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No Bake Cookie Coolness

Posted by CMH Gourmand on August 6, 2009

On a rainy afternoon in Athens, I spied a sign for pizza by the slice at Avalanche Pizza. Popping inside to inquire, I noticed a small display that caught my eye.

With the name Troy’s Self Righteous No Bake Cookies, I did not care if it was good, I admired the moxy of such an honest advertisement.

The cookies are individually wrapped in tin foil with the same logo as you see in the photo above. Choices are Paw Paw and Walnut. Each cookie is a mix of oats, peanut butter, vegetable oil, cocoa powder, maple syrup, cinnamon and either some of Ohio’s native fruit the Paw Paw (marked with a Paw Paw Power logo) or walnuts.

Selling points for the cookies – as noted on the packaging are (all checked off): vegan, local, post modern and delicious.

On the backside, sealing the tin foil is a sticker with a logo of Troy saying “I’m Troy, and I approved the cookies”. The net weight is listed as 4 oz (give or take).

I ate the cookie on my way back to Columbus and enjoyed it but the packaging and concept intrigued me after the treat was gone.

Avalanche Pizza is worth trying out as well as several other local eateries. Check out the Eating Athens section or the link below.

Multiple Meals in Athens

Below is my exclusive e-mail interview with Troy Gregorino the no bake maker.

“Thank you for your interest in Troy’s Self-Righteous No-Bake Cookies. They were inspired (equal-parts) by a dream, a joke, a terrible economy, and by the burning desire for things that are delicious. Additional credentials are listed on the packaging. Currently, they are available in Athens at Donkey Coffee and at Avalanche Pizza. We are a fiercely independent and righteously underground cookie operation. Kindest thanks. – Troy”

One Response to “No Bake Cookie Coolness”

  1. Diana said

    I would love to try pawpaw cookies especially since our trees are not producing this year.

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