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Mission to Athens: Farmers Market and more

Posted by CMH Gourmand on July 16, 2009

A while back, I wrote that I was working on an Athens food tour and needed to get my rear in gear. It happened. Thanks to hard work and great leads from Kate Lainhart at Greener Grocer, some very patient and helpful folks in the greater Athens area, some fast footwork by Bear and Colleen at Slow Food and divine intervention in the weather arena. Here is the story from Bethia (Hungry Woolf) on the Slow Food Columbus blog – Slow Food Athens Weekend Tour June 2009

As part of my reconnaissance to put the tour together, I made my first trip to the Athens Farmers Market. The Market is open all year on Saturdays and Wednesdays from April to December. Hours are 10 AM to 1 PM.

Athens Farmers Market Link

We have a great selection of farmers markets in the Columbus Metropolitan area. There are some up and coming markets in Granville and Lancaster. However, the Athens Farmer’s Market has a history, depth of vendors and an energy that makes it unique and worth the road trip to Athens. Here the commentary ends and the photos begin. This also marks the premiere of the Athens page for this blog. Athens has become my second Ohio home and the world of food there is so amazing it deserves a page to itself.

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Footnotes from the 8th Annual Ohio Food and Wine Festival

Posted by CMH Gourmand on July 13, 2009

I was a “celebrity” wine server at the Friday night pre-party for the Ohio Food and Wine Festival at the North Market. At a certain point of the night, I think I might have penciled in Cougar as the third part of the festival, there was a clear demographic early in the evening. Maybe it was that comment or good behavior or bad behavior – I’m not sure which, but I was relieved of duty early in my shift and allowed to sit back and enjoy the evening. This gave me a lot of time to ponder as I waited for Ms. Gourmand du Jour to arrive.

This year I was paired with The Winery at Wolf Creek.

Pouring wine or any role that puts one behind a bar opens up a different realm of communication. I noticed the same at the Comfest Wine Booth this year. I have some great conversations with people just by the act of pouring wine in a glass. A question leads to some banter and sometimes you almost feel like you have made a friend in a few minutes. There is always some memorable person or remark whenever I pour. There is no other role in this world that sets one up for this much fun.

Sarah and the rest of the Wolf Creek crew were great. The fan favorite of the evening seemed to be their “White Lies” a sweet white grape wine.

Jennifer Nesbitt (a Lunch Lady) pouring wine til closing time

Jennifer Nesbitt (a Lunch Lady) pouring wine til closing time

Some people snicker at the mention of Ohio wines. This is really uncalled for. Ohio has a long wine making tradition that includes leading the nation in wine production prior to Prohibition. The folks from Firelands Winery (also at the festival) have some interesting wine facts worth looking at –

Fun Facts from Firelands

I learned something during my shift.

Delaware is a:
a) State
b) City
c) County
d) Grape.

Answer: All of the above. There were delaware grapes in a Wolf Creek Wine but not from the place at the end of SR 315.

The most common question of the night: What does oaked mean?
The wine was aged in an oak barrel.

The other part of the festival is food. The world premiere of the Ohio Proud mobile kitchen was on Friday night with Robin Davis from the Dispatch Kitchen demonstrating her culinary skills and sharing tips with the crowd.

Many of the North Market merchants stayed late Friday night to serve food and treats to festival attendees in between drinks. One item that paired well with the wines was waffles.

A new merchant at the market is A Taste of Belgium with a Liege style Belgian Waffle (thicker, sweeter, and a bit richer than your typical Belgian waffle).

So those are a few notes from the evening, but that is not what I was pondering while I was sitting and sipping ice wine. I was thinking about everyone at the festival.

The “celebrities” included Walker Evans (Columbus Underground), Maryellen O’Shaughnessy (Clerk of Courts), G.A. Benton – (Food Writer for Columbus Alive) and others. These are all people I like. Each of these people is making Columbus a little bit better in some way

For food writers, you might think it was a cut throat world of trying the get the scoop on the newest restaurant or the hottest bar. We do not compete against each other if anything we collaborate on finding and sharing our favorite meals.

