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Bill’s Donut Shop (Centerville): The Ohio Donut Trail

Posted by CMH Gourmand on January 18, 2011

Bill’s was my final stop on a four location (Schneider’s, Auddinos and Schuler’s) Ohio Donut Trail field trip. I heard good things about Bill’s but was running out of steam when I arrived (after some poor navigation on my part). Bill’s is an easy place to miss – the exterior looks like a real estate office. If you were not looking for Bill’s you would drive by and write it off as just some 1970’s era brick office building and seek solace in some subpar sugared fast foodery. I was revitalized when I walked through the door. Bill’s does not look like a donut shop on the outside but the inside is a classic donutery. This may be the most inviting donut shop I have visited. There are old school spinning stools at the counter and a few tables away from the fray of ordering. There is an even larger selection of donuts than alluded to in their website. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Once I explained what I was doing (eating donuts throughout Ohio), after an initial laugh, they started listing off other places I should visit (including Milton’s Donuts in Middletown). Two offerings locked Bill’s into my top three donut shops of all time. The first donut that caught my eye was the red velvet cake donut with cream cheese icing. I have frequently been disappointed in red velvet in any form. In donut form, I was more than pleased. This donut takes the cake and kicks it in the ass. The other donut that wooed me was the peanut butter cream filled donut with chocolate icing. These two are enough to get me to drive the 85 miles one-way to get there. Since Bill’s is open 24 hours, there is a strong possibility I will do this a few nights this year. A few of the other donuts sampled deserve very honorable mention – applesauce, glazed blueberry and iced caramel. There is a wide selection of beverages available as well as these non-donut items: Cream horns, apple fritters, cinnamon rolls, cakes, brownies, muffins, cupcakes, turnovers and cookies.

Bill’s has been frying donuts since 1960. It started as one shop in downtown Dayton and expanded to multiple locations in the 1970’s. By 1979, the business was consolidated to the current location in Centerville. Bill recently passed away but his family is committed to keeping the business going. The shop has a loyal following to the point that the shop ships donuts across the country for $25.50 for a box of twelve (or you can pay $6 on the spot). Stay tuned, there is a chance that Bill’s may be the best in Ohio (current competitors are Donald’s Donuts, DK Diner and Auddinos Bakery).

Bill’s Donut Shop
268 North Main Street
Centerville, Ohio
Open 24 hours

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