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Man vs. Food – The Dagwood, The Thurman Burger and lots of hits

Posted by CMH Gourmand on December 24, 2008

The Columbus episode of Man vs. Food has been drawing a lot of traffic to my blog and attention to Columbus. I am getting 1300 plus page views a day for Dagwoods alone.

So to recap – here is everything you need to know.

Man vs. Food – where they dined

The Dagwood Challenge with Columbus Underground – The Video

Dagwood Challenge – The CU Thread

The Thurman Burger

Columbus Foodcast – Big Eats

And the hits keep coming.

Quick update March 25th 2009

The new record – faster than fast food from the Sopressata Blog

2 Responses to “Man vs. Food – The Dagwood, The Thurman Burger and lots of hits”

  1. ignatzh said

    The Travel Channel is in some sort of weird fetishistic rut with these pig-out shows. Another great example of the American tendency to ignore quality for sheer quantity – an indication of our pathetically adolescent, self centered society and our cohort lack of taste…Doesn’t do much for our justifiably bad reputation overseas in so many ways, and particularly for our gluttony for all the worlds resources. Pathetic…

    CMHG Comment: To each their own. I can say from experience the Dagwood and the Thurman Burger do taste very good although I do not advocate eating these every day. I follow the gospel of Bittman and Pollan, but I am open to an occasional foray. And I have traveled overseas extensively and have seen the same eating habits elsewhere. The editorial pages may be a better place for your viewpoints.

    • a.m. said

      CMHG – Ignatzh is absolutely spot on. Whatever “gluttony” you witnessed overseas pales against that in America. We *are* the fattest nation in the world. Further, it wasn’t right of you to suggest the editorial pages for his viewpoints; Ignatzh was making valid observations, not editorial comments.

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