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Quadruple Hamburger – Circleville Roadtrip, Part 1

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 1, 2008

The Original Hamburger Inn
125 Watt Street
Circleville, Ohio
740 747 1233
(Closed the business in November 2008 – please let me know if they reopen)

I heard about the Original Hamburger Inn in Circleville for a couple years. I was passing through town one afternoon while coming back to Columbus after doing some work for “the man”. I popped in for a quick hamburger and found it to be very tasty. While I was there I noticed a little sign titled Josh Dares You. I am all about dares they typically get me into a lot of trouble.

In case you can not read the bottom line – it says – Don’t be a pansy, no sharing please!

As it turns out, for $10, Josh dares you to eat a quadruple hamburger – with cheese if you like, unlimited fries and free refills on Pepsi. Um….duh, how could I not want to do that – it is a bargain. I was determined to come back and get my ten dollars worth.

A few weeks later I was back with two friends in tow. The Quadruple hamburger was really good and not so big as to cause illness. There is no way Josh is making any money on this ten dollar steal. Josh is the owner, he dropped by about every 5 minutes refilling my fries. There was almost a sense of panic if my beverage was less than 3/4 full. My non foodie friend Chris had a quad burger as well and thought it was great.

Josh reports that the “Josh Challenge” is popular on the weekends, 3-6 people will come in for the dare and most usually finish their burger. During the Circleville Pumpkin Festival 10 or more quadruple burgers are ordered each day. The most memorable consumption was two quadruple burgers, a load of fries and a piece of pie by an out of town visitor during a past Pumpkin Festival. There are also Pumpkin Burgers for the festival. Really!

The Original Hamburger Inn has been around since 1930. Josh has owned and operated it with his family for about 6 years. It is a Circleville local landmark and worth the drive for the experience of eating in a small town eatery where everyone knows everyone by name. This would be a good summer or fall adventure. Circleville is about 30 minutes from Columbus depending on where you hail from. There are several farmers markets along Route 23 you can check out on your way there or back to mix up the drive.

Josh dares you, so do I – hit the road and get that hamburger.

7 Responses to “Quadruple Hamburger – Circleville Roadtrip, Part 1”

  1. columbusite said

    Wow, who would have guessed that unassuming Circleville (which sadly gave up its unique circular streets for a standard grid) has a number of reasons to make it worth visiting? I have a co-worker familiar with the town and she recommended someplace. I’ll see if it was one of these. I hope there are more excursions to towns within a stones throw of Columbus covered here. Whit’s Custard in Granville is great and then there’s Bun’s in Delaware and I think all I have to say is the name of the town; Yellow Springs.

  2. Erik said

    Speaking of quadruple, does it come with a complimentary bypass procedure? Just kidding of course, sounds like worthwhile adventure in the nice weather.

  3. Krista said

    I work within a short walk from the hamburger inn and frequent there for lunch. It is always a fantastic experience filled with many familiar and friendly faces. I don’t even have to tell them what I want to drink they just remember. It is so wonderful to go to a place where their customers feel like a part of the “family”. The value for the food that you get is awsome, you can get a very filling luch for around $5. I recommend the ranch and bacon fries…yummy!!

  4. mari conway said

    We stumbled upon this little restaurant on our way home to Dayton from Hocking Hills. I always like to eat local instead of at the nearest chain restaurant. The place was retro and interesting to look at while we sat at the counter on stools waiting for our order. The hamburger was a flat,lacy, delicious little creation. The people that we met behind the counter were typical nice folks that you always find in small towns. It was a pleasing all around experience. Wish people would support their local restaurants or seek out places like this when traveling. It really is a nostalgia trip.

  5. jerry said

    Nobody should ever leave Circleville without first visiting the Hamburger Inn, Wittich Chocolate Shop and the Ted Lewis Museum. This is best half day trip in Ohio.

  6. The original place may have been one of dozens of Hamburger Inns that my grandfather, Carl Juelke, built from Atchison, Kansas to Richmond, Virginia, from 1922 to 1934. He was in Ohio building others at Delaware and Monmouth at the same time. The old picture here looks like the interior of his other restaurants. If anyone has a picture of the exterior of the original Hamburger Inn, or knows what happened to it, I would be interested in knowing. I wrote a history of the Hamburger Inn “franchise” on my website. His secret was using “kidney soot” which was a fancy term for good ole grease. His burgers resembled White Castle, or “sliders” except for an “inside out burger” where he put all the ingredients (onions, cheese, mushrooms, etc.) inbetween two patties and cooked them. Anyway, nice info on this burger joint. Glad the name continues

  7. Rick Allen said

    Does anyone know, when the original Hamburger Inn was started in Circleville, Ohio? Please email me back on this, have a interest in this time. Thanks, Rick

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