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July is National Ice Cream (Capital of the World) Month: This Week is Beer Float Week

Posted by CMH Gourmand on July 19, 2010

This post is really just a repository for a few leftovers that are not quite postworthy, but combined do create a theme.

The subtitle of CMH Gourmand is “Ice Cream Capital of the World”. I still be believe that. Put anyone in my company for about four to five hours and I can prove my statement with tasting and commentary.

Ice Cream Capital of the World Exhibit #47
Where the people have Beer Floats with an Ohio made ice cream.

In honor of National Ice Cream Month, I declare this Columbus Beer Float Week.

The Hills Market is serving up Beer Floats on Wednesday (July 21st). The Hills hosts many great eating events on their veranda, this is one.

The Hills is pouring five different floats featuring Ayars Family Farm Ice Cream (new, from Mechanicsburg, Ohio) and a variety of stouts, lambics and unique beers that bode well with ice cream. The floats are $1.75 each or you can try a flight of five for $7.50. Floats will be poured from 5:30 to 7:30 pm as part of the Harvest Happy Hour.

Bodega in the Short North is also featuring Youngs Chocolate Stout with Jeni’s Salty Caramel Ice Cream. Food historians may quibble in the future, but it will be noted in the record that the widespread use of and advocacy for Beer Floats began in Columbus in early 2008. Clearly some type of visionary genius was the guiding hand for this populist delicacy.

Ice Cream Capital of the World Exhibit #48
A city which can support a growing Independent ice cream empire.

Jeni’s Ice Cream declares Ice Cream Independence

It was tea in 1773 and now there is a call for ice cream independence in 2010. A flyer to this effect was seen in the Short North.

Among the ice cream rights that we have: creaminess, fresh ingredients and the pursuit of deliciousness. These are civil rights I can support. On a side note Jeni’s was also granted a code variance that will allow it to open a location (within walking distance of Gourmand Manor) in Clintonville as early as September. Unlike the tea party, there will be no swarms of residents dumping ice cream into the Olentangy we will be licking it all up.

In Other Jeni’s news, Jeni Britton Bauer has been selected as a Central Ohio Terra Madre delegate. Her supplier of milk cream for ice cream base, Warren Taylor from Snowville Creamery has also been selected for Terra Madre as well. There has been some question about Columbus having the ability to compete on the national food scene. As if being the Ice Cream Capital of the World was not enough, our community as well as the the farmers that supply our artisans and chefs will be sending nine people to Italy to talk food at Terra Madre. That is a big deal.

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Columbus: Ice Cream Capital of the World

Posted by CMH Gourmand on July 2, 2008

Welcome to July – National Ice Cream Month. The link below is my Ice Cream Web Site. I have not updated it for over a year. However the good news is that all of the information is more or less correct.

Ice Cream Ohio

Two places I will add when I get time. Ollie’s Fine Ice Cream in Delaware and Susie’s Big Dipper in Piqua, Ohio.

You may have noticed that the CMH Gourmand blog banner reads Ice Cream Capital of the World (Columbus). I really believe that. I have had Ice Cream and gelato all over the world. I have also consulted on two books about ice cream. Having established my credentials, let me present the case for my argument. In Columbus you have easy access to four places that have all fallen on lists of the top ten ice cream shops in the country. These shops are (in alphabetical order): Denise’s, Graeter’s, Handel’s and Jeni’s. People ask me which I like the best – my answer – it depends on the flavor. I will say, on most given days – you will find me with a scoop of Jeni’s or Denise’s. My favorite flavor is Graeter’s Coconut Chocolate Chip.

In addition to the four ice creameries listed above we also have Johnson’s and Mardi Gras. Johnson’s has a fine vanilla bean and cool ice cream buckeyes for football season. Mardi Gras has some wonderful, exotic flavors as well as some traditional classics. I have taken ice cream fanatic friends from various cities to all of these places and my guests left impressed.

We also have three great ice cream places within less than a two hour drive from the capital city: Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl, Youngs, and (Velvet Ice Cream) Ye Old Mill. The first two have also appeared on a couple top ten lists in their day.

Added to the above, we have some really good high volume ice cream makers in Ohio. We can get the following in Columbus: Toft’s (Anderson’s General Store), Velvet Ice Cream – everywhere, Pierre’s (many specialty grocery stores), and Homemade Brand (most grocery stores and UDF).

So yeah, we are the Ice Cream Capital of the World, because we have the best selection of top quality ice cream one could find anywhere and it is all located inside of 270.

Granted, Le Mars Iowa has billed itself as Ice Cream Capital of the World since 1994 per the Iowa state legislature. No disrepect to the Blue Bunny Brand of high volume commercial grade ice cream. I am sure Le Mars makes more…..we make better. All hail the dictatorship! Le Mars, I have voted you down to Ice Cream capital of Iowa, Columbus is taking the World!

I am open to other names – if you can make a good argument for your choice.

Ice Cream Capital of: Ohio, The Nation, The USA, North America, or Western Hemisphere.

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