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Pattycake Bakery: Innuendo in the Backroom!

Posted by CMH Gourmand on February 5, 2010

There is a sign by the register at Pattycake Bakery which reads: “We have X-rated cookies behind the beaded curtain in the backroom for Valentine’s Day! Just ask the counter help and we’ll show you our goods.” Oh My! I was titillated with visions of all types of naughty baked goods. I was also terrified. Had “Jimmy’s Angels” of Pattycake gone bad or dirty or smutty? Or could it be that these Vegan bakers had cookie cut-outs of kittens, hamburgers and high fructose corn syrup cans they could not bear to show in public? I did not have the nerve to ask on the spot to go behind the curtain, so I e-mailed the fabulous Sarah B. and made arrangements to do some investigative reporting.

As it turns out neither my fears nor hopes were realized. Pattycake has a variety of heart-shaped cut-out cookies for Valentine’s Day. Some of the messages are naughty, some are very naughty and a few are nice. Kitty Scheinbach and company seemed to have channeled my amorous modus operandi with such straightforward messages as “I Passionately Like You” and “You’re my Chocolate”. For the bashful, there are messages such as: “dinner?” and “Do You Like Me?” with a check box for yes or no (I guess one could just bite out the box that did not apply). Strangely, there were no cookies that said: You are my Pattycake or Let’s Play Pattycake. The nice messages are similar to what are found on the candy hearts I passed out in third grade. As for the other messages, well, they are a bit randy. With a little lead time, you can also have your own saucy message iced on a cookie for your honey and that message does not need to be FCC approved.

Here are a few samples from the backroom.

I don’t have anyone to bring cookies to this year, but I did get this consolation prize in the backroom.

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Saturday Sticky Buns at Pattycake Bakery

Posted by CMH Gourmand on January 6, 2010

We will get to the Sticky buns, in particular the Orange sticky buns soon, but first I must digress with some Pattycake preaching.

Columbus’ IF girl would have people to believe that I am a lobbyist for Pattycake Bakery due to some actions which include: bringing Pattycake baked goods to most social functions I find myself invited to, tweeting about Pattycake, writing about Pattycake, showing up to Pattycake events and apparently other “influencing” activities. Those things might be true. I do believe if the 45 odd pounds I added in 2009 could be isolated from my original December 2008 body mass about 17% would be Pattycake ingredients. In retrospect, I surmise my massive weight gain was due to a subconscious desire to become the Pattycake Doughboy. Believe what you may. One things is true, I LOVE Pattycake Bakery. Love is a strong word I don’t use often. I will not take back the statement even under duress or the offer of a Tollhouse Cookie, Orange Sticky Bun, Vanilla Cupcake and something else.

What is there not to love? Take a click at their website here. The Pattycakians clearly state that they love: sweets, you, animals, our community, the earth and the universe. How can one not love something that has that much love to give? There is at least 2% love in every baked good. What else is there to love? This is a place where they allow IOU’s if you are a bit short on cash and you can take silverware with you if you promise to bring it back. Pattycake is the home of the beguiling Sarah B, the devestatingly devine decorator of cakes Diana and Jenni “Kit(ten)” Scheinbach. They even let a man work on their team. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

I feel like Norm from the sitcom Cheers when I walk through the door, as I hear shouts of JIM! I am their favorite Jim. I think the reason for this up with Gourmand movement is that I am of a select few customers that appreciates the Orange iced sticky bun. If you can appreciate this item as much as our secret splinter cell does, then the Pattycakians will probably scream your name when you walk through the door too.

On the far right, an Orange iced Sticky Bun, surrounded by several soon to be vanillaized Sticky Buns....sad.

I acknowledge the Vanilla iced sticky bun as an excellent product but the Orange has better staying power once the bun cools and the frosting hardens. It also wins out in the day after, reheating contest. While it would be a lie to offer false claims such as Orange sticky buns prevent cancer, I can say I have not been ill since I started eating them.

When can one get sticky buns? These are offered to the masses every Saturday. They are often offered on big holidays. The buns are frequently iced to order when hot out of the oven. I took the Orange for granted until Christmas Day when I walked in to order one. As it was iced, Jenni shared that few people order these. I was dumbfounded. Then I was perplexed. Then I think I started to rant. There may have been statements such as “what is wrong with our world” and “who are these freaks”. I am not sure what I was saying but I think I scared a new customer. Or maybe it was when I told the new person “we don’t say Starbucks in Clintonville”. It is not uncommon that you will miss out on the Orange sticky bun frosting window since it is offered on a supply and demand basis. Hence I want people to demand these more to increase my supply.

All of this may be lobbying.

I will say as an undisputed fact that Pattycake Tollhouse cookies have no peer on this planet and Orange sticky bun ordering might earn you elite status at a certain south Clintonville bakery.

Pattycake Bakery
3009 North High Street

Tollhouse cookie in primordial form

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What’s New…Pattycake?

Posted by CMH Gourmand on July 28, 2009

Pattycake Bakery
3009 N. High Street

Pattycake Bakery blog

Pattycake web site

Pattycake on Facebook

I thought I was so clever when this title popped into my head. However, when I was linking the Pattycake site I discovered that me and the fabulous Sarah B., think alike.

