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Dessert Detour: Ollie’s Fine Ice Cream

Posted by CMH Gourmand on June 18, 2008

Ollie’s Fine Ice Cream
19 S. Franklin St

Ollie\'s Outside

I took a wrong turn in Delaware, I was trying to find my way back to the main drag of town. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a sign that read “Homemade Ice Cream”. The sign was hanging on a wrought iron fence in front of an old house. At first I thought this was a joke – the place did not look like an ice creamery, it looked like someones house. But there might really be ice cream there…… and I was already late getting back to the Capital City so I opted to turn my Subaru around and I made chase for a new ice cream place.

Ollie\'s Door

When I walked through the door, I knew I found a good thing. But I was kind of pissed off. I found a really, really good thing. One of my secret dreams has been to open an upscale ice cream parlor with beer and music on a college campus somewhere…well, looks like Delaware is off my short list for locations.

Ice Cream Sanctum

Everything about the place was perfect. I could tell by how the ice cream was stored, scooped, and from what I sampled that these folks knew what they were doing. Ollie’s knows ice cream and gelato. I sampled all their flavors and I was really impressed with the selection and quality.

Ollie\'s Menu

Ice Cream

ice cream 2

Ollie\'s Beer Selections

I spoke with the owners at length. They are really kind people and they care a lot about the business. They are also taking the time to grow it right by only adding the best items to their menu. I was given the grand tour of the house as well as a preview of what is to come at Ollie’s. In addition to an impressive and growing micro brew selection, Ollie will be adding wines – Ohio wines where possible. Beer tastings are on the horizon. If Ollie’s offer a Youngs Double Chocolate Stout and Cake Batter ice cream beer float….guess who helped brainstorm that. Or if there is a 6 shot ice cream flight as an intermission for the beer tasting….yep. Also in store for the future – more live bands on an outdoor stage as well as an outdoor BBQ. Did I say I was in heaven. Do you think I am a bit jealous? This place is great and the base of it all – the ice cream – is well worth the drive.

Old lamp

If you catch Dale, aka Ollie on a slow day, ask him to tell you some of the history of the house. The lamp I have pictured above is an original from when the house was built in the 19th century. And if he was able to figure out a way to get the walnut bar from his family’s tavern in Buchtel, Ohio into the second floor tasting room….well I am sure that will be one hell of a story.

I asked him to e-mail me a current flavor list and I got a lot more, below is the list in his own words.

Ollie’s ice cream flavors change on a daily basis. Some of our many flavors have become favorites of Ohio Wesleyan students and as a result have been renamed after the student. For example our Coffee Mocha was renamed Mochanisha. Anisha is a senior Math student from India attending OWU. Others would include our old fashioned vanilla being change to Yodernilla after Matt Yoder from Urbana, The Great Madhu is a very strong lemon with a swirl of black raspberry. Madhu is senior this year, attending OWU from Sri Lanka. Our chocolate silk, well known for it’s unique flavor profile and smooth texture has been a long time favorite of Sahar. Sahar is OWU student from Pakistan.

Our Ice cream flavors change on a daily basis and may include; Banana, banana nut, butter finger cheesecake, very berry strawberry, strawberry shortcake, Finals ice cream, cookies, cream and chocolate fudge, gooey stuff, gooey and lumpy stuff, maple walnut, maple caramel chocolate, stupid dog tracks, Mint Ollie O’s, Chocolate Sahar, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Underwood, Chocolate cake, oatmeal chink, Caramel Coffee, Mochanisha, the Great Madhu, Snickerdoodle, Hawaiian sunset, Lemon Custard, Black Raspberry, Butter Pecan, Pistachio, Chocolate Cinnamon, Jamican-Me-Crazy, Coconut, Real Peach, etc.

Additionally Ollie’s also produces authentic Italian Gelato with flavors such as Pistachio Sicilian, roasted Pistachio, Chocolate Almond, Tiramisu, Pannacotta, Espresso, Dulce de Leche, Mango, Mango-Passion fruit, Chai, Amaretto Choc. Chip, White Chocolate Raspberry.

Recently Ollie’s obtained beer and wine license allowing for a second “over 21 adult ice cream cabinet” housing such flavors as Chocolate Merlot gelato, Strawberry Merlot sorbetto, Marsala gelato, pantari Pink Catawba.

Ollie’s produces a number of different sundaes and shakes, with and without alcoholic content, such as Muddy Sundaes, Mr. Turtle sundae, Affogato, Merlatta, and etc.

27 Responses to “Dessert Detour: Ollie’s Fine Ice Cream”

  1. Tim Eby said

    Thanks for this post… this is up near my neck of the woods so I’m looking forward to taking the left turn and go north for great ice cream rather than head south for all the great frozen treats in Columbus.

