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The Downlow on Dirty Franks

Posted by cmh gourmand on June 23, 2009

After years of being the Charlie Brown of American cuisine, Hot Dogs are Haute and getting hotter.

You should not put ketchup on a hot dog, but waiting for Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace to open has been like watching the spout of a Heinz bottle – anticipation held back with patience.

It has been quite an odyssey, almost a year behind schedule, but you can listen to some back story HERE – Columbus Foodcast.

Dirty Franks under construction... the city asked that equipment be tethered in case of earthquake...yes, earthquake

Dirty Franks under construction... the city asked that equipment be tethered in case of earthquake...yes, earthquake

Ladies and Gentlemen – Dirty Franks is expected to open about one week from now.

Poster by Clinton Reno

Poster by Clinton Reno

248 South 4th Street
Downtown / Red Brick District

If you want to track the exact hour that the doors will open – use any of the multiple social media below to keep up to date on when the floodgates burst to the hot dog loving masses.

Dirty Franks on MySpace

Dirty Franks Website

Dirty Franks on Facebook

Dirty Franks on Twitter

Talking about hot – Dirty Franks was famous for hot dogs before opening day.

New York Times on Sriracha

Columbus Dispatch on Columbus Hot Dogs

The wait is over, it was worth it and the menu looks great. Here is a sneak preview of some of the fare at Liz Lessner’s new lair.

The dogs can also come Vegetarian or Vegan style. Really. Probably Bacon style too if you ask nice.

Razzle Dazzle
Cream cheese, grilled peppers, & fresh onions

Sriracha Slaw Dog
Sriracha slaw, mustard, & fresh onions

Zippity Zam
Sriracha cream cheese & roasted red peppers

Seoul Dog
Topped with Kim Chee

Whoa Nellie!
Topped with pulled beef brisket & a drizzle of BBQ sauce

The Nickola
Tzatziki sauce & zesty Greek relish

Hot Bollywood
Spicy hot Indian mango chutney

Dog From Hell
Spicy Giardiniera pepper mix & soothing cream cheese

Fresh Hand-Cut French Fries

Sriracha Slaw

Fried Leeks

Tater Tots

Mac & Cheese with Vienna® Sport Peppers

Boston Baked Beans topped with cheddar & onions

Hot Rod Slush
Habanero-Lime Monin
syrup, swirled into Lime

Carribean Queen
Cherry Slush, Lime Slush,

Root Beer Float
Made with Columbus’s
own Frostop Root Beer
& Jeni’s Ice Cream!

The Francis Buxton
Lime Slush with a scoop
of Jeni’s Vanilla

Madame Ruby
Cherry Slush with a scoop
of Jeni’s Vanilla

Thanks to the Dirty Franks Crew for an advance look at the menu – portions copied above. Another cool thing – most prices are in the $2, $3 range.

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