There is a lot going on at Pattycake Bakery. Make sure to keep reading until the (almost) end because I have saved the best for last.

Starting with the outside, there is a new bike rack. Patrons are known to walk and bike to Pattycake so Jennie and company being who they are – made the bakery bike friendly.

Hippy style, recycled bike rack

Hippy style, recycled bike rack

The bike rack is made out of old bike frames and used parts – how earth friendly is that. And cool to boot.

Moving inside, Pattycake added a new oven in July then changed the layout of the counter and cooler giving the space a new fun feng shui. In regards to the oven, on moving day there were some snags with the delivery so a text message went out for volunteers to help and six able bodied souls showed to help. Again – a cool community.

Looking at the counter, one thing to notice is that Jennie is someone to watch for 2009 (per
Columbus Alive and CMH G).

The counter also has a big bowl of free Pattycake Bakery (PB) buttons.

New to the bill of fare – vegan soft serve (ice cream). The mixing machine is in place with servings by the cone or cup. I have seen carnivorous kids flock in for this non dairy treat and leave quite pleased to be weaned from the bovine teet.

The fine print:  Temptation Brand vanilla vegan soft serve; ingredients -vegan Minnesota beet sugar, corn maltodextrin, organic soymilk powder, natural vanilla flavor, guar gum, xanthan gum, salt.  And PB adds.....coconut milk to make it better.

The fine print: Temptation Brand vanilla vegan soft serve - ingredients: vegan Minnesota beet sugar, corn maltodextrin, organic soymilk powder, natural vanilla flavor, guar gum, xanthan gum, salt. And PB adds.....coconut milk to make it better.

However, the penultimate addition involves Pattycake cookies and soft serve teamed together in sandwich form. The coldness of the combination slows down my rate of consumption but these are two great tastes that go great together. I look forward to the expansion of this line.

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie vegan soft serve sandwich

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie vegan soft serve sandwich

There may be more new stuff down the road. See this Columbus Underground post that serves as an online focus group for a Pattycake powered vegetarian diner we may see someday.

Even with all of this newness going on – all of the old things that make the bakery work well remain – good service, inventive menu, a focus on continuing to improve the product(s) and a laid back atmosphere. The only thing missing is vegan. Vegan has been dropped from the name but not the menu. The great thing about the cookies and cupcakes and cheesecakes…oh my (!) is that you would not know that they are vegan by tasting them – tasters have to be told. In the past vegetarian or vegan often conjured the taste of withered tofu and sawdust – not so here. This is vegan baking so good you would think they were baking with bacon.

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Saturday February 21st: Eat Pattycake Pancakes, Help Zoe

Posted by CMH Gourmand on February 15, 2009

Who: Pancake eaters, Pattycake fans
What: Eat Pattycake Pancakes, waffles, sausage, fruit and more; listen to local music
When: Saturday February 21st – 9 AM to Noon
Where: Maple Grove United Methodist Church
*7 West Henderson Road (High and Henderson – Clintonville)
Why: Help Zoe, Fight Cancer, Thank local businesses for stepping up
How: $5 buys food, music and an opportunity to bid on some great items
Web: Check this post for updates (and maybe corrections) during the week

maple syrup

maple syrup from Bonhomie Acres

Food (the menu so far!)
Pattycake Bakery Pancakes including:
*Whole Wheat Pancakes
*Rachel’s Apple-Sauce Flapjack’s with sauteed goldrush apples from Charlie’s Apples
*(Probably) gluten-free pancakes
Homemade Waffles (mix donated by Polaris Grill)
Cedar Cress Sausage
Fruit (from Weilands Gourmet Market)
Coffee and a special pink ribbon herbal ten blend tea (from Clintonville Community Market)
Maple Syrup ( from Bonhomie Acres courtesy of the Greener Grocer at North Market)
More Maple Syrup – Trader Joes
Milk – Snowville Creamery
Various sundries (Orange Juice, sugar, etc.), more sausage – Betty’s / Liz Lessner and Crew

Three Musical Acts:
Megan Palmer
Eric Nassau
Keenan Wade & Friends

Funds for a Silent Auction featuring:

Jeni’s Ice Cream Gift Certificates
Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails Gift Certificates
Pleiades Maple Products (from Mt. Gilead, a Worthington Farmers Market standby)
– an antique sap bucket with maple syrup, maple sugar, maple tea and more
More items to come….

Zoe’s Story:

Zoe Buyalos is a 31 year old Clintonville resident and owner of a green cleaning service. She was diagnosed with cancer several months ago. She is fighting through chemotherapy which has limited her ability to work and to cover medical expenses.

Article (2006) featuring Zoe

Say thanks to these and other sponsors:

Pattycake Bakery

The Greener Grocer &
Local Matters

Clintonville Community Market

Weilands Gourmet Market

Clintonville Community Resource Center


Snowville Creamery

Support your community and check out some of these local products:

Article featuring Bonhomie Acres Maple Syrup

Charlies Apples

Copy this for your calendar
Saturday February 21st
9 AM to NOON
Maple Grove United Methodist Church
7 West Henderson Road
(Corner of High and Henderson)

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