  2. holly may said

    WOW! can you say the definition of a hidden treasure???? how did we columbus foodies not know about this dream parlor?! maaaaan…hopefully they will start incorporating some microbrews into their ice cream! peaches and ohio honey wheat cream i say!

  3. Bear said

    Sweet mother of all that is good and holy. I want it and I want it nooooooooooow.

  4. Terry Dawson said

    I read this at 3:00, I was there by 4:00…..This place rocks!!!! I ate butter pecan ice cream that was simply remarkable. I’m a butter pecan junkie and this is better that I have ever had. But i ate it in beautiful outside courtyard under these trees, in the middle of town, what atmosphere. Gourmand….your the man!!!

  5. Steve said

    I also read this and immediately went there. I’ve lived in Delaware for a while now (moving soon), and never knew about this place. This house is beautiful. Dale said that sometimes they show old silent movies on the neighboring building’s blank walls. He also said that a writer from the Other Paper called asking to do a story on the place. It looks like this place is going to start getting a lot more attention.

    I thought the Butter-Pecan was a little too sugary…but I’ll just try other flavors next time. 🙂

  6. Terry Dawson said

    I just made my second trip to Ollie’s in the same day, and it’s almost an hour for me. I took my oldest daughter to Ollie’s to try the great ice cream. Unfortunately they had closed, but the owner seen us at the door and let us in. It was after they closed, the ice cream was covered up and no cash, but he dished us out that great sinful butter pecan. Ollie makes the ice cream with sugared pecan meats. The title identifies it as such and owner stated that his wife makes the sugared meats before he makes the ice cream. They have two different pecans ice creams. One with sweetened pecans and one without. My daughter and i recommend the sugared butter pecan. As I said, I’m a butter pecan junkie and I try to sample it wherever I go, but this is byfar the best that I have found. The owner turned the outside lights on for us as we left. he has it so beautifully lighted on the outside that it just charming. I have now found one and only reason to go to Delaware……Ollie’s

  7. Anisha Barbora said

    My day is not complete without making a trip to Ollies. Now in India, I cannot consume any ice cream since i have been spoilt rotten by Dale and Denise…its the best ice cream i have jad so far!!

  8. Micah said

    This is a great Post..well done. We discovered Ollies late last fall. Much like you, we just stumbled on to it. We parked near it when we went to an Ohio Weseleyen soccer camp my child was in. We love it. Ollie’s ice cream and gelato’s have such great flavor and texture. They make a dark chocloate that is just excellent. I always get it unless….they have gelato. We had traveled to Italy before we found ollies and their gelato is the closest we have found to the true gelato. Many claim to have gelato, but Ollie’s is the real stuff.

    We live in Powell and we drive past Graeters and handles to go to Ollies.

  9. Bear said

    Anyone know their hours?

  10. Mike Abrahams said

    I found Ollie’s yesterday afternoon. Ollie’s is a class act! I had a double dip in a warm waffle cone. It was remarkable. The waffle cones were being made when I was there. I had a scope of peanut butter/peanut butter and a scope of cholate silk with black raspberry swirl. Their ice cream is excellent. Very unique flavors abound, they are large portions and I Paid $3.00 For a double scoop of excellent ice cream in a homemade waffle cone. Woohoo! This be the place.

    My peanut butter had big chunks of hard peanut butter in it and the chocolate was ever so good. Now this is real chocolate. it’s the chocolate you expect, but never get. The lady that waited on me was very freindly and when I asked her what was good, she said “everything”. i think she’s right!!

  11. Dave said

    Nice find! Can’t wait. Know what you mean about being pissed off. I’m so jealous when I see an idea captured ahead of me.

  12. Nick DeBolla said

    What a great post! What a great find. I traveled to Ollie’s Sunday evening. The ice cream was excellent. They is a great selection of flavors and the owner said that they are expanding to a second cabinet. I had peach. This is some real peach folks. This is not the ice cream where you find little bits of peaches now and then, The back ground flavor was peach with real peaches added in. The flavor was amazing. You can tell when it’s the real thing and something that was artifically flavored. This is real. The service was great. They like to talk to you, their friendly and if your curious about the building and grounds they will share that information. Ollie actually gave us a brief tour, what a lovely building and the outside area which is their bier garden (oh thank you God) was just beautiful. A nice selection of the good beers on hand. I saw ommegang, fullers and young for sure,. It reminds me so much of German village and certainly has a european flare to the architecture and grounds. Very nice. However, it was Sunday and no Sunday sale of beir. It ‘s a great place to bring some friends for beer, deli and ice cream on a summer night…oh my.

