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Jeni’s Ice Cream Sandwiches – so good.

Posted by CMH Gourmand on May 12, 2007


Ice Cream sandwich

This is my favorite way to spend $4.50 – an ice cream sandwich from Jeni’s Fresh Ice Cream in Grandview.


Four ice cream flavors are featured in the sandwiches. My favorite is Pistachio. The cookie ingredients mirror and complement the ice cream flavors. It is the perfect ice cream experience inside a slightly chewy and rich cookie. This has been one of my favorite cravings of 2007 with no sign of abating. The macaroons are made fresh in Jeni’s kitchen from her own receipe (it had to be tweaked so the cookies could withstand the cold of the freezer).

Sidenote: (Jeni was featured in the recent issue of Columbus CEO).

Jeni’s Fresh Ice Cream

1281 Grandview Avenue

Grandview Heights


Jeni’s website

* * *

Ice Cream sandwich to go

Serving Suggestion:

An ice cream term I use often is sweat: my definition – letting the ice cream thaw a bit to the point where it is just starting to drip and begins to have the consistency of a milkshake. The science of ice cream supports that this is the best way to eat ice cream – if you have the patience to wait about 3-5 minutes after you get your scoop or dish.

Since Jeni’s ice cream sandwiches are frozen – you can truly have the “sweating” experience without suffering. When I pick my ice cream sandwiches up – it is typically a 15 minute drive back to Clintonville (THE Clintonverse – to some) so by the time I get to my house, the sandwich is the perfect temperature and consistency.

Enjoy! And let me know which sandwich you like the best.

The macaroons in the ice cream sandwiches are so good I thought they were from Pistachio Bakery but Charly Bauer was nice enough to let me know of the error of my ways. It is a still a good time to plug Pistachio Bakery (my favorite) (( Pistachio via Sopressatasome thoughts on Pistachio from a great new blog)).

Pistachio Bakery

680 North Pearl Street (behind Betty’s)

(moving to German Village in September)

Short North



Other Ice Cream News

Scoop 1:

Why did Graeter’s Rocky Road Ice Cream disappear?

All of Graeter’s ice cream is Kosher. Kosher marshmallows are too expensive and hard to find to make the volume of Rocky Road Graeters needs.

Scoop 2:

Hartzler Dairy Ice Cream in the Columbus Metro Area.

Hartzler Dairy in Wooster, Ohio makes many organic diary products including ice cream. You can sample these at Urban Coffee.

Urban Coffee
7838 Olentangy River Road (SR 315 North, past I 270)
Columbus, OH

3 Responses to “Jeni’s Ice Cream Sandwiches – so good.”

  1. heather said

    i’ve eaten at jeni’s about a million times and have yet to try the ice cream sandwich. i think you just have me the motivation i needed. thanks!

  2. cindy said

    i love the salty caramel ice cream sandwich, so good!

  3. While Jeni and I both love the macaroons from Pistachio, the macaroons used in the sandwhiches are made by Jeni in the Jeni’s Kitchen from her own recipe. She needed to do some tweaking to other macaroon recipes to get the right texture at colder ice cream sandwhich temperatures!

    Charly Bauer

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