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A few more bytes on Northstar (Clintonville) – The S factor, breakfast and a sandwich for skeptics

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 28, 2007

Surprise – much more ado about Northstar

Northstar Kitchen

I have been paying attention to how Northstar operates in my weekly visits. I was eating there just before closing tonight.The owners do everything right. I noticed they were eating together, talking about the day and very clearly enjoying what they have created. It is inspiring when two people can find a passion, follow through on it and see it be wildly successful. Awesome!

So this is what I have noticed about Northstar – the S Factor.

Subtle: No big sign – just a name painted on the door. The prices are all off kilter with the rest of the restaurant world – $1.88, 7.96, 6.79 – these guys think out of the box.

Simple: The menu is small. The ingredients are basic. The decor is cool but not over the top – it reminds me of IKEA or the kind of functional efficiency I expect to find in Switzerland.

Service: Everyone is NICE! You order at the counter, take a number and your food is brought to you. I have yet to encounter a Northstar employee that was not fully focused on making the dining experience anything other than great.

Saving the Planet: Local suppliers when possible. Recycled paper napkins. Northstar is a member of 1% for The Planet – so 1% of their profits goes to good things.


The Clintonville Northstar is now serving breakfast – Monday to Friday 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM and Saturday and Sunday 7:30 AM to 3 PM.

Here is the menu:

Granola with Vanilla Yogurt

Sweet Potato Hash

Red Peppers
Sweet Onions
Sunny side up egg
Sweet potatoes

Big Burrito
Black beans
Red peppers
Sweet potatoes
White cheddar

add bacon or sausage – 1.88

Cloud 9 Pancakes
Riccota cheee pancakes with maple syrup

Egg Sandwich
Egg with white cheddar cheese on a biscuit

Add bacon or sausage – 1.88

Other Items:

Praline Scone (the best I have ever had)

Ham and Cheese Scone

Morning Glory Muffin

Peanut Butter cookie

Chocolate Truffle cookie

A simple sandwich for Northstar skeptics

Turkey Dandwich

I sometimes have to lure people into Northstar because of concerns that the restaurant might be some kind of “vegetarian, hippy, tree hugger, granola munching place”. My best weapon for that kind of mindset is pictured above.

House Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich

marinated peppers


rosemary aloli


add bacon

served on hefty house made bread bound with a thick toothpick

served with roasted peanut slaw

Ok – the peanut slaw might throw someone off – but it can be replaced with a side of torilla chips if the slaw is too freaky.

Final note – my Northstar wish list is growing. I still want to see soup – soup really is good food. Also – if two items from my departed and beloved Galaxy Cafe could be added (Ricky Barnes are you reading?) – I would be in heaven. I crave black bean hummus with garlic sauce and Adobo eggs with jalepeno cornbread. A Gourmand can dream – (an when he does – it is about food.)

4 Responses to “A few more bytes on Northstar (Clintonville) – The S factor, breakfast and a sandwich for skeptics”

  1. heather said

    gosh darn it i love northstar!! great review, you nailed it. i wake up in the middle on the night craving the veggie burger. it’s that good. and those cookies… mmm.
    keep up the good work and thanks for the traffic, i’m getting a good bit of it from cmhgourmand.

  2. jamie said

    just heard of northstar on the news so i came to work today to look it up…are you mostly veggie or are there some organic choices as well? how about low calorie..what menu choices do you have there…would be nice to find a place close to home

  3. amy said

    i absolutely love!!!!! north stars peanut butter cookies. i recently moved to the east coast & i am missing their cookies. could you please share the recipe. please please

  4. ClintonvillePhil said

    One year later, Northstar’s website remains a very bad and pretentious joke.

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