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Ohio Donut Trail: Family Donut Shoppe

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 15, 2016

Family Donut Shoppe Sign

There is one objective truth on the Ohio Donut Trail, just when you think you have everything covered (south of 70) a new spot appears unexpectedly. This one was scouted via social media. A key observation by the social media poster – a 24 hour donut shop!, caught my eye. As did the location, Londonderry, Ohio. I have traveled nearly all of Ohio but it turns out Londonderry is on a section of S.R. 50 I had never traversed. Doing some research, this spot is about 15 minutes east (ish) of Chillicothe. Doing more research, it seems than Londonderry is only about 50 minutes from Athens, which of course means O’Betty’s so in my odd travel logic – how about a day devoted to donuts and hot dogs. This oddly shaped travel triangle makes for a spiffy afternoon drive. It turned out to be a pretty good day for donuting to boot.

Family Donut Shoppe

Regular devotees to the Ohio Donut trail (not to be confused with another Ohio Donut trail which is newer and just covers a small portion of the state and might be construed as an upstart donut trail) will be pleased to know that Family Donut shop is easily in the top 6 best Ohio Donuteries encountered to date.

I knew pulling into the lot that I would love the place. It looked wholesome. The counter staff were friendly and the offerings were extensive. In addition to donuts (mostly of the cake variety but fritters, Long John’s and fancy donuts too) the place serves good coffee, hot dogs, a smoked sausage sandwich, ice cream, milkshakes and a few other things. There is a counter with a few stools and a scattering of tables as well as a 24 hour drive through window. This ensures that if one needs to rest from the drive there are ample options for sustenance and support.

Family Donut Shoppe 2

Family Donut Shoppe 3

A dozen plus donuts of all varieties were purchased and sampled over the next nine hours. The apple fritter was exceptional. The stick donut was the best I have ever consumed anywhere. The other donuts were all fresh, of good quality, light, fluffy and satisfying. After returning home and taking some donuts with him, my tasting associate texted me within minutes “The plain cake donut may be the best I have ever had!”

Additional trips will be made to Family Donut Shop to continue this important research. On the way to Athens I discovered McArthur Ohio which also warrants more investigation so the two Route 50 towns may be linked together in a future post.

Family Donut Shoppe 4

Stay tuned for the continuing adventures on the original and best Ohio Donut Tail.

Family Donut Shop
35633 US-50, Londonderry, OH 45647
(740) 887-2120

Family Donut Shop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

14 Responses to “Ohio Donut Trail: Family Donut Shoppe”

  1. mjb said

    Are the two in the front blueberry or chocolate chip? If the answer is chocolate chip I might be heading out to my car.

  2. Patty said

    The blueberry cake is the best ever! I have loved this little piece of heaven for years!!!!

  3. Kat Barker said

    You MUST check out Lerch’s Donuts in Wooster. They use a food wagon to make and sell donuts at fairs etc. They also sell in a parking lot at the old Hawkins grocery store site! Best in the world! People come from all over for their donuts. Our family from Oklahoma must them when they come to visit or when we go there to visit we have to take some for them.

  4. Sharon said

    They have THE best chocolate peanut butter shake you’ll ever taste!

  5. Corey said

    I grew up near here and have had their donuts many times, have always been good.

    If you haven’t tried Penny’s Pastries in Logan you need too.

  6. Have you tried Crispie Creme? It is located in Chillicothe, Ohio.

  7. Lynn said

    I love this place and their food. Only problem is they don’t take debit/credit cards and I don’t carry cash. So I forget they’re there a lot. Even tho I only live about 3 miles away.

  8. Marsha said

    Love this little shop! On your quest for great hot dogs you have to check out Crazy Dogs on North Bridge St in Chillicothe, OH

  9. alancookie said

    I often swing through here with my daughter after school for a quick treat. I will also recommend the peanut butter shakes and my daughter loves the fritters. We also grab a bag full of BBQ sandwiches for dinner occasionally. Great service and convenient drive-thru.

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