    At any rate I would recommend it totally. I had peach, it was great, the wife had Gooey stuff. She loved the gooey stuff and it was a rainbow of vanilla, caramel, choc. fudge, peanut butters, and some other things…she raved about it.. To make a long story short it was well worth the trip from the westerville area to Ollies. We absolutely loved the ice cream, we’ll be back. Sorry Graeters…

  13. Nick DeBolla said

    I just thought of something that I wanted to add. If you go back into what Ollies calls the courtyard, which is the beautiful tree covered bier garden, they have a great Music system that they pump music intothe courtyard area while you eat. Ollie’s had a tremendous selection of beatles music that I really enjoyed. All classics but some songs that I had never heard them perform before, I’m sure Ollie’s would play some of their great beatles albums if you ask. Cheers

  14. Miranda said

    Sounds great- I will def. try next time I’m up that way. Did this place used to be a coffee shop? It reminds me of a little coffee shop I used to go to around there.

  15. Nick DeBolla said

    Miranda, i just seen your post….I don’t know about the past but they have a full coffee shop now. Infact The guy there made my wife a auffagato (?) or something of that nature that was coffee ice cream covered with espresso and some other things. I’m told it was excellent….the wifie wouldn’t share.

  16. Shannon said

    We’ve lived in Delaware for years and just this month have seen this and another post about Ollie’s. After reading the first one just about a week ago we immediately made a trip. I asked the owner how long they’d been open and was shocked to hear three years! I couldn’t believe we hadn’t noticed it sooner. We’ve been there a couple of times now.
    The owners are always there and seem nice, and the flavors are very interesting (in a good way). Unfortunately, there are no samples. There are signs up everywhere that they no longer offer samples. There are also signs up that extra spoons cost 5 cents. There are generally too many signs and it gives an uncomfortable feeling.
    Everytime I’ve been there I’m torn between flavors and I have to choose without tasting. Each time I’ve wished I went with the other choice. The ice cream is good, but it’s never what I was hoping for or expecting. We’ll go back and hope to be permitted to sample against the stated policy.
    I’m so happy to see all the “new” (relatively speaking) shops and restaurants opening up in Delaware. I’d love to see Ollie’s have a little better customer service though.

    • Amelia said

      The sample situation is unfortunate. It’s a shame a few delaware hillbillys had to ruin it for the rest of us who indeed would like ONE sample to decide between flavors. However–it’s a toss up whether or not the DELICIOUS ice cream is worth the “Ollies experience”. I agree, all the signs are quite uncomfortable. No strollers allowed inside? Wow. Especially being that this is DELAWARE OHIO. most of the time, the place is empty…I understand no strollers due to limited space when there are multiple customers….but come on.
      Now before i continue, I must preface this by saying I have been to Ollies numerous times. I am polite, I always buy ice cream but somehow, this does not matter. the owners are TERRIBLE!! Cranky, rude, short tempered. They should NOT be running a business where they have to converse with the public. Literally, unprovoked rudeness. Now, I’m a reasonable person. I understand everyone has “those days” so I have given them a couple other chances….it’s not me. It’s them. Completely rude. rude. rude.

      They looked annoyed and angry that I had walked in the shop (i was the only one there). And rushed me through my ice cream selection. I was completely shut down when I tried to make small talk….asking how business was that day, which flavor was most popular, etc. So rude. On my way out I was informed the courtyard was closed and I would have to take my ice cream elsewhere. Not one customer came or went during my THREE MINUTE STAY at Ollies. However I got the impression that the two owners had something better to do.

      I am very put off by the owners attitudes. If I could complain to their manager–I would. Unfortunately–they are the owners. What a shame.

    • Amelia said

      I would like to add- My visit at Ollies was mid-afternoon….no where near closing time.

  17. CMH Gourmand said

    The situation with the samples is unfortunate. I spoke with the owners about this a few weeks ago and it was a choice they did not want to make. The tipping point for the decision occured during a very busy night when 4 peoplecame in, insisted on tasting every flavor – slowly – while the line continued to back up and after all of that – they did not get anything. Not purchasing was OK with the owners. The inconvenience and displeasure caused to their other customers that not OK with the owners so they had to start the policy. It was a difficult choice. Feel free to speak with them about this or any suggestions you may have – they are very approachable and friendly. They are proud of the ice cream – so it is hard for them to restrain that pride by not sampling flavors.

