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The Deepwood Dagwood for Dine Originals Week

Posted by cmh gourmand on March 8, 2012

Here is the thing. A good number of people like Deepwood. Unfortunately it seems they never show up at the same time. Well… with the exception of my lunch this past Wednesday. I arrived during what may have been a (Columbus) Alive and Crave afternoon pow-wow / retreat. Other than us, Deepwood was Deadwood. Crickets. Tumbleweeds. Spagetti western music was faintly playing in my subconscious.

I would describe Deepwood as subdued. Unlike Cheers, where everyone knows your name when you walk in the door, at Deepwood, you will receive a pleasant, faint smile and nice service. Subdued. I like it. It aids the digestion. It is relaxing.

The is Dine Originals Restaurant Week, a time for many of our local independent restaurants to shine and show off the best they can do to lure in new customers and shake things up for loyal regulars. Looking for a deal of deals, the various $10 menus are what I target. My old standby was the Pistacia Vera sampler but that has been off the rotation for the last two cycles (Anne and Spencer….think about the children, they need more than Shirred eggs).

I have always sought out the value of the Deepwood lunch but unless you work downtown and actually know where Deepwood is (that was the quiz part of the post) this special experience is limited to a few. If you are reading this early Friday morning, you still have some time to call in sick and give this menu a shot. For the rest of you who can never have this experience, allow me to share.

Here is the menu for $10.

Your choice of any of our sodas

The Deepwood-Our version of the Classic & Colossal Dagwood

Meats, Cheeses and Condiments Layered between House-Made Pepper Jack Bread, House-Made Corned Beef, Tasso Ham and Mortadella Schmear, Roasted Turkey. House-Made Mozzarella, Smoked Gouda. Roasted Tomato, Pickled Peppers, Chef’s Garden Leaf Arugula, Mustard Aioli, Red Onion Jam, Fried Olive Skewer. House-Made Potato Chips


Tasting of Signature Petite Sandwiches

New England Lobster Roll with Hand Cut-Fries, House-Made Pastrami with Potato Chips, Lentil Patty with Deepwood Tavern Pickled Vegetables


Lemon Meringue Pie

At this point regular readers of CMH Gourmand know what happened. Fearing the Sophie’s Choice of having to decide between choices for this rare lunchtime visit, I played it safe and got both.

The Verdict? Reread the menu above. The size of the description matches the quality and satifisfaction of the Deepwood Dagwood. What a good sandwich! It was easily the winner of the two choices. Exceptional cuts of meat, good flavor. The chips were incredibly good with some house made ketchup I reallocated from the French Fries. Hard to see in the photograph but the mini battered and fried olives of the skewer were really well executed. I am sure they elicit a faint, subdued smile in the backroom. If you have to choose go with the Dagwood.

The Petite Sandwiches are worth the price. Chef Brian definitely had a fun time creating both offerings but I was not as emotionally satisfied after the signature sandwiches. I will state a case for the lentil burger patty sample as better than the hallowed Northstar Veggie burger patty. Really. Serious. The fries are pretty close to perfect. Keep frying Deepwood, you do it well.

As for the pie, if by pie, one means a mini biscuit sized puff of homemade goodness on a stick….OK, but let’s call this a pie pop on the next online menu.

If you feel a little cheated after reading this, knowing that you will not have such an experience for this Dine Originals Week, then I give you this task. Go to Deepwood this month and tell the staff you would like them to serve lunch on a Saturday for the next Dine Originals Week.

If you have missed out on Deepwood, give them a shot. The beer selection, house crafted cocktails and entrees are all well executed. Maybe those that are inclined, could give up not going to Deepwood for Lent.

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Suerte Malo Keeps Yerba Buena from debuting in Clintonville on March 3rd

Posted by cmh gourmand on February 28, 2012

The Yerba Buena Food Truck had planned to make it’s 2012 debut back in Clintonville on March 3rd. This community favorite from last summer hoped to join Pitabilities and Tatoheads as the Food truck contingent to help Clintonville Celebrate the Bicentennial of Columbus.

PITABILTIES AND TATOHEADS are in Clintonville from Noon to 3 PM.

Due to an unexpected generator issue Yerba Buena had to bail out at the last minute – but owner Carlos Gutierrez will be there to pass out flyers with information on their new location in Clintonville.

The event will be from Noon to 3:00 PM at Maple Grove Church at the corner of North High Street and Henderson Road. Admission is free. There will also be free goodies from Mozart’s Bakery and plenty of activities related to the history of Columbus.

