? A giant serving of good Karma. I am putting together a Gourmand Grabbag – “24 Hours of Gourmand” for The North Market Apron Gala on May 16th. I’ll write more about that later. For the past week I have been out and about recreating a typical day in my life by collecting a few of my favorite food things.

I bought a Greener Grocer gift Certificate at the North Market as I was leaving. While there I met Kate who will be helping with a Slow Food Event planned for the Athens area. I picked up a free copy of Cook’s Illustrated that was available at the counter.

My second stop was Pistacia Vera. I chatted with Anne at the counter and she offered to make her own donation to the Grab Bag with a Pistacia Vera Gift certificate. She packaged it perfectly with box, ribbon and menu. While I was waiting by the register, Spencer spotted me and gave a me a quick tour of the kitchen. It is a wonderful workspace with natural light and a warmth that does not come exclusively from the baked goodies. Apart from a great selection of baked goods what stands out at Pistacia Vera are the personal touches by all of the staff (see my first post about Pistacia back on October 1st, 2006). While I lingered around Anne spoke with customers as she helped them. She knows many by name. You can’t get service like that at many places nor can you have that type of access to the people that craft your food. Awesome.

My next stop was Yeah Me Too Coffee (see my post from January 1st, 2008). I picked up a pound of their Porcupine Blend for the grab bag. If you know the Yeah Me Too coffee codes it is a blend of FLO/SUM/BZ/GT. Porcupine might seem an odd name for a coffee but not when you know the background of the shop. The owners are musicians first and coffee roasters second. Porcupine is the name of a special album (as in LP) by Tim Easton. As as fate would have it Tim Easton and Megan Palmer were there playing impromtu tunes – two voices, a guitar and a fiddle. I was one of seven people with the pleasure of listening to an incredibly intimate performance from two great local music makers. Awesome.

While writing this I ate two Pistacia cookies and listened to some songs from Megan’s website. Awesome.

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