  18. Brian Thompson said

    Ollie’s is in fact my favorite place in Delaware, They have excellent ice cream, I love that Chai! I have had a lot of their unique flavors. If you get a chance try their chocolate cake and Oatmeal. Both are excellent. That’s part of the fun of going to Ollie’s, I enjoy trying the new flavors. So I was a little disappointed to read the article by Shannon. Shannon….it sounds like your all about free. You want to sample the case. I have been in their line before, waiting on someone like you to sample taste several flavors like you know exactly what you’re looking for, while we know you’re just looking for something free. Typically getting a cone and a spoon so you can share. Not only are you cheap, you have a sign complex. The cost of their ice cream is very reasonable, I’m not sure how thay make that Ice cream and give you the amount that they do, for the price they charge. They are about the same price as United Dariy Farmers, for almost twice the amount of ice cream and twice the quality. There only about 2/3rds the price of Rockies, yet you want more. With the amount of ice cream they give you, two people can easily share. They probably have request after request for multiple spoons, so to keep their cost down, I understand why they charge for it. There saving me money!

    We’ll I have never written on a blog before and I’m not sure this is going to find it’s way onto the blog. But shannon, you just fired me up. You’re so unreasonable. You’re comment on this blog was just uncalled for. But if you’re that ### cheap….If I see you in Olli’es I’ll buy you a scoop and a spoon!

    I’m so embarassed you said you were from Delaware!

  19. Morgan Tildman said

    I was just at Ollie’s this evening. A lovely place with such great ice cream. I go there often. When we have people in we always take them to Ollie’s. I took a number of girls there from the office this evening. WE had a great time, everyone shouting the praise of Ollie’s ice cream. On our way out we ran into Brian which told us of this blog. I rushed home to read. I too was shocked at the remarks of Shannon. Whats up with that?

    I love the idea they no longer have samples. I can get thru without standing and waiting on someone to get samples for each of their kids. It’s ice cream folks! I’ve never had anything that wasn’t really good. I have stood there and waited on these self centered people, i was not at all pleased and wondered why they did it. How many times Have I seen them sample vanilla!

    It’s all about Shannon…huh? “You hope to be able to sample around the stated Policy” In you’re own words you pretty much described yourself. It’s all about Shannon. You don’t care about any one else, just give Shannon free samples and keep them coming. Do You get a sample of beer before you order one? How about a Pizza? Maybe some beef Patties? There are a lot of us that want to see Ollie’s stay in town……..You, Shannon, maybe not so much!

  20. Bear said

    Heavens. Not much Shannon love going on here.

  21. Jen Riley said

    I was at Curves today working off some pounds so that I can put them back on at Ollie’s tonight. I heard of this posting, it was much of the conversation for today. I had not heard of the posting and I was anxious to read the article. I too, find my self just a little embarassed. I go to Ollie’s as often as I can, but more than I should.

    It a great place to get really good ice cream. It’s one of those classy unique businesses that the best of neighborhoods would love to have. We really enjoy it. It’s a great place to take and meet friends.

    It’s so sad that we have someone in our town that is so cheap and narrow-minded that they must complain about samples. Spoons? Signs!!! I have seen people get a cup of ice cream. Then after they pay for it ask for three or four spoons. I have also seen families in line with multiple kids and one gets a sample then the other wants a sample, and he wants to sample what she had so where does it stop? We were behind this family. I prefer the no sample policy!!!Shannon.

  22. Bear said

    So, seriously… are people really this passionate about the ice-cream sample issue? Or is this Shannon person some sort of local pariah in this small town? Did she blow up the local hospital or something? I don’t get it.

  23. I absolutely love Ollie’s and take everyone I can there to sample their delicious goods. Everyone is surprised that this little place exists in the middle of Delaware. The owners Denise and Dale are extremely approachable and open about their business and where it’s headed. I don’t blame them for making business decisions that protect and ensure their growth and position in this market. Just know that everything there is good, samples or not!

    There is a lot of history in the building. Ask about the bridal architectural features and blackened windows they had to resurrect!

    You won’t be disappointed when you visit here!

    Trista Hill
    H A R P I S T

  24. CMH Gourmand said

    I am sorry you had the poor experience.

    I must admit – this business has consistently dropped the ball since last summer – you can not tell if they are open most of the time and everyone I know in Delware has told me of lackluster or poor customer service this summer. This place should be a gold mine but I can no longer endorse them – and readers of this blog know – I am reluctant to not give any place the benefit of the doubt. I would suggest Rocky’s Italian Ice nearby as an alternative.

  25. My husband and I were in the Ollie’s area last weekend. We drove by the place a couple times but saw no sign out front or on a door to indicate that a business even existed there. We ended up going to Rocky’s instead for some gelati. (FYI–mango and peach make an awesome combo at Rocky’s).

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