The same goes for the Ohio wineries, they collaborate to promote Ohio wines and get us used to drinking our “home grown” (some times) or at least “home owned” wines.

The North Market Merchants are in the same boat, they need to keep competitive to stay in business but they collaborate their time, energy, resources and more to help market the Market and keep the ability to buy from your friends, neighbors and fellow Ohioans from withering on the vine.

Another thing I thought of was the accessibility of wine. There are so many places that offer wine tastings in town that are affordable, relaxed and fun – Weilands, Hills Market, Whole Foods, Refectory, House Wine, Twisted Vine, etc., that wine continues to become a “typical” thing not just something to feel awkward about at a fine dining establishment.

With all of the above going on at the same time – I would say the event was a success.

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North Market GrillMasters Festival: Weekend Wrap Up Part I

Posted by CMH Gourmand on June 14, 2009

The weekend began getting up at 3:30 AM to take my dad to the airport so he could legally return to Honduras and I could return to having one roommate – my delinquent dog Toby (who decided to start jumping the fence while I was in Montreal – more later).

Things picked up after a bit of sleep – the GrillMasters Festival at the North Market.

My mission – judge for the Thrilla at the Grilla. This year, it was Janel Hedgepeth from Barley’s vs. Micheal Denton from Martini’s. Both restaurants are just across the parking lot.

The competition is always good-hearted but things still get heated. There are prizes on the line as well as an award for the winner. The chef’s are cooking out of their element: outside on grills, away from their kitchens and sous chefs and they must cook and plate their wares on time – rain or shine. The king of this competition was John Skaggs – but this year he was sidelined as a judge.

Janels entry - skirt steak

Janel's entry - skirt steak


Michaels Chicken

Michael's Chicken

There were 120 possible points from 6 judges. The winner with 99 points…..Janel. Michael had 98 points. That is close. Just about every competition I have judged has been that tight and often too close to call. These are top chef’s cooking to win – the benchmark is always high and my belly is the beneficiary.

Janel with the prize - a big ass spatula

Janel with the prize - a big ass spatula

So here I am again, writing about something you missed. I overheard a woman mention that she likes that Columbus has so many little festivals. So do I. I like getting to eat the best of the best from the best. Bystanders get to eat as well – Michael and Janel plated their entries for the crowd. These contests are fun to watch, the cuisine is the kind you will not experience at these restaurants and the cooking is competitive. It is like watching the Food Network but…..real.

I was stuffed or I would have stayed around for the next event. Steve Lawrence from CaJohn’s was doing a cooking demonstration including grilled fish tacos and Cuban sandwiches. Steve is a top notch chef. Again when the show is over…someone has to eat the leftovers. If it can’t be me, it might as well be you.

Steve Lawrence from CaJohns

Steve Lawrence from CaJohn's

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Hills Market + Snowville Creamery = Beer Floats!

Posted by CMH Gourmand on May 27, 2009

Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream Social

Jill from the Hills teamed up with Jen and Warren from Snowville Creamery to craft a pairing of two of my favorite things – ice cream and beer. Visitors could sample either separately or even better – together in the form of beer floats (or a FrostTop Root Beer float for the timid, young and infirm).

There were many skeptics about beer floats but most were converted after the end of the the evening. I now will break down the steps in the process. DO TRY THIS AT HOME.

Step 1:
Get Snowville Creamery milk, a lot of ice, some sugar, vanilla and a few other items.

Step 2:
Pour, dump and spoon ingredients into your ice cream maker. In this case, Snowville’s bicycle powered ice cream churner. This is one of the coolest things ever.

Step 3:
Wait about 45 minutes for the ice cream to churn and chill. “Let” other people pedal the bike because it is fun, fun, fun! Then get a glass.

