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Support Your Friendly Neighborhood Foodcast

Posted by CMH Gourmand on June 12, 2008

We have hit twelve episodes of Columbus Foodcast. The podcast is not a fluke any more, we are now getting down to the business of delivering good content. Our sound quality improves with episode 6. My favorite episodes are 4, 7 and 10. You can find us on iTunes as a free download. Our artwork is now up on both iTunes and our podcast web site. The art was created by local artist Robert Patricy in 1995 for my first attempt at food writing and has finally found a home on the world wide web.

Listed below is an episode guide as of June 12th. I hope you enjoy at least some of the podcasts. Let us know what you want to hear in future episodes.

Episode 12 – An Ice Cream Road Show: Jeni’s, Denise’s, Mardi Gras
Episode 11 – On Mindfulness and Diet, It’s About Stealing from Webercam (Eating Healthy)
Episode 10.(point)5 – Columbus Foodcast Live! (Our first attempt at live podcasting – not for the weak)
Episode 10 – Grilling With Dave (Grill tips from Dave of Webercam)
Episode 9 – Latitude Adjustment (Jim about his Australia adventures as well as local markets)
Episode 8 – Freeform: Beer and Carrot Cake
Episode 7 – Food Parties (and some bonus bloopers) – with the Beer Wench
Episode 6 – Big Eats – (Large sandwiches and big pizzas)
Episode 5 – The Beer Show
Episode 4 – Storytelling through Food – with professional storyteller Kevin Cordi
Episode 3 – Pizza, Pizza, Pizza
Episode 2 – The Three C’s: Chili, Chicago & Chocolate
Episode 1 – 48 hours to Eat in Columbus (Intro to Jim and Zach)

Look to the left column of this blog at the link for in the Columbus Food Blogs section.

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CMH Podcast….unleashed!

Posted by CMH Gourmand on February 23, 2008

OK – the new podcasts are a little rough and certainly no Splendid Table or This American Life – but for the sake of learning about technology….. a Podcast was born. I think each one gets better. I finally broke down and bought a nice USB headset to improve my sound quality which I hope you can hear in episode 5 <the Beer Episode>.

Columbus Food

We are open to harsh criticism or nice feedback because we aim to improve. The mission of Columbus Foodcast is to learn about podcasting and to have fun. In the process we hope you learn about local food in Columbus and Ohio. Trust me – I can not stand the sound of my voice so I know this is not a star vehicle for me. Heck, you can hear my dog Toby barking in episode 4. If you want to be a guest star or contributor – let me know – the more – the merrier. If you have an idea about a topic for an upcoming foodcast – e-mail away!

Episode 4 is the best of the bunch, my friend Kevin Cordi, a professional storyteller tells a tale of a restaurant we hit very late at night in his hometown of Akron, intertwined with our collective memories of food. Kind of a “This American….Lunch”.

We are listed in iTunes. Search for Columbus Foodcast in the iTunes music store or follow this link:

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