More details – here

In case you missed the drama of last year, Yerba Buena almost went down as the first food truck booted out of Clintonville by a very small but very loud minority of residents. The owners Carlos and Carolina used the incident as an opportunity to open up in another section of Clintonville in need of more food options, however, news of their move did not get communicated in the community so business flagged. This year, Yerba Buena is back and looking forward to being part of the community. Please come out to show the support Clintonville and the rest of Columbus shares for these small, independent businesses that are adding spice and variety to the day to day diets of us all.

Also come see what Clintonville has to offer. For those of your ready to support The Mid Ohio Food Bank’s Operation Feed, Pitabilities is doing a mobile food drive for March. They will be collecting jars of peanut butter at the Clintonville Celebrates Columbus Event.


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Mobile Monday at St. James Tavern

Posted by cmh gourmand on February 17, 2012

A Mobile Food experiment has been conducted at the St. James Tavern since early January. The premise: pair a $1 Mystery Beer Can special with a different Mobile Food vendor each week to break up the MEH of Monday and offer a respite from downtown rush hour gridlock. These events serve as an introduction to St. James Tavern for some (voted best bar in Columbus by Columbus Underground). It also provides a business opportunity and a new circle of customers for food trucks that have difficulty serving our CBD (Central Business District) due to arcane city of Columbus codes and zoning laws. The series began with Pitabilities and was followed by Tatoheads, Late Night Slice, Freedom A La Cart and then an encore performance of Pitabilities and Tatoheads.

Times are generally 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm or 7 pm to 10 pm. Saint James and the mobile vendors are still looking for the sweet spot for serving times that maximizes the number of people served and still allows the truck to break even or make a small profit for the night. If you live in Italian Village or want to grow mobile food in the lean times of winter, come out for a Mobile Monday to grow food choices for the core of the city.

Here is the line up for the rest of February.
February 20th – Red Hot Food Truck (a trailer, this is their debut appearance for Mobile Monday).

February 27th – Kolache Republic (serving INSIDE the SJT).

For more details and updates – check out the St. James Tavern Facebook page and follow Food Fort Columbus on Twitter – @FoodFortCMH.

It looks like the series will continue to March…..especially if you come out to support it.

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The Burrito Buggy at Byrne’s Pub: Recap and Review

Posted by cmh gourmand on March 26, 2011

Pairing the Burrito Buggy with Byrne’s Pub for their Survivors Party (surviving St. Patrick’s Day) turned out to be an excellent idea. Pat Byrne was happy with the outpouring of Burrito Buggy Bobcats and other mobile foodophiles.

I did worry a bit. The morning on the big day I received one e-mail, a few direct messages on Twitter and several forwarded tweets about the Burrito Buggy being broken down on SR 33 outside of Lancaster. I had not heard anything from the Burrito Buggy and it was 2 hours to “showtime”. I contacted them and started to draft my mea culpa to Columbus. About an hour later I heard back from the Buggy, they had a flat tire and were popping the lug nuts back on to hit the road again.

They served the first two burritos at 3 pm….. to me. I was going to get six, but looking at the line behind me, I could not bring myself to do it. When I left the line was about forty people deep. Reports are the line never got shorter than forty up until at least 10 pm. I heard the line was 1 to 2 hours long at any given time.

Byrne’s is considering making this a yearly tradition. What do you think? I did not know before but Byrne’s has “street meat” most Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm after.

As for the Burrito Buggy – they had one of their biggest nights ever and are looking to come back to Columbus. Where and when might they appear next?

Check their Facebook to track other appearances and see what people thought of the Big Burrito Night.

Also see what OU Alumni thought about the night.

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Edible Books Contest, March 31st: I’ll be the Judge of that!

Posted by cmh gourmand on March 20, 2011

I have a soft spot for food and books and libraries. I have a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science that circumstances have not allowed me to use in a library setting. However, I love libraries, they are wonderful, valuable things and I will do anything to support one.

So, when I was asked if I might judge for the Edible Books Contest, my response was “sure”.

Have people fallen on hard times and taken to book eating? No, thank goodness. However, for the third year in a row, the Worthington Libraries will host a contest which challenges you to create an edible entry with a book or literary theme. I will judge the entries with my writing peers and friends, Robin Davis from the Columbus Dispatch and Nick Dekker from Breakfast with Nick. We will evaluate entries based on creativity, design and taste. I encourage you to come to help out with tasting and to vote for the people’s choice.

I can’t think of a reason for you not to go to this. Unless you are some type of bookburner or anti-dessert protagonist.