Step 4:
Select a beer. This is where people get a little squeamish. You have to choose good beers to make good floats. Jill and the Hills did a fine job with selection – three beers were picked that were float friendly.

Orange Blossom - Orange Ale * Framboise - Raspberry Lambic * Hoppin Frog - Oatmeal Imperial Stout

Orange Blossom - Orange Ale * Framboise - Raspberry Lambic * Hoppin Frog - Oatmeal Imperial Stout

Step 5 & 6:
Put scoop of homemade ice cream in beer glass. Drink float.

My favorite was The Orange Ale Float – it had an orange creamcicle quality that was perfect for a hot night.

Camera provided by and photo taken by Hungry Woolf

Camera provided by and photo taken by Hungry Woolf

It was a good evening for all. A few biked the Olentangy Bike Trail which conveniently ends at the Hills Market. For those of you looking to get a disinterested person on a bike then on the trail – dangle the Hills as the end of the road reward. If there is not an event going on – there are plenty of treats to be had including: pints of Jeni’s Ice Cream, Pistacia Vera cookies, Dorothy Lane Market Killer Brownies, Sugardaddy’s Brownies and many more reasons to ride.

Snowville makes it to a few events at the Hills Market and other places in town and sometimes they bring their bikeomatic ice cream churner with them. If you see it in action – get your ice cream first and shop later, homemade ice cream scoops out quickly.

Gourmand’s Note:
A funny things happened to me on the way to the market…..

I charged my camera battery for this occasion, but forgot to put it in my camera. Fortunately, there was a Hungry Woolf at the Hills. She loaned me her camera and one of her photos so I can promote my beer float cult. Thanks B.

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Apron Gala Gourmand Grabbag Ready for May 16th

Posted by CMH Gourmand on May 9, 2009

The Gourmand Grabbag is good to go for the The North Market Apron Gala on May 16th. The Gala is a fundraiser for the market. A ticket for $75 gets you appetizers, entrees, treats and giveaways from North Market merchants. You also get wine, Columbus Brewing Company Microbrews, assorted other beverages, music and more.

Prizes are awarded for best apron in several categories. There is also a gift basket / prize auction. The auction is where I spring to action.

The Gourmand Grabbag is a North Market reusable shopping bag filled with goodies. I have recreated 24 Hours of Gourmand for the highest bidder. The lucky winner will get to recreate a day in my life (just the lucky/good parts of my day).

The day starts with donning a Taco Trucks Columbus Tour Shirt (XL). The logo was created by local artist Robert Patricy known in the food world for his paintings for the Grape Event as well as a work that is at the Elevator Brewery-Draught Haus. The shirt is from Skreened in Clintonville and has a retail value of $20.

The first stop of the 24 Hours of Gourmand is at Pattycake Bakery for baked goods. I suggest going on a Saturday for an orange sticky bun and some tollhouse cookies. The grabbag has a $15 gift certificate to cover this. This is Vegan “baking so good it tastes like bacon“.

Next on the line up is a trip to the North Market with shopping bag in tow to tote. A $20 gift certificate for the Greener Grocer will buy some greens, 2 Silos Eggs, Snowville Creamery milk and/or some other organic goodness for breakfast the next day.

A $5 North Market gift certificate is provided to allow for incidentals such as cheese from Curds and Whey or a scoop of Jeni’s Ice Cream.

All of this shopping will make one hungry. A $25 gift certificate is provided for a meal (lunch suggested) at any of the Betty’s Family of Restaurants – Surly Girl, Betty’s, Tip Top and maybe Dirty Franks if it is open.

The best way to work off a lunch is a stroll through German Village. At the end of your walk, make a call at Pistacia Vera for some desserts to go. A Pistacia Vera Gift Card (in a wonderfully wrapped gift box) is provided. This was a donation by Anne from Pistacia Vera. I was so stunned I did not look at the dollar amount.

