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Detour: Downtown Delaware Dining

Posted by CMH Gourmand on June 26, 2008

Sometime between 2001 and 2007, I forgot about Delaware. I recently decided to head back to check on the status of downtown Delaware dining. I am happy to report that there is a lot to choose from. My only disappointment was that I was not able to go to Nova, a great (newer) addition to the downtown scene. Here is a stop by stop account of my tour. I had some help with the eating part of this – thank goodness.

Dairy Depot
390 N. Sandusky St
Delaware, OH 43015

Dairy Depot

I am sure there are many good things at the Dairy Depot. I made my first stop at this ice cream station in 1995 or 1996. Each time I go I order a small Orange and Vanilla twist cones and 2-3 “Lil” Cheeseburgers. Why mess with perfection?

Orange Vanilla Twist Cone

Lil Cheese Burger

The ‘lil” cheeseburger is basically a slider/white castle type burger. The meat is fresh and just a bit thicker than a white castle patty. The cheese is thick and the pickle is a dill. I don’t crave White Castles but I do sometimes crave the “Lil” Cheeseburger.

Dairy Depot Sign

Dairy Depot on Urbanspoon

Gula Lunch

Gulla’s Hot Dogs
12 W. William St.

Gulla’s – “By Golly It’s a Gula”

Gulla Hot Dogs is a very popular spot in Delaware. It is usually crowded. The staff are very friendly and the food is decent hot dog diner fast fare. The Original Gulla’s in Bellaire has been going strong since 1929. The Delaware location opened in 2006 The Gulla sauce is a family recipe which is ladled on their hot dogs and famous fish sandwiches. Gulla’s also well known for their deep fried pickles.

Chili Cheese Fries

Above are the chili cheese fries. The chili is homemade with big chunks of beef and peppers. I have to admit a was a little bummed out on this visit. There was a place called Gullas in Grandview for a couple years and they offered great build your own hot dogs in a cramped little spot. I thought I was walking into the new location of the Gullas I knew….unfortunately such was not the case. It was still good but not the Gulla I was hoping for.

Bun’s Restaurant
14 W. Winter St.

Buns has been a Delaware institution since 1864. Yep the civil was was still going on when this place began. An arson in March 2002 took Bun’s off the Delaware bill of fare for about two years but the community rallied around the restaurant and the place is back and better than ever now. It remains a local fixture today and is a must visit for any one new to town.

Bun's sign

Bun's Menu

Cover of the Bun’s menu above.


Above is the Bunwich. This is no gimmick, it is a really good sandwich. The ingredients are slices of baked ham, American or Swiss cheese, Crunchy cabbage, salad dressing and grilled rye bread. Buns makes all of their breads and baked good in house. The Buns and other baked goodie are favorite take home items after a meal.

Buns just has a great, comfortable feel about the place, you feel at home here. This may be why they can “get away with” shirts like the one they sell below. It is not what you might expect from a “senior” (140+ year old) restaurant.

* Intermission *

Strand Theatre

28 E. Winter St

Strand Theatre Web Site

All that eating can make you need a break, so how about seeing a movie at one of the best movie houses in Central Ohio!

Hamburger Inn
16 N. Sandusky St.

Hamburger Inn

Hamburger Inn is another local institution. The counter and stools snake around on the inside to seat about 50 people but you can still expect a wait here for the good hamburgers and famous breakfast items. And come early – because this is a breakfast and lunch spot.

The Brown Jug
13 W. William Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Brown Jug

My loyal fans…. I failed you. I have never been to the Brown Jug. The locals seem to like it. It is named after a race you may have heard of the…The Little Brown Jug. I was too full to eat at the Brown Jug and I was trying to save room for Ollie’s Fine Ice Cream just a few blocks away.

One Response to “Detour: Downtown Delaware Dining”

  1. Anna said

    Um, Jim, I think you failed yourself…Brown Jug closed its doors today. You lost your opportunity.

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