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Mrs. Renison’s Donuts, Marysville (Ohio Donut Trail)

Posted by CMH Gourmand on August 23, 2016


On my way back from The Donut Shop (at Indian Lake) I decided to check the hours for Mrs. Rennison’s Donuts in Marysville which was the mid-point for my drive back to Columbus. Checking the map, it is just a few minutes away from 33 so I decided to cram in a second donut run into my morning. The second it came into view I experienced Donut Trail Deja Vu. The place looks a lot like The Family Donut Shoppe (now in my top three donut places in the state) both in building size, design and they have a drive through window and parking lot sets up that are similar.


Looking at the sign and seeing that the recipe dated back to 1929, I was excited. When I got home I found out that this business dates to 1989 so at first I was less excited, then I found out where the 1929 reference comes from:

Crispie Creme Donuts began in Portsmouth, Ohio, and was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Renison.

It is known by names such as Mrs. Renison Shops, Mrs. Renison’s Doughnuts and Mrs. Renison’s Crispie Creme Donut Shop. Shops have been found in Ohio in Lancaster, Marysville, Wheelersburg and Chillicothe.

It appears that at some point the Renisons sold the business or franchised the name to allow other similarly named businesses to operate. For example, the Marysville shop that opened around 1989 is run by Keith and Cindy Hill, using “Mrs. Renison’s original recipe from Portsmouth

I’ve been to the Crispie Creme in Chillicothe so now I saw the historical connection.

Walking through the door, I was greeted by fast and very friendly service. Feeling a bit bloated already I tried to order just eight donuts but my new friend at the counter pointed out that for a few cents more I could have one dozen. And the price was right $9.50, sold!

This shop offers a wide variety of yeast and cake donuts. The standout to me was the cinnamon. It is a six-sided yeast donut with a bit of a swirl on the inside and a thin glaze of vanilla icing on top with some cinnamon sprinkled on top. The other winner was the last of its batch on the shelf. A dark chocolate cake donut with a thick layer of chocolate icing on top. The level of chocolate was almost overwhelming but not off-putting.


622 E 5th St, Marysville
937 642-7008

Mrs Renison's Donuts Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

6 Responses to “Mrs. Renison’s Donuts, Marysville (Ohio Donut Trail)”

  1. Kristian said

    Those look great! I’ve been to the one in Chillicothe too. It’s good to know that there are others in the state.

  2. Gina Bruce said

    Hey there… I was reading and looking through your donut trail trying to find a place that makes donuts like my home town but near central Ohio. So far only a few have struck my fancy! Thanks for the info… and for that I wanted to pass along another place … so far I haven’t seen it on your list…

    The Ideal Bakery, Gibsonburg Ohio, 43431. This place is a legend in the area, family owned for decades. Yes I might be bias but I have yet to find a long john or as they call it cream stick like it anywhere in central Ohio. Another thing to remember is this is one stop light town off the beaten path hidden away with AMAZING people and you will see the older men hanging out in the bakery just chatting it up daily. This town has faults don’t get me wrong but the bakery is superior! … if you go they only take cash. Last I recall it was under $10 a dozen

  3. […] I learned a little more about the history of Mrs. Renison’s from one of Ohio’s preeminent donut experts: CMH Gourmand. […]

  4. Mark said

    Hey CMH Gourmand
    You left out an interesting fact about the company. Before moving to Portsmouth they were in Paducah KY. They move to booming Portsmouth that even had a Professional NFL team known as the Portsmouth Spartans. They later became the Detroit Lions.
    But here is the fun fact. The world famous Krispie Krome got its start in Paducah when. The Renison family relocated in Portsmouth. Now we know why Kristine Krome is so famous. They got there start from the best.

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