A Dine Originals Gift Certificate for $30 is provided as a contribution for dinner or snack out on the town at any of the 40 plus independent Dine Originals Restautrants. My personal suggestions would include a visit to another of the Betty’s Restaurants, Alana’s, Basi Italia, G. Michaels or new Dine Originals member Deepwood.

Because you are living a day in my life, two Shout wipes are provided for the inevitable spills.

Since all of this running around might wind you down, breakfast is at home the next day. Breakfast (value exceeds $35) includes Pleiades Farms Maple Syrup, The Blueberry Patch Buttermilk Pancake Mix and one pound of Yeah Me Too coffee.

That ends 24 Hours of Gourmand. There will be many other gift packages to bid on as good as or better than mine. I might throw in a few more items if I get time.

The whole Columbus Foodcast Crew will be at the Apron Gala doing our best to podcast the action for those that miss it.

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Cinco D’Ohio…Dios Mio!

Posted by CMH Gourmand on May 3, 2009

Poster by Clinton Reno

Poster by Clinton Reno

If you missed the 3rd Annual North Market Cinco D’Ohio Festival, fret not, it will return next May. Cinco D’Ohio offers more than a few things worth waiting for, especially if you cook or enjoy eating the works of the best restaurants in Columbus.

The festival highlights spicy foods and Ohio products with plenty more added in during the day.

My contribution was to serve as a judge for the salsa and taco contests. Tough job. Well a little tough because I could not find my normal parking space due to the Half Marathon going on downtown. Then, running a bit late, I had to fight my way though hundreds of Future Farmers of America to get to the North Market Kitchen.

After the sampling...

After the sampling...

The salsa contest was for amateurs. Eight salsas were presented by six salsa makers. One person won first and second place. The prizes were gift certificates for the North Market and CaJohn’s. Start working on your recipe for next year, you have to like those odds of winning.

Next on the list – a taco taste off. The contestants – some of the best chefs in the city – including several of my favorites.

Taco Prep

Taco Prep

Alana – Alanas
John Dornback – Basi Italia
John Skaggs – My Catered Table
Matt Litzinger – L’Antibes
Brian Pawlak – Deepwood
Janele Hedgepeth – Barleys
Pete and Jon Nowak – Cafe Corner
and later arrivals from Due Amici (sorry guys missed your names)

How we judge tacos....

How we judge tacos....

I ate eight tacos. All were good (and I have a lot of recent taco experience). Some were great. The winner with 126 out of a possible 160 points – Cafe Corner. Second place was John Skaggs with 125 points. I was torn between two tasty favorites, John Skagg’s Taco Dorado (seen below) with wild boar, venison and all types of exotic goodness.

Tying up my taste buds, one point behind (only on presentation, John Skaggs is the master at that) was Alana’s Mole Taco with Mango salsa. It was incredible. The Cinco D’Ohio Festival is one of the few times Alana cooks up south of the border fare. The sad thing is she dropped her intended mole that morning which meant she had to mix up mole on the fly. I imagine Mole Numero Uno might have been even better than what Alana served at the contest. That being the case, I would have volunteered to “clean up” the “mislaid” mole observing the 6,000 second rule.

OK. so watching top chefs work = fun. Or maybe you would like to see the city’s Foodaratzzi – G.A. Benton, Miriam Bowers Abbott, Robin (James Beard Award Winner) Davis, Lisa (Restaurant Widow) Dillman and the always fun Jennifer and Jennifer (The Lunch Ladies from ThisWeekNewspapers) in one place. The best part was a lot of those Top Tacos were left and the audience ate them. So you can wait until next year. However, my suggestion is to attend one of the next events and/or become a Friend of North Market (Volunteer) and sample the best of the best before May 2010.

P.S. Restaurant Widow was “a twitter” during the whole taco tasting and took photos of each taco. This Taco Twitter was the first live twitter event at North Market.