If you care to enter, come to the Northwest Library at 2280 Hard Road for registration at 6 pm. Judging will start at 7 pm. Viewing of all of this will occur from 7 to 8:30 pm. At 8:30, we present awards and the entries will be eaten. I can do that. You can do that too. These are hard times. Libraries help people save money, find jobs, read books to their kids and countless other things that make our communities better. These seem like good reasons to come support a good thing.

Care for another good reason? This year, there is a new category – Professional – where local bakeries such as Delicacies by Sheri, Delightful Cakes, Ly-Ly’s Bakery and M. Minick Cake Design will compete against each other (but not against the amateurs). You can expect to eat well at the library and you will not get in trouble for it.

For more information, check the Worthington Libraries Calendar of Events.

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The Ides of March 4.0

Posted by cmh gourmand on March 14, 2011

I often wince and cringe when reading blogs that cross the line into navel gazing and T(oo) M(uch) I(nfo). I have been in the TMI mode occasionally over the last several months. I apologize. This post is the last of that series and hopefully a bit cathartic. This explains the decline in content quality and the donut obsession. So you may want to skip this entry and just read tommorrow’s post after I clean out my closet for the last 365 days.

For the Ides for March I have traditionally taken a moment to look back at my 15 best food related things of the last year. When I wrote last year’s edition, I can say I was truly happy (I don’t throw that word around too liberally). I had just come back from a great trip to Berkeley and was excited about what the spring had on my plate and some incredible possibilities for the year. Everything changed at the end of that week. I never defined myself by my day job but I came to find my department essentially no longer existed. My response was to travel around the country for two weeks with my dog to sort out what to do…..I did not figure that out.

At the beginning it was a struggle to think through this edition of the ides. I was not sure I would find fifteen things that were worthy of being happy about. My work (day job), family (the Honduran connection) and personal life each gave me a major sucker punch in the past year. If the stool that is me has four legs, three were knocked off.

I have done the math countless times in the last year and it never adds up. The equation seems to be: Nice Guy + X = screwed. My dog days are not over but my nice guy days did dissapear. I did not deserve any of the three hands that I was dealt but each one did mean that I had to change and it took a while to listen to that. The words intended for the next three paragraphs have been written and rewritten and finally removed after two months of reflection. Among the descriptors I deleted was the phrase “felt like being pissed on while being drowned”. In the spirit of ending TMI and also not wanting anything so negative to be part of my permanent record to the world we will move on. Ultimately, what happened was more dependent on how I respond to them and that was a lesson that came slow but surely as the 365 days came to a close.

There was still a lot of good. This list affirms that.

1. In May, with little planning or even a well thought out trip plan, CMH Tobias and I set out on a journey of discovery. It is all on twitter:

2. Malcom Gladwell is one of my favorite writers. He has concept of connectors. I have been called one on a few occasions. In the fall, an aquintanace approached me at an event I was working. She said “I never told you thank you”. I looked at her puzzled. “You introduced me to Slow Food Columbus, some great restaurants and wonderful people and helped me enjoy my new life in Columbus”. To that I say, you are welcome. As a kid that grew up very introverted and remained socially awkward well past college I never thought I would grow up to hear someone complimenting me for anything social. Now, I find myself surrounded by social media and showing others how to use it.

3. As I was starting to rebound from the first disappointment of the year, I was invited to go to Cleveland to eat and drink….for free. That was a wonderful trip of CLEGourmanding.

4. I had a great time working the Ohio Sweet Hearts event at the Hills Market. I was able to chat with Chef Norman all night and I was given a Jeni’s Ice Cream hoodie for my trouble. I also had a good post party with friends. It was a night to remember.

5. The Columbus Food and Wine Affair is a great event for our city. I have been able to assist as a wine judge for the past two years. Last year, I helped create and execute their social media strategy.

6. I made a lifelong commitment to DK Diner Donuts. I had them the first time in January 2010 but I was hooked by the ides. I think they may be the best donuts in town and maybe the state.

7. I had planned on staying at Rockmill Brewery for 30 minutes. I stayed for several hours. It was one of the best afternoons I have had in a very long time.

8. Mobile food does matter in Columbus. In 2009 it was Taco Trucks. In 2010, the interest expanded.

While most of my start up cash was unexpectedly reallocated to Honduras, I still have an interest in a mobile food operation. I have ¾ of a business plan and some resources but my concept is not going to happen in 2011. Maybe 2012.

