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Saturday Sticky Buns at Pattycake Bakery

Posted by CMH Gourmand on January 6, 2010

We will get to the Sticky buns, in particular the Orange sticky buns soon, but first I must digress with some Pattycake preaching.

Columbus’ IF girl would have people to believe that I am a lobbyist for Pattycake Bakery due to some actions which include: bringing Pattycake baked goods to most social functions I find myself invited to, tweeting about Pattycake, writing about Pattycake, showing up to Pattycake events and apparently other “influencing” activities. Those things might be true. I do believe if the 45 odd pounds I added in 2009 could be isolated from my original December 2008 body mass about 17% would be Pattycake ingredients. In retrospect, I surmise my massive weight gain was due to a subconscious desire to become the Pattycake Doughboy. Believe what you may. One things is true, I LOVE Pattycake Bakery. Love is a strong word I don’t use often. I will not take back the statement even under duress or the offer of a Tollhouse Cookie, Orange Sticky Bun, Vanilla Cupcake and something else.

What is there not to love? Take a click at their website here. The Pattycakians clearly state that they love: sweets, you, animals, our community, the earth and the universe. How can one not love something that has that much love to give? There is at least 2% love in every baked good. What else is there to love? This is a place where they allow IOU’s if you are a bit short on cash and you can take silverware with you if you promise to bring it back. Pattycake is the home of the beguiling Sarah B, the devestatingly devine decorator of cakes Diana and Jenni “Kit(ten)” Scheinbach. They even let a man work on their team. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

I feel like Norm from the sitcom Cheers when I walk through the door, as I hear shouts of JIM! I am their favorite Jim. I think the reason for this up with Gourmand movement is that I am of a select few customers that appreciates the Orange iced sticky bun. If you can appreciate this item as much as our secret splinter cell does, then the Pattycakians will probably scream your name when you walk through the door too.

On the far right, an Orange iced Sticky Bun, surrounded by several soon to be vanillaized Sticky Buns....sad.

I acknowledge the Vanilla iced sticky bun as an excellent product but the Orange has better staying power once the bun cools and the frosting hardens. It also wins out in the day after, reheating contest. While it would be a lie to offer false claims such as Orange sticky buns prevent cancer, I can say I have not been ill since I started eating them.

When can one get sticky buns? These are offered to the masses every Saturday. They are often offered on big holidays. The buns are frequently iced to order when hot out of the oven. I took the Orange for granted until Christmas Day when I walked in to order one. As it was iced, Jenni shared that few people order these. I was dumbfounded. Then I was perplexed. Then I think I started to rant. There may have been statements such as “what is wrong with our world” and “who are these freaks”. I am not sure what I was saying but I think I scared a new customer. Or maybe it was when I told the new person “we don’t say Starbucks in Clintonville”. It is not uncommon that you will miss out on the Orange sticky bun frosting window since it is offered on a supply and demand basis. Hence I want people to demand these more to increase my supply.

All of this may be lobbying.

I will say as an undisputed fact that Pattycake Tollhouse cookies have no peer on this planet and Orange sticky bun ordering might earn you elite status at a certain south Clintonville bakery.

Pattycake Bakery
3009 North High Street

Tollhouse cookie in primordial form

3 Responses to “Saturday Sticky Buns at Pattycake Bakery”

  1. Dave said

    Damn it Jim, I’m going to get over my love of trans fats and get my family in there for a snack in the next few days. I can’t wait.

  2. sarahb said

    there are no trans fats in our products and we use mostly organic ingredients.

    thanks for this great blog post. you are one of my favorites!

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