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Gourmand Garners Good Karma Getting Gala Grabbag Goodies

Posted by CMH Gourmand on May 2, 2009

What a great day. The sun is out, the weather is good and all is right in my world. I had the honor to judge tacos and salsas at the North Market Cinco D’Ohio Festival (Thanks Mary and David). I’ll write more about that later. And now I am getting ready to go to the Slow Food Goes Cuban – Cubano Pig Roast in Granville. I’ll write about that later for the Slow Food Blog (as a pinch writer for the Hungry Woolf).

So what could make that day better? A giant serving of good Karma. I am putting together a Gourmand Grabbag – “24 Hours of Gourmand” for The North Market Apron Gala on May 16th. I’ll write more about that later. For the past week I have been out and about recreating a typical day in my life by collecting a few of my favorite food things.

I bought a Greener Grocer gift Certificate at the North Market as I was leaving. While there I met Kate who will be helping with a Slow Food Event planned for the Athens area. I picked up a free copy of Cook’s Illustrated that was available at the counter.

My second stop was Pistacia Vera. I chatted with Anne at the counter and she offered to make her own donation to the Grab Bag with a Pistacia Vera Gift certificate. She packaged it perfectly with box, ribbon and menu. While I was waiting by the register, Spencer spotted me and gave a me a quick tour of the kitchen. It is a wonderful workspace with natural light and a warmth that does not come exclusively from the baked goodies. Apart from a great selection of baked goods what stands out at Pistacia Vera are the personal touches by all of the staff (see my first post about Pistacia back on October 1st, 2006). While I lingered around Anne spoke with customers as she helped them. She knows many by name. You can’t get service like that at many places nor can you have that type of access to the people that craft your food. Awesome.

My next stop was Yeah Me Too Coffee (see my post from January 1st, 2008). I picked up a pound of their Porcupine Blend for the grab bag. If you know the Yeah Me Too coffee codes it is a blend of FLO/SUM/BZ/GT. Porcupine might seem an odd name for a coffee but not when you know the background of the shop. The owners are musicians first and coffee roasters second. Porcupine is the name of a special album (as in LP) by Tim Easton. As as fate would have it Tim Easton and Megan Palmer were there playing impromtu tunes – two voices, a guitar and a fiddle. I was one of seven people with the pleasure of listening to an incredibly intimate performance from two great local music makers. Awesome.

While writing this I ate two Pistacia cookies and listened to some songs from Megan’s website. Awesome.

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Kent Rand: Hills Market Cheesemonger at Wild Goose Creative

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 8, 2009

The Wild Goose Creative, Too Many Cooks Series hosted Kent Rand, Cheese Director from Hills Market for a night of Ohio Cheese tasting. The suggested donation was $10. Too Many Cooks serves up something tasty the first Sunday evening of every month. Since I love cheese and support all things Hills Market and Wild Goose, I was there.

Friendly Neighborhood Cheesemonger Man

Friendly Neighborhood Cheesemonger Man

Kent Rand – also known as The Budda of Gouda, Chief of Cheddar, Prince of Provolone and Bhagwan of Brie guided a full house through a tasting tour of four Ohio Cheeses. He was assisted by one of my two favorite marketing mavens, Jill Moorhead, The Hills Market Marketing Director. In addition to creating good events, crafting fine prose on produce and significant craftiness to boot, Jill pours a good glass of wine.

The cheeses for the evening were:

Chevre with Herbs from MacKenzie Creamery in Hiriam

Organic Cheddar from Green Field Farms in Fredricksburg

Old Time Smoked Swiss from Steiner Cheese in Baltic
(Yippee!! See my December 2008 post)

Caraway Gouda from Oakvale Farmstead Cheese in London
(Hills was the first local market to carry Oakvale cheeses.)

The cheeses were paired with South River Vineyard’s Temptation, a Rose from Geneva, Ohio.