9. I enjoyed grilling hot dogs for the masses at The Goodale Park Music Series.

10. I did not know my life bucket list included organizing and leading a parade. If you want to do one, it will cost at least $1000.

11. George Motz came back to town for Hamburger America II, so I took him to Johnnie’s. We did not have enough time to go to O’Reilly’s, maybe for the third book.

12. Hanging out with GA Benton and the crew for the Alive to explore the world of Taco Trucks.

13. Nelsonville, The Spikedrivers and Rhapsody

14. Making really good soup. Really. I made three great soups this year and the key was BluesCreek Farm bacon.

15. Hello iPhone – my new friend. My cell phone died in Mexico so I finally got an iPhone. It does make my day to day life easier.

I still hear “You never answer your phone” – true – I still turn it off for long bursts of time to disconnect since I spend much of the time overconnected. Technology connects us but disconnects us at the same time. I have been in too many social situations where I see people eyes and attention on their phone screens instead of being in the moment with the company they are with. There is a reason there are so many lonely people surrounded by people in the process of becoming connected to everything but each other. We have allowed ourselves to be disconnected from everyone. Stop it. Although I find the need to disconnect more frequently. Do as I write, not as I roll.

So what will the next 365 days bring? I have always had multiple projects going on at any given time, a job to chase, a country or cuisine to explore or multiple missions of great import. I don’t have that. There is no target in my sights. What am I hoping for? I don’t know anymore. That is a scary thing for me to consider. Et Tu Columbus?

(This post is dedicated to Cee Lo Green (musical genius) as well as Fitz and The Tantrums and every angry Metallica song I could find).

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Pistacia Vera: My Dine Originals Week Tradition

Posted by cmh gourmand on March 8, 2011

We now have two different sponsored restaurant weeks for a total of four times in the year. This is a good thing for our culinary community and a great excuse for more timid eaters to try something new. My alliance is with The Dine Originals Restaurant Weeks – the (currently) fifty-one restaurants to choose from include most of my favorites. During Restaurant Week, I review the menus, looking for something innovative or different or exciting from places I know and from the few I have not tried before. Points go to a chef that stretches their comfort zone to try something out of their normal menu offerings. Going off the menu is a big risk and a big deal – because this often is the “first date” with a Dine Originals Restaurant and the owners want customers new and old to come back.

While I use this week to try new things, I do have one exception. I always opt for the Pistacia Vera Dine Originals Week sampler for $10. This is a quick and easy way to try our a great gourmet dessert shop.

Here is what they have this time around and this is what I ate in my car while driving to Skillet to pick up my dinner.

Collection includes each of the following (stolen from the Pistacia Vera listing on the Dine Originals Web site):

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake with Semisweet Chocolate Tawny Port Mousse
Glazed with a Chocolate Ganache. Nut Free. (weighed about 1 pound in my hand)

Light Nut Meringue Sandwich Cookie filled with Buttercream
Flavors include: Black Raspberry & Vanilla Bean. Gluten Free.

Hand-dipped Chocolate made with 72% Valrhona Chocolate
finished with Kilauea Black Sea Salt.
Gluten Free & Nut Free.

Luxurious All Natural Fruit Gems made with pure Fruit Puree, Pectin and Sugar.
Flavors include: Cherry Kirsh and Passion Fruit. Gluten Free & Nut Free.

Handmade Nougat with Orange Blossom and Honey. Gluten free.

541 South Third Street
German Village

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Spagio and the Pleasure Guild: Celebration of Wine, Food and Dining with the Stars.

Posted by cmh gourmand on March 1, 2011

I like to say Pleasure Guild. It sounds fun. However, the work this special group of people performs can be deadly serious. The Guild came into existence in 1908. The volunteers of the Pleasure Guild do many things to benefit the young patients of Children’s Hospital as well as the community of children in our city. The most important and critical activity that the Pleasure Guild engages in is sustaining and supporting the Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. This is the only program of the kind in Central Ohio. Any child (and their family) with a terminal illness needs and cherishes this program.

This venerable volunteer organization paired with a veteran, iconic local restaurant, Spagio for The Celebration of Wine, Food and Dining with the Stars. Spagio is one of a handful of restaurants remaining from the genesis of the current Columbus culinary scene. It started life in 1981 as the Gourmet Market under the guidance of Chef Hubert Seifert. Chef Hubert continues to craft cuisine at Spagio and remains dedicated to the culinary community in and outside of Columbus. He is able to lure his chef friends from around the country and the globe to come to Columbus to help him out with a great event to support a greater cause.

