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Taco Truckers Trek To Taco Truck Tour

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 25, 2009

The first Taco Truck Tour was a success. You can read more about this at Taco Truck Tour Recap from, more photos and stories will be posted at TacoTrucksColumbus during the week of April 27th. In May, expect a Columbus Foodcast Episode about the the Tour and the blog. There is also an article in one of the local Latino newspapers. Thanks to everyone that came out. Congratulations to Hungry Woolf and Taco Drew on an excellent execution of this event. Also, this was the debut of Taco Corey as official head counter (80+ people).

The Tour showcased some of the best Taco Trucks of the west side. Most of the usual ilk were not present for the tour. We were joined by some great groups of people from the Easy Peasy Scooter Posse, ScootColumbus/The Columbus Cutters Scoot Club, bicyclists – including the group with Columbus Rides. Rest assured, this Columbus, people drove cars as well.

Taco Tourists had a map with 6 trucks to choose from so after a quick Hola – we sent them on their way to explore the wild, wild west side and the Taco Square (West Broad Street, Georgesville Road, Sullivant Ave. and Wilson Road).

As I made my rounds checking on our taco touristas at the different trucks, I discovered a truck from the east side has moved out west and a Mexican seafood truck has opened for the season.

I ended up at Los Potosinos (see as well as my post from March 19th). This was the taco tourist favorite for the day. Los Potosinos served up Polla al Carbon San Luis Potosini style.

My favorite of the day was the premiere of ice cream at Los Potosinos. I had two servings – “mixto” – with all of the flavors. Yum.

Taco Truck season is now in full bloom, warm weather means more trucks. Some trucks move around and vary location. The best way to keep tabs on truck tracking is at TACOTRUCKSCOLUMBUS.COM

Special thanks to Columbus artist Robert Patricy for his creation of the logo for the tour.

And if you want your very own tour shirt click on the link below.

Cbus Corners is an initiative of the Columbus Social Media Cafe to share our favorite parts of Columbus – known and unknown. The Taco Truck Tour was intended to share a tasty side of the West Side. Hence the CbusCorners tag.

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Taco Truck Tour (T3): April 25th, 1:30 PM

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 11, 2009

 T# Logo

The initial taco truck trek has been completed and the eating public benefits from our efforts. The team has tasted the tacos of every known mobile taco slinger in Columbus. We consumed the fare at many trucks twice and in a few instances – thrice. Now we are sharing the results of that research with you.

We picked four of the best trucks on the West Side and created a meat (meet) up style tour to explore La Vida Taco with some ordering advice and background information to boot. If you know you are coming please RSVP to: Hungry Woolf.

In the meantime, take a look at the TacoTrucksColumbus blog for more details and taco truck reviews.

Link to the printable full size T3 flyer by Taco Drew

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Los Potosinos – New Kid on the Taco Truck Block

Posted by CMH Gourmand on March 19, 2009

Before I get started please read and remember this: PLEASE GO TO THIS TACO TRUCK and GO OFTEN.

Taqueria Los Potosinos

(located near) New location (May 2009)
Cross Street: Georgesville and Lincoln Park Court
10AM to 10PM – Sunday to Thursday
10AM to 12AM – Friday and Saturday
Phone: 614 887 6895
Walkie Talkie: 137.129.10526
Home Region of Mexico: San Luis PotosĆ­
Specialty: Pollo al Carbon

Best Little Taco Trailer on the Wild, Wild West Side

Best Little Taco Trailer on the Wild, Wild West Side

The dead of winter is no time to decide to learn about local Taco Trucks. Many of trucks are on hiatus because it is too darn cold to cook and serve tacos when no one is even considering driving to a Taco Bell drive-thru because to weather outside is frightful. It is also not the best time to buy a Taco Truck and start a business.

Lydia Labra and her husband Eladeo did just that in early February. The trailer they bought was at a familiar site near a car wash on Norton Road. I first met them on the day they were waiting for a new sign for their taco trailer so taco eaters would know there were new cooks in the kitchen. Their tacos are great, the Labras are even greater – these warm people made a cold day much warmer and brighter. February was a rough month – some days they only made $5 due to the weather and a less than ideal location. They decided to move the trailer to the higher traffic flow of West Broad Street but delays with permits and a run of bad luck delayed the move. They finally got the permit they needed on March 17th.

While the waiting was going on, they maintained their optimism and kept cooking at home. Lydia called me with frequent updates on the progress of the permit situation because she knew I was anxious to tell their story and help others discover authentic food made by wonderful people. In this time of uncertainty, Eladeo made some of Los Potosinos’ trademark Pollo al Carbon, a perfectly grilled and marinated chicken. Lydia invited us to her home during a day of Taco Truck Field Research. Before we walked to their house I could smell the chicken roasting. When I saw 8 chickens ready and waiting for us – I was overwhelmed. They would not accept any payment for this pile of food that could feed a family of 10. The chicken tasted incredible. But the food was not on my mind in this moment (a first). This was easily the most moving act of generosity I have experienced in years and I did not feel worthy of the act.

One of the roasted chickens - the photo does not do it justice

One of the roasted chickens - the photo does not do it justice

Am I biased about this truck? Absolutely. The food is good and this family deserves a shot at success. They will earn it. My dad was an immigrant once. He came to Columbus from one of the poorest areas of West Virginia. Eventually he bought a van and started his own business. He made a decent living based solely on word of mouth and the integrity that comes from hard work and honesty with his customers. Last year, after many years of scraping by and his own hardships my dad got a lucky break and moved to the West Virginia of Central America – Honduras. Now it is time for someone else with their own business based in a trailer/truck and a lot of hard work to get a lucky break. I hope the Labra’s are lucky. Their food speaks for itself and so does their customer service, but in this economy, being the best is not always enough. I also hope you are lucky enough to eat their food, it is worth the drive.

You can get the Pollo al Carbon on the weekends and maybe during the week if you call ahead. You can get tacos and a warm smile there everyday.

Quick Update: March 28th

Spring has sprung. Los Potosinos is open for business everyday with an expanded menu. Breakfast and Elote (roasted corn on the cob) are now offered. The Pollo al Carbon (weekends only) is available but call ahead with your order in case they run out.

Quick update: April 15th

Expect homemade ice cream soon. Pollo al Carbon is served everyday and there is a new item – empanadas potosino!

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Taco Truck Trek, Viva La Vida Taco

Posted by CMH Gourmand on March 19, 2009

Do you know what a Taco Truck is? Do you know how many Taco Trucks are in Columbus? Do you know how good the food is at some of these trucks?

During this past winter a noble undertaking was begun to find out the answers to these questions. Several intrepid souls braved rain, extreme cold, language barriers, the threat of morbid obesity from testing out multiple tacos at multiple trucks in a day, snow and the wild, wild west side. It became a true odyssey, an obsession to find all of the trucks in Columbus. The chase was on.

In some cases there was good information on the exact location of a truck. Other times things were more vague. A post on Columbus Underground helped get a few good leads. There were also some fruitless searches, a Bermuda Triangle of non working trucks on Cleveland Ave and a failed expedition to Delaware looking for a truck that was last seen in 2007.

The next step was locating the trucks, figuring out hours and offerings as well as asking all kinds of questions in Spanish, English, Spanglish and a caveman style sign language. If you own a Taco Truck / Trailer when someone is asking a lot of questions and taking photos…you might get a bit nervous about what these loco people are doing. Unfortunately obsessive bloggers is not easy to translate into Spanish.

These hurdles were overcome and the results were tasty. A whole world of meats were opened up like a can of ….Lengua (tongue). In addition to the standard steak (carne) and pork (carnitas), there is Tripa (Tripe), Cabeza (head as in cow or pig) and so on. The menus included mixes of tacos, tortas, tostadas, tostones and all types of tortilla filled goodies.

The menus at these trucks are extensive and diverse. All have tacos but there are definite differences in the offerings depending on where the owners come from – some have sopes, others have huaraches. Exploring the variety of other cuisines is rewarding – these trucks offer items never seen on local Mexican restaurant menus. Most trucks also offer one or two special dishes on the weekends such as shrimp cocktail, seafood stew, goat stew and so on.

Visiting a truck is going to take most people out of their culinary comfort zones and probably their surburban comfort zones as well. The journey for Latino comfort food leads to parts of town most people pass over on a freeway. Many of these street food vendors are located in the Taco Truck Triangle of the West Side – bordered by Georgesville Road, West Broad Street and Sullivant Ave – areas that saw the recession before anyone else did. The food is worth the effort. Many of the cooks inside the trucks are among the most kind and friendly people you can meet while trying out new meats.

To find the answers to these questions:

Do you know what a Taco Truck is?
Do you know how many Taco Trucks are in Columbus?
Do you know how good the food is at some of these trucks?

Go to: Taco Trucks of Columbus

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