We were also treated to a section of plated tastes to accompany our curdish delights so we could compare and contrast the flavors of the cheeses. Our tasting selections included dried apricots, black radish slices, watermelon radish slices, nuts, apple chutney, figs, an apple slice, Columbus Ham (not from Columbus), and a few other morsels.

In between eating, drinking and more eating, Kent discussed each cheese, provided an overview on cheesemaking and reviewed how to store cheese. He also fielded questions on Farmstead cheese, pasteurization in the art and science of cheesemaking, raw milk cheeses and why Cheddar is orange / yellow, among other questions. Kent topped things off with a serving of his Ohio Dutch Fondue (including grated gouda and a nip of gin).

It was an excellent night of eating education and you missed it. I used to worry about Hills Market and Wild Goose getting enough traffic at events to sustain their good ideas. Now I worry about getting a seat.

If you live in Worthington, Clintonville or Campus, The Hills Market can be reached after long but rewarding ride on the Olentangy River Bike Trail.

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The Market Report – What You Are Missing.

Posted by CMH Gourmand on February 24, 2009

Hills MarketPistacia Vera Dessert Pairing with 5 wines and 1 beer (Cherry Lambic), February 12th

It was a wonderful night. Pistacia Vera now sells select items at the Hills. They make a multitude of memorable macaroons, some of which you can savor at Hills. Several of my usual suspects finally joined me for a night at the Hills, including Hungry Woolf so I will defer to her excellent post.

Hungry Woolf at the Hills

New eventful evenings are on the horizon at the Hills Market including a cooking class with the Restaurant Widow – Lisa Dillman. Sign up – you will not be disappointed. Sometime before Spring passes by I plan to have Hill’s Cheesemonger, Kent Rand on Columbus Foodcast.

The North Market – 4th Annual Fiery Foods Festival (February 21st)

I found myself at the North Market on official business as judge for the Professional and Amateur chili contests. There were eleven samples ladled by the professionals then a taste off between two at the end to decide second place. This was the chili contest cast of characters.

Kevin Bertschsi – Alana’s Food + Wine
Jerry Bullock – North Market Poultry and Game
Stephani Janel Hedgepath – Barley’s Brewing Company
Rocco Valentino – Pasteria
John Dornbeck – Basi Italia
Justin Shoults – Handke’s Cuisine
Matt Prokopchak – Trattoria Roma
John Skaggs – (formerly of Northstar and L’Antibes)
Anthony Frazier – Urban Chefs
Ken Smith – Catering Consultant
and I apologize – another really good chili maker disappeared from my notes, done in by a kidney bean

Under the kidney bean, the name was (Thanks MM) Tom Hoover from Happy Trails.

Chef Chili Challenge – Prize: (see photo a little farther down) and $200 in North Market gift certificates.

Chef John Dornbeck and wife Trish Gentile serving chili

Chef John Dornbeck and wife Trish Gentile serving chili

Each chili blended different ingredients and styles to create very unique flavors – savory and sweet; mild and wild: hot and really hot. My favorites were crafted by Jerry Bullock, John Dornbeck and a name smudged out with chili sauce that was a spicy southwestern chili with corn and zucchini. John Dornbeck always has a wild card up his culinary sleeve for North Market contests (he would make a great Iron Chef contestant). His version of chili included chorizo and espresso. If it had a fried egg on top (known as Estilo de Colleen) it would be the perfect breakfast dish. (By the way, Basi now has an incredible 1/2 price deal Monday to Thursday early evenings, check it out – but don’t steal my seat.)

The chili champion (in a very tight race) was Jerry Bullock from North Market Poultry and Game. If you have not sampled the cuisine at his side counter, try it next time you visit – his crew always have several slow cooked surprises to serve.

Customer Chili Cook Off – Prizes: first place winner $100 and the runner up $50 in North Market gift certificates.

This was another competition with narrow margins between victory and defeat. There were 15 chili recipes to sample, including chili from The Restaurant Widow (Lisa is everywhere).

My kudos and respect go to Robin Davis, Food Editor for the Dispatch. She and I were the only judges to sample all chili concoctions in both contests. We both survived. I plan to sit next to her at any future competition because she always packs an epinephrine pen with her for unforseen ingredients. As a judge with a fish allergy unsure if he was allergic to shark chili last year, Robin is a handy person to have within arms reach.

Other events at the Fiery Foods Festival:

Wings of Fire Wing Eating Contest; Two divisions: “Hot and Extremely, Insanely Hot”

Cajohn’s took over the upper level kitchen all day for their Fiery contests and for cooking. Chef Steve Lawrence and I go back to Kindergarten so it is a personal and professional pleasure to sample his culinary creativity.

There were also free fiery foods galore to sample while exploring the market festivities.
Mary Martineau knows how to make the North Market fiesta like it is 2099. Thank goodness she does not make it Macarena like it was 1989.

Cheeses sampled by Curds and Whey - including Satanic Goat - no joke

Cheeses sampled by Curds and Whey - including Satanic Goat - no joke

Stop missing the good stuff. Both the Hills and The North Market have plenty more in store for March and beyond. Take a reusable bag, support local business, meet the people that keep Columbus on the culinary radar, take a cooking class and enjoy.

A Gourmand disclaimer:

(Pardon the lack of advance notice for these events, my wireless connectivity has been frequently foiled this winter. I love living in Clintonville – (although Victorian Village has been calling my name for months) however the ancient electrical grid in my neighborhood and the bone numbing cold has not been friendly to my high speed connectivity. It has encouraged some hefty weight gain but I guess polishing off pancakes, sampling 20+ chilis, scouting 4 taco trucks and hosting a Mardi Gras party in a 12 hour period will facilitate fatty tissue).

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Hills Market – 2009 Wine and Cheese Tasting Line Up

Posted by CMH Gourmand on January 24, 2009

I wrote and raved about Hills Wine and Cheese tastings in 2007 and 2008. Each month, the market presents an evening of wine, cheese, and appetizers (featuring the cheeses) inspired by a country, region or theme. Constance (wine director) and Kent (cheesemonger) pair up to create the wine and cheese pairings. They guide us through each wine we drink and each chunk of cheese we devour to fill our minds with knowledge while we fill out stomachs. It is a great night of good conversation with interesting and diverse people.

A taste of a tasting is offered in Columbus Foodcast, episode 15.

Here is the line up for 2009:

Seating is limited, reservations can be made at 614.846.3220. The cost is $35. Take your seats at 6:30 PM or I will steal your cheese.

January 29 – Ohio

(Post Post – 01/30/09)
This is what we had:

Firelands Winery Sparkling, NV
Ferrante Winery Vidal Blanc
Harpersfield Pinot Gris
Markko Vineyards Chardonnay
South River Winery Trinity
Kinkead Ridge ‘River Village Cellars’ Cabernet Franc

Hors D’oeuvres...

Ratatouille Bruschetta (Served with Ohio Goat Cheese)
Mini Cheese Artichoke Hearts (Served with Ohio Monterey Jack)
Stuffed Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cheese and Bacon (Served with Ohio Smoked Cheddar)
Savory Spinach Cheese Squares (Served with Ohio Farmers’ Cheese)
Sour Kraut Gouda Balls (Served with Ohio Caraway Gouda)
Feta-stuffed Mediterranean Pocket Pitas (Served with Ohio Feta)

February 26 – Germany and Switzerland

March 26 – East Coast U.S. and Canada

April 30 – France

May 28 – Greece

June 25 – West Coast

July 30 – Spain and Portugal

August 27 – South America

September 24 – Italy

October 29 – Australia and New Zealand

November 19 – Autumn Cheeses and Wine

December 10 – Sparkling Wines and Cheeses

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