I was able to attend this event for the first time on February 28th. I was impressed by the pedigree of chefs and guests in attendance for the evening. Sixteen chefs served up seventeen special dishes from Spagio’s kitchen for sampling. Several wineries shared their vintages. Some very generous donors offered impressive silent auction items. Many individuals and organizations put their money where their mouths are (and later in the form of food put that money back in their mouths) by forking out $225 per seat or more.

A good cause supported by a dedicated group of volunteers and professionals is not uncommon in Columbus. In reality, it seems that our city has some charity fueled food oriented event every week and often several to choose from on any given night most months. I think this reflects well on our city and the community of culinary all-stars and others that are willing to step up to the plate when there is need. Columbus is a city of giving whether it is through our pocket books or volunteering time or cooking up something on a day off.

This event was special because it is truly an exceptional cause. What most impressed me was thirteen of the super chefs were from outside of Columbus and Ohio yet they were willing to come to Spagio because Chef Hubert asked them to help. That says a lot about the Chef and the work that The Pleasure Guild does. Thanks from me too, everyone with a contribution to this event has my respect.

I am listing the names of the chefs as an additional thank you and because if you have not heard of them, you will and if you have not dined with them, you should.

Bill Bradley, Tom Fleming, John Hogan, Paul Kahan, William Koval, Gonzalo Martinez Cardenas, Frederic de Villeneuve, Shawn McClain, Mike Sheerin, Allen Sternweiler, Paul Virant, Dean Zanella, and Angelika Zossmayr. A special shout out to Mike Sheerin who works with my high school chum Saucission MAC at Three Floyds Brewpub and who made the best dish of the night in the form of braised snails with chicken and smoked beluga lentils. Bravo!

The three local chefs helping out are no strangers to my palate and always worthy of a kudo for the work they do: Brian Hinshaw from Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, Hartmut Handke and of course Chef Hubert. The highlight of the evening for many in attendance occurs after the food has been served, most of the wine has been poured and items auctioned off. Those that can still move about linger around and chat with the chefs on the other side of the kitchen. A night with friends is always a good way to start a week and this event shows that yes, Columbus does know how to have fun on a Monday night.

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Pizza Grand Prix Six: The Final Cut?

Posted by cmh gourmand on October 10, 2010

Pizza Grand Prix 6
Saturday November 6th
6 pm to 8 pm
Wild Goose Creative
2491 Summit Street
SoHud/Old(e) North Columbus

Updated details and developments will be posted on – Columbus Underground and/or look for updates on Twitter @CMHGourmand.

Wild Goose Creative, Columbus Underground and CMH Gourmand join forces again for round six of Pizza Grand Prix. This edition will offer the usual assortment of the best pizzas from Columbus. We will also see a repeat of the judged homemade pizza competition. The baker of the best homemade pizza pie wins an apron from Made by Amy D. There will also be prizes from Red Gold Tomatoes for all entries. Homemade pizzas will be judged on Taste, Appearance, Crust and Creativity.

Our esteemed judges for the Homemade Pizza Competition are:

Mike Hinze – Pizza Slayer /14 Inches of Love Pizza blog
Dave Treneff – Pizza Slayer /14 Inches of Love Pizza blog
Dave Scarpetti – from Webercam and the Grand Champion of the PGP V homemade pizza contest
Jeff Aufdencamp – from Mama Mimi’s Take and Bake Pizza

Contestants for the homemade pizza competition should contact me at: by November 5th for additional details and should to plan to show up at Wild Goose Creative by 5:45 pm on Pizza Day.

For those that would rather take instead of bake a pizza…

Pizza Grand Prix is a giant pizza potluck. The price of admission (for two) is a medium or large pizza from your favorite pizza shop. Bring a pizza to share then spend the rest of the night trying pizzas from all over town. For those that missed PGP I – V, see the links below for history and background.

Pizza Grand Prix V

Pizza Grand Prix IV

The Story of Webercam Pizza on the Grill

The day after Pizza Grand Prix III

Pizza Grand Prix III on Columbus Underground

If you are looking for suggestions on a pizza pie to port to this party – I have some options for you: CMH Gourmand Pizza Picks. We can expect a variety of toppings and styles. There is a section reserved for vegetarian pizzas. No one goes home hungry. People are encouraged to take leftovers home at the end (bring your own tupperware for when last call is made at 7:59 PM) because we don’t want any precious pizza going to the dumpster.

I think this is among the best low cost events in town and others agree – PIzza Grand Prix was voted best Columbus Underground event in 2009. I hope you have an opportunity to go. Wild Goose Creative is a great partner and the perfect venue for this pizzapalooza. The diversity of pizza selections can not be beat, you can expect some phenomenal pies. If time and circumstances allow pizza judge Dave may whip out a few pizzas from his modified Weber grill – no promises yet – but if it happens – you do want to be there.

This event is:
BYOB – Bring Your Own Beer
BYOW – Bring Your Own Wine or Water
BYOP – Bring Your Own Pop
and is open to all ages.

So the subtitle of this post is “Final Cut”. Pizza Grand Prix has always exceeded my expectations. But like any franchise or series of sequels, I wonder how long a good thing can sustain itself. I worry that this could become the next Police Academy 7 or Halloween 17 so we may pull the plug on PGP while on top instead of melting down over time. We will see what happens.

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October in Overdrive, An Event Full Month

Posted by cmh gourmand on September 27, 2010

I thought things might cool down with the end of summer but October is packed with food enthusiast friendly events. Loosen your belt and your wallet for an optimal month of extreme indulgence.

Here we go.

October 1st
Jeni’s Ice Cream expects to open at high noon in Clintonville next to Northstar Cafe.

October 2nd
Harvest Festival at North Market (I will be judging pies)

Harvest Festival Details


Market to Market Ride (Hills Market to North Market and back or vice versa, I have done this twice – always fun)

Market to Market Ride details.

October 3rd
Taste of Grandview Heights
A restaurant crawl in the heart of Grandview. Eat, explore, eat some more.

Taste of Grandview Heights details from Yelp.

Taste of Grandview Heights on Facebook.

October 2nd to 8th
Eat Local Week with Local Matters

Eat Local Details
Events include dinners, tours and a grilled cheese throwdown.

(I will have to skip this because I will be eating local in Cleveland as a guest of their convention and visitors bureau! I am super excited about this and will be hitting places I have wanted to go to for years with all types of chef interaction and behind the scenes action. I will be looking for Chef Ruhlman (maybe we can meet at Applebees) while I am there and will try to lure him to Columbus for culinary re-education / indoctrination. Stay tuned for my posts and tweets from Cleveland).

October 8th to 11th
Experience Columbus Days
Among many great deals is a flyer for 25% off at 50 odd Dine Originals Columbus Restaurants.

Details here

October 8th to 11th
Columbus Italian Festival
Columbus Italian Club will attempt to make the World’s Largest Meatball. Now that takes Moxie! It must be greater than 750 pounds to win the prize.

Details here

October 10th
Cupcake Camp (I am judging)
With categories like Best Use of Godiva Liqueur and/or Bulleit Bourbon and Best Use of Bacon there is no way this can not be an awesome afternnon.

Cupcakecamp website

Details via the North Market

October 11th – Celebrate Thanksgiving (in Canada) with Poutine at Hills Market
6 – 8:30 p.m. $8

Hills is frying up hand-cut french fries and topping them with a quarter pound of Blue Jacket Dairy’s fresh cheese curds and Hills Own Gravy (beef-based or vegetarian*). Due to the delicate nature of fresh-cut straight-from-the-frier fries, we’re taking orders in advance. The Veranda bar will be open and stocked with several great beers (Canadian and otherwise).
Call 614.846.3220 to place your order today. Please indicate whether you will be dining on The Veranda or taking your order to go.

October 14th
Ohio Historical Society Food Cart Festival
(Watch CMH Gourmand on twitter for details).

October 14th
Party with a Purpose – Thanks to Yelp and Vital FilmWorks

Details from Columbus Underground

October 15th and 16th
Ohio Smoked Meat & BBQ Festival (I will be judging)
Many varieties of BBQ from many cookteams and vendors. This is the last event of the Ohio BBQ triple crown. It is a one hour drive to Nelsonville.

Particulars from the organizers

October 17th
Foodcartapalooza / Tigertree
Watch CMH Gourmand on twitter for details.

October 23rd
2nd Annual Zombie Pub Crawl
This one is a no brainer. Stops include: Betty’s, Surly Girl and MojoLounge. Surly Girl is going all out with Zombie Wench cocktails (vodka, with pink grapefruit and a green salt rim), Brainberry cupcakes (they look like brains!!!!) and more.

Columbus Zombie Pub Crawl on Facebook

CbusZombiePub on Twitter

There is much more going on inside of 270 in October but with the above as a starting guide, you have no excuse to stay home when you could